Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kat - Song Writer

Sometimes Mom and Dad put me in my kennel during the day on the weekends. That makes me really mad because weekends are supposed to be the time they do nothing but what I want to do. I think when they say they are going to get groceries, they are actually doing other things that are fun, but they are doing them without me. Sometimes they leave the radio on for us to listen to while they are gone. On the radio, I heard this song by Carrie Underwood called "Before He Cheats". I thought it was a catchy tune, so I wrote my own song from inside my kennel about what I think Mom and Dad are doing and what I want to be doing in return. It's sung to the same music as the Carrie Underwood song.


Before They Leave
By Katherine Olivia "Kat"
Right now they’re probably at the movies
eating popcorn and not thinking of me.
Right now they’re probably shopping at Best Buy,
Instead of buying me treats at the really cool PetsMart.
Right now, they’re probably thinking how much I must love resting in my kennel,
but they don't know...

I stuck my paw out through the bars of that crappy little kennel they left me in,
opened the latch and began to show my thanks...
I jumped on their bed and relieved myself,
Chased the cat all around the house...
maybe next time they'll think before they leave.

Right now, they're probably in the drive-thru,
ordering a combo at that Chick-Fil-A place,
Right now, they’re probably thinking "Bike ride"
But never mind, because they’re too tired and lazy,
Right now, they could have taken me to day camp
Instead of leaving me at home to go crazy..
And they don't know...

I dug my paws into the dirt of their pretty little well-kept green backyard,
carved my name into their leather couch...
I left big, stinky piles throughout the house,
chewed holes in all their shoes...
maybe next time they'll think before they leave.

I might've saved a little trouble for the next pup,
cause the next time that they leave...
Oh you know they won’t forget me!
No, no... Not me...

I stuffed my face into the trash hidden in pantry because of me,
Spread it all over the living room...
I dumped the dog food all over the floor,
then clawed up the door...
maybe next time they'll think before they leave.
Woo... Maybe next time they'll think... to take me please...

woooo... take me please...

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hound Dog Hustle

Wow, what an exciting morning we had! It started out with Mom and Dad getting up pretty early for a Saturday morning. We could tell that we were going somewhere because Mom was packing a bag with four water bottles - one for each of us - Mom, Dad, Kat, and me. (Wilbur has to stay home for everything.) I heard Mom tell Dad that we needed to be on the road by 7:00 so we could "get there on time". "Where?" I thought. That's when Mom told us the surprise. We were going to the Hound Dog Hustle. Kat very politely told her that we are huskies and not hounds. But Mom said that it didn't matter, we could go anyway. So we were excited. I was so excited that I pooped on the floor in the living room and then kinda tracked it all over the house. So that meant that Dad had to spend a lot of time cleaning while Mom kept Kat and me from getting in the way.

Finally we were ready to go. We got in the car at 7:15, but Mom said, "I think we will still make it!" I asked, "What's the hurry, Mom?" She said, "Well, Steve, I've registered us for the race, but we still have to check in by 7:45 and the race starts at 8:00! We don't want to be late." So we were on the road. We got about a mile down the road when Dad says to Mom, "Did you get their collars with their registration tags?" Mom said, "Oh no! I forgot them." So we had to turn around and go home because we had to wear those.

We were on the road for the second time at 7:23. At this point Mom is really worrying. She says, "Well, maybe the race people will still give Steve and Kat their goodie bags even if we miss the race."

We got to the race location and parked the car at about 7:53. Mom jumped out of the car and gathered us up, but Dad couldn't get out of the car because these people had their car door open and he was trapped! Finally he managed to get out. So Mom gave Dad Kat's leash and away we went towards the check-in tables. We got to the tables just as the race was starting. The ladies at the tables were super nice and they gave Mom our goodie bags and said we could just join in with the race even though we missed the start. So Mom had to pin race numbers on Dad's shirt and her shirt and then we joined up with the pack. There were so many dogs racing with their humans! I wanted to stop and sniff every one of them, but Kat said, "Come on Steve! We are huskies! We need to be in the lead." She was really trying to get Dad to run, but he didn't want to. We still got to pass some people and dogs, like the bulldog who was really slow. I had to stop to poop and Kat said, "Come on Steve! Focus! This is no time for pooping. Your pooping already made us late, so we could have been in the front if it wasn't for you." I finished pooping anyway because I can't let Kat boss me around too much.

