Sunday, December 30, 2007

Shopping Trip!!

I had to wear my gentle leader for the first time yesterday.  It was terrible.  Here's Dad fitting it on me.  Notice how Mom has her finger holding my collar.  I was trapped.

Here I am after it was on.  I look very handsome in the picture, but in reality, my spirit was beaten down.  (Kat had to wear her gentle leader too, but she doesn't have it on yet in this picture.)
Just when I thought that Mom and Dad were just going to make me wear the stupid thing for their amusement, they hooked up my leash and said, "Let's go shopping!"  We walked to my new favorite store, Paddywack.  I like Paddywack because they have a lot of good smelling treats and dog food.  Yesterday, we weren't there to buy Canidae, we were picking out a new toy for me since the whole ordeal with Santa.

We really took a long time deciding what to get, but I finally settled on a Kong on a rope.  Here we are back at the house and Dad is dangling it in my face.
I didn't pay much attention to it when Dad first tried to play, but Mom caught me later in the day.
This morning, I have already had a spirited game of tug o'war with the kong on a rope, so I am glad my parents came to their senses that I needed a toy.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Nickname & New Place to Sleep

I have a new nickname. "Honey Head". You probably think that's a very strange name. It all happened on Christmas...

Mom was making some honey wheat bread and she had some honey in a measuring cup. After she had dumped the honey in the mixing bowl, there was still honey left on the sides.  So when she went to put the measuring cup in the dishwasher, I wanted to help and stuck my head under the top rack of the dishwasher and some honey dripped all over my head!  Dad tried to clean me all up, but honey is pretty sticky and I still have some dried in the fur on my head between my ears.  Mom says it will wear off and now she calls me Honey Head.  She says it fits me because I am a very sweet puppy.  (And yes, she still calls me a puppy and says she will do that forever.)

Another thing I have new is a new place to sleep.  I saw Wilbur sleeping on Mom's lap on the couch and I decided to try it.  Let me tell you pups, it is awesome.  If you're allowed on the furniture, you should definitely try it.  If you're not allowed on the furniture (as we weren't at first) try to cuddle and the parents will probably give in to your cute cuddliness (worked for me).  Anyway, now that I have decided it's good to sleep on Mom, Wilbur and I are learning to share her.  (Mom says she looks ugly and stupid in this picture and I should not post it.  I am looking cute and Wilbur looks pretty tasty, I mean handsome, so I'm posting it anyway.  Ignore my mom.  She had just woke up.)
Have a great day!

Friday, December 28, 2007

My Christmas Ball

Steve mentioned in his post that I got a new ball for Christmas.  He failed to mention that I got the new ball to replace my favorite ball that he chewed up.  Mom couldn't find the exact same "Life is Good" yellow ball for me, so she was worried that I wouldn't like what she got.  She found me a pink Fetch ball from Orbee-Tuff.  She said it felt a lot stiffer so maybe Steve couldn't chew a hole in it, but she was worried that I wouldn't like it as much since neither Mom or Dad knew exactly why I liked my yellow ball so much.

So the pink ball was the first thing I opened on Christmas.  And this is how I spent my time while everyone else opened their presents.

I hope you all found a present you like just as much!

PS. Steve is still pouting about his Gentle Leader, so Dad we can go to the pet store and Steve can pick out a toy.  They claim that because Steve doesn't have a favorite toy, Santa didn't know what he would want and because he pulled on his leash all year instead of learning to walk properly, he was showing Santa that he wanted a Gentle Leader.   Whatever.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Santa hates me

I don't know what I did wrong.  I thought I was good all year.  I was nice when we had Ulee (Kat was mean), I didn't chew anything up, I didn't dig (Kat did), I didn't chase Wilbur as much as Kat chased him, I did everything a good husky should do, but Santa still hates me.

Santa brought Kat a new ball.  It looked really fun, but she didn't let me play with it.
When it was my turn to open my present, I just knew it would be something good.  Dad couldn't open it fast enough.
Then I saw what it was.  A Gentle Leader.  If Santa thinks giving dogs Gentle Leaders is funny, he is really mistaken.
Even though I got lots of treats from my grandparents and Mom and Dad, I couldn't shake the fact that Santa hates me.  It almost ruined my Christmas.
Luckily Mom gave us these snowman cakes for Christmas dinner.  That made me feel better.
I hope Santa doesn't hate you pups.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas from Steve, Kat, and Wilbur!
PS. For your Christmas enjoyment, we are giving you... Christmas picture bloopers!
How's this?  What?  KAT!!  We could have been done if you would look at the camera!!
Wilbur, stop laughing at my antlers.
Mom, get your arms out of the picture.
Give us those treats.
Are we done yet?
Do I have any boogers?
Why is my antler broken?
This is as good as it's going to get, Mom.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Even more presents and a Dad delivered!

On Friday, we got a package from Khyra!  We were so excited.  Mom says we're getting spoiled with all the presents our friends are sending us.

Khyra sent us some treats and a bumper sticker that says "The perfect child is a Siberian Husky".  Mom really likes the sticