Saturday, July 28, 2007

Home Improvement Huskies

The other day we helped Dad put up a storm door on the back of the house. Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet Adrill like some of you lucky puppies, but we did have a giant box to chew on.

Dad wants us to tell you all that he normally doesn’t let the grass get so tall, but it had been raining and too wet to mow. I don’t know why he’s embarrassed for you to see it. He should have been embarrassed for us to see it. We were the ones who had to do our business while the tall grass was tickling our bums!



The Brat Pack said...

Hey, we're just impressed you HAVE grass. Mom said we kill all of ours and only the super weeds will stand up to five dogs peeing on them.


Anonymous said...

You two are such good puppies! Your dad would have never been able to put up that door without your help!

Khady Lynn said...

I sure wish our grass looked that good. Ours is more grown than green cuz we haven't gotten any rain in a long time.

We also like to help with home improvement jobs. We tried to help mom and dad put in the new flooring in the family room, but they blocked us. That was pretty mean.


SpillToJill said...

You have a ton of comments:) Nice:)

Monitor Jill

Princess Eva and Brice said...

Normally our back yard has lots of crop circles (Eva's pee kills the grass but mine doesn't). This year, Dad hasn't mowed in weeks 'cuz its all yellow. Your grass looks so soft and perfect for a little nap.