Right after we got into the race, Mom said, "Oh no! I forgot my camera!" Dad said, "Oh well, we are lucky to have even gotten here in time." So unfortunately we don't have any pictures of us racing. At the end of the race, Kat and I got medals. We are really cool now. Mom took our picture at home so we could show you our medals. Aren't they the greatest!
After the race, we went and walked around where all of the booths were set up. You will not believe what we discovered. Huskies! The Dallas Husky Rescue was there. We were excited to finally be at something where we weren't the only huskies. We hung out with those huskies a lot while our parents talked to the humans. (One of the humans said to my mom, "You must get a Dyson!". I think that means trouble.) And Holly, just so you don't feel left out, we also found the Texas Malamute Rescue. They had a really fluffy malamute with them and I sniffed him over. Mom and Dad were happy because the husky rescue people told them that we were some of the best behaved huskies they've seen.

It was a really fun morning. We got our picture taken for the newspaper, so I hope we make it into the paper. We won't know until tomorrow, but I'll keep you posted. Also one of the husky foster moms took a lot of pictures of us, so if we get them, we'll have to post them.

Now we are really tired. Dad and Kat are already napping. I'm going to nap too, but I'll post some pictures of us napping this afternoon so you can see how tired a Hound Dog Hustle can make you!

That blue star is one of the things from Kat's goodie bag. It squeaks. The red bone in my picture is what I got in my bag!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Cake Update

Holly asked us what my mom was going to do with the cake that was missing frosting after Steve (not me, remember) licked it. Well, she decided that since we (I mean, Steve) hadn't eaten any of the cake that she would just put some more frosting on it and use it for class since she didn't have time to make a new cake. Here's what it looked like when she brought it home.

It was almost more than Steve could bear. All of that blue, flowery goodness, he just wanted to get his paws on it. And can you believe Mom said she was going to throw away the top cake since we (I mean, Steve) had licked on it? What a waste of a perfectly good cake! We were very disappointed in her. So wasteful.


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I plea not guilty

Yesterday we went to the PetsMart birthday party. PetsMart is 20 years old. We were in day camp and they gave all of the campers special doggie ice cream. Then we each got a goodie bag when we went home. Our goodie bags had treats and coupons and a bandana. Here we are looking handsome in our bandanas. (Well, Steve is looking handsome, I'm looking pretty.)

Mom has cake decorating school tonight. She has to make two cakes so she can learn how to stack them. So she's been baking up a storm. Last night she spent lots of time putting blue frosting all over her cakes. The cakes looked really yummy. This morning, Dad left for work early, so we were playing while Mom was fixing her hair and she came into the kitchen and saw this.
She claims that the little cake did not look like that when she went to bed last night. In fact, she even went so far as to say that she saw both of us with our front paws on the stove licking frosting. I'm sure whatever she saw was just an optical illusion. I mean, look at this picture. Who looks guilty?

You don't see my face anywhere in that picture, but look at Steve. He is totally staring at the cake. I think he is the guilty one and I am completely innocent. Who do you believe? My mom or me, the cute, little, innocent puppy?


Monday, April 23, 2007

Grown Up Puppies

We got to be really grown up this weekend. Friday night was the first night that Mom and Dad have left our kennel doors open at night. Mom said, "Steve and Kat, you don't have to sleep locked up in your kennels any more, but don't go potty in the house or your privileges will be taken away until you earn them back." They didn't give us free reign over the house, but we could sleep anywhere we wanted in their bedroom or their bathroom. Wilbur even got locked out of the bedroom so it was just us, Mom, and Dad. The first night, Kat and I both slept in our kennels anyway, although Kat says she stuck her tail out the door just to make sure it didn't close on her. The next night, I decided to sleep in the bathroom in front of the shower. (That's a great place to sleep in case you haven't tried it.) Kat still slept in her kennel. She's so weird. Even last night when I went back to my shower spot, she went to her kennel. She doesn't really know how to take advantage of freedom.

Now that we are not locked in our kennels at night, we have better ways to wake up our parents. We used to have to just whine and complain until they woke up to let us out. Now we can either lick their faces until they are dripping slobber or jump on the bed and jump on them. It's super fun. I jumped on Mom yesterday and made her lose her breath. Who knew that 40+ pounds of puppy jumping right on a human's chest would hurt them? I hope we don't forget and accidentally potty in the house and lose our privileges!


Saturday, April 21, 2007

New Dog Park

Today we went to our first event. It was the opening of a new dog park. They had a big ceremony and lots of tents set up where people sold dog treats, collars, bandanas, doggie clothes, and more! Also there were some rescue organizations there, but Kat and I were disappointed to see that a husky rescue wasn't there because we were the only ones representing the northern breeds at the new dog park. When we were looking for a parking spot for our car, we saw a dog from the search and rescue team. He was really excited. Even with all of his gear on, he was jumping several feet of the ground -- with all four paws! That got Kat and me completely pumped up. We couldn't wait for Mom to park the car! Once parked, Mom and Dad got us out of the car and we tried really hard to be good while walking over to the event area, but it was really hard. However, once we got to the event, there was so much going on that we calmed down a little bit. Kat was better at being good than I was. We got there right before 10 AM, because Mom thought that's when they were opening the dog park for the first time, but then they had a big ceremony before it opened at we didn't get in until almost 10:45! Mom and Dad took us over to an area away from all of the action while the people who are in charge of the dog park were thanking all of the people who helped build it. Kat and I were sitting on the ground just waiting to start playing with all of the other dogs that were there. I could tell that the other dogs were dying to get into the new park, just like we were. Finally the humans cut the ribbon and the gates opened. We were polite and let some of the other dogs go in first, but eventually we were inside! Once Mom and Dad unclasped our leashes, we shot off to really greet all of the dogs we had seen during the opening ceremonies. While we were playing, we met this little human who threw his Frisbee for us. We chased it, but he usually had to go get it before throwing it again. He really liked me and played with me nonstop until his Mom told him it was time for him to go home. I'd never really played with a little human before, but I think I like them. Once I was tired, I sat with Kat, Mom, Dad, and my new little human friend to watch the flyball demonstration. Those dogs are good! I would never run over those hurdles to get a ball. Here's a picture. (Mom made the little human fuzzy because she doesn't really know who he was. He doesn't really look like that.)Well, I'm beat from this exciting event. I can't wait until my next one. Mom gave me a hint and said it won't be long. I wonder what could be?


PS. At the dog park, we were told of Siberian husky who wrote about doggie war heroes. We looked up his story online and you can see it too. I never knew that northern breeds were "war dogs" until now, but I always knew huskies and malamutes were the best!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Born Free!

Today was doggie day camp day. Steve and I loaded up in the car and Mom and Dad drove us to Petsmart. Once we arrived at Petsmart, Dad opened the back door of the car to get Steve. He thought that Mom was getting me out on the other side, but Mom was walking around the back of the car to get me out the same side as Dad was getting Steve out. I decided that it was a perfect opportunity for me. Dad had a hold of Steve's leash, but not mine, so I jumped out of the car and ran to the Petsmart. I waited for the front door to open, then I ran inside the store and I would have ran all the way back to the day camp area, but a Petsmart worker caught me. While I was running free, Mom was chasing after me yelling, "Kat! Here, Kat!" She couldn't catch me though because she was wearing her work shoes and they each have a stick on the bottom to make her taller and she can't run very fast in those shoes. Mom said she was really worried about me and that I could have gotten hurt. I was just trying to save time. I can get to day camp much faster if I'm not having to lead Mom around on her leash. I would never actually abandon her. We are the only girls in the house. We have to stick together to be the human and canine alphas!


Mommy and Me - Best Friends

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'm a wild girl!

Check out my new tattoo. See it? There on my leg? I'm such a wild and crazy girl.Dad said, "Kat, if you wanted a tattoo, you could have just asked instead of chewing up an ink pen." Mom said, "Kat, you could have at least waited until you were 18 to get a tattoo." Wild and crazy girls like me don't ask for permission. We just do what we want, including chewing up ink pens to give ourselves tattoos.


Friday, April 13, 2007

My babies

Several of you have commented about the huskies lying on the floor in the video of me playing with the yellow ball. Well, those are my babies. Right after we came to live here, Mom went to Target and, of course, she went down the dog aisle. She saw those stuffed huskies and they were on clearance. (Why would two such beautiful stuffed huskies be on clearance? I have no idea.) So she decided to buy one for each of us. The huskies sleep in our crates with us so we have a pillow or something to cuddle with. Every morning, I go into my crate and get my husky out and take it to the living room. Then I go into Steve's crate and get his husky and take it to the living room too. (Steve doesn't take as good of care of his husky.) I like for the huskies to be in the same room as me and I understand that they don't want to spend their days in the crates. I don't really play with the huskies, but I just relocate them to different places in the house throughout the day. Maybe it's my mothering instinct, but I just want them to feel like part of the pack.


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My ball, my friend

Remember when my mom returned from Georgia and brought me a new ball? Well, that ball has quickly become my favorite toy. Sometimes I want to play with it more than I want to play with Steve. I like to play a game where I dig in my bed with my ball on it. My parents don't really understand the rules of this game, but they make perfect sense to me and it's really fun.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We love biking!

On Sunday, I overheard Mom say something to Dad about taking us on a bike ride. I thought this sounded like a great idea, so I decided to put my two cents into the conversation.

Here we are getting ready to leave the house. We get really excited when the harnesses come out, so Mom was lucky to get us to sit still long enough for this picture!
Mom was going to video us biking with Dad, but she crashed her bike before we got to the part of the neighborhood where she was going to video. Silly Mom. She didn't even have one of us attached to her bike to blame her crash on us. She's just clumsy. Anyway, for that bike ride, Mom had to go back home early due to her crash, but she said that she would get a video of us another time, so stay tuned!!


Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! The Easter Husky came to visit us this morning. From what we have heard, the Easter Husky is way better than the Easter Bunny because instead of bringing us eggs, the Easter Husky brought us bones. Don't they look yummy?I ate one of the ones that says "Easter" since it's Easter. But Steve wanted the one that said "Bunny" because ever since Stormy posted a picture of a bunny, he's had bunnies on the brain. Steve is convinced that the Easter Husky understands how he would want to eat a bunny. So anywoo, Happy Easter to all my friends and I've got to go play!


Here are pictures of us eating our bones.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

My sister the dog park bully

Kat may call me a suck up, but that's not nearly as bad as being a dog park bully like she is. It was really embarrassing. Yesterday, Mom took us to the park. When we first got there, there was only one other dog. (It was in the 40's and humans in Texas are weak so I guess they didn't want to take their dogs outside in the weather.) The other dog's name was Maggie and we played with her and had fun. Then other dogs got there so we played with everyone. After over an hour of playing with Maggie and the other dogs, Kat was wrestling me. She was winning too and that was making me annoyed. Anyway, Maggie came over and wanted to wrestle too, but Kat just snapped at her to get away. I guess Maggie didn't understand that Kat, while looking all cute on the outside, is really a big, bossy meanie. So Maggie tried again to wrestle and at that point, Kat left me and just went at it with Maggie. They were really fighting. Mom was talking to Maggie's mom, so they were right there to break it up, but Mom had never seen Kat so mean. Kat got put on her leash to calm down, but every time a dog even looked at her, she growled and got fluffy at them. So Mom said we had to go home so Kat could calm down. I was ticked off and not ready to leave and tried to refuse to get in the car, but Mom can still lift me, so I had to get in the car anyway.

Mom talked to Dad about what happened and Dad asked if Kat had a toy or something, but Mom said that she was just playing with me. Well, Dad said that Kat must have thought I was her toy and she was getting possessive of me with Maggie. (I don't appreciate being referred to as Kat's toy.) Anyway, Kat was all cranky the rest of the night. She should have been apologizing to me for making me leave the park, but she was just being mean. She needs to apologize to Maggie too because Maggie got in trouble as well. I hope she doesn't do that again at the park because I don't want to have to go home early all the time. And I don't want to arrive at the park only to see a sign that looks like this.
Image created at

Thursday, April 5, 2007

My brother the suck up

It's a commonly known fact around our house that Steve is a suck up. He always poses for pictures, sits really fast when he's going to get a treat, and does really goofy things that make Mom and Dad laugh. Well, Tuesday was the first day that he's done some sucking up that actually turned out good for me too.

Tuesday morning, we were in the living room hanging out with Mom before she and Dad left for work. Steve was digging through the toy box for something. Pretty soon, he lifted his head out of the toy box with the Frisbee with the doggie day camp logo in his mouth. It was like he was begging to go to day camp. I mean, look at his face! He's really good because he kept that look on his face while Mom went to get the camera.So Mom said, "Sure Stevie, you and Kat can go to day camp today." (So Steve's sucking up turned out great for me because I got to play with other dogs instead of just Steve.) Then in all of his excitement, he started laughing and of course let Mom take his picture. So at this point, Steve was just living it up like he's the favorite dog. So I decided that I better step up and do something cute. I generally prefer to just be cute because I am cute instead of trying to be cute like Steve does. It just comes naturally for me, but apparently Steve has to resort to using a Frisbee and sucking up. Anyway, I did my best to stick out my tongue and smile and look pretty for a picture. I'd say "Mission Accomplished", don't you agree?


Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Dish Dog

The other day, Mom was working in the kitchen and I thought, "I should probably help. I'm a working dog after all!" So when she started unloading the dishwasher, I stepped in to make sure she was doing it right. I'm sure she appreciated my effort and it helped her get done faster!


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Food Shortage

Hi puppies! It's Steve again and I want to write about a scare we had here this weekend. Sunday morning when Mom was getting our breakfast, here's what we saw.

Did you see what was wrong in that picture? That's right, our food storage container was almost empty! We could see the bottom! Even Wilbur was worried and it wasn't even his food.
Well, after breakfast, Dad disappeared for a while and when he returned, he had a giant bag of Canidae on his shoulder. That made me happy, but I still wasn't sure it was going to be enough. Once he had dumped it into the storage container, I inspected again.It wasn't quite full, but I decided it was good enough for now. Whew, crisis averted. That was hard work! (Dad also brought home some Felidae for Wilbur, and I was glad since Wilbur had shown so much concern for us.)


Note: Some of you might be wondering how many scoops it takes to feed two huskies. Well, the answer is that if your parents are both engineers, they like to be exact, so they measure out our food precisely with those red scoops. I guess they don't want us to get too much food, but I'm sure I could eat it!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Wilbur is 2

In all of the excitement from Mom's return, we forgot to write that yesterday was Wilbur's birthday. He is two now. Mom, the aspiring comedian, said that she doesn't know how the "terrible twos" will be when the "ornery ones" were bad enough. (I know, we don't think it's that funny either.)

Anywoo, to celebrate Wilbur's birthday, we had a birthday party for the family. Mom made cupcakes that are supposed to look like Wilbur. I'm not so sure that they actually do look like Wilbur, but whatever, Mom liked them. Unfortunately she did not let me or Kat try one.

Also Mom made homemade ice cream. Luckily she did let Kat and I have some of that!Wilbur got his own birthday cake. It was a tender beef feast from Fancy Feast (luckily NOT on the recall list). He seemed to really enjoy it. I wanted to try some, but Wilbur was being such a hog. All in all, I'd say Wilbur had a good birthday. We gave him a container of Aquari-Yums. He likes those. The only bad part was that Mom made all of us put on these silly hats to take a picture. She's a little strange sometimes.


Sunday, April 1, 2007

Mom's Back!

Mom came home from Atlanta yesterday. She was supposed to get back in the morning, but her flight got messed up, so it was almost 5 PM by the time she got back. Steve and I were going crazy missing her all day! Luckily, Dad surprised us by taking us with him when he went to the airport to get her. We didn’t even know where we were going, but the car stopped and there was Mom, standing there waiting for us! We were really excited. When she got in the car, we tried to climb over the seat and get in her lap! She brought us toys too! She brought me a yellow ball with a daisy on it that she said is cute like me. She brought Steve a monkey with long arms and legs and makes screeching noises. She says it’s silly like Steve. We got to play with them in the car. I went a little crazy with my ball as you can see in this video.

Anyway, before we took Mom home, we swung by the dog park. It was a different dog park than we usually go to, but we wanted to check it out. It was nice, but we sorta got in trouble there. You see, there was a bucket full of water and before Mom and Dad knew what was happening, we had put our whole faces and front parts of our bodies in the bucket. Then we ended up tipping it over and spilling all of the water out and getting mud all over ourselves. So they wouldn’t let us play in the water anymore because we had to dry out to get back in the car to go home. Mom says that she will buy us a swimming pool for the summer, so we are excited!! I will be sure to video that for everyone when it happens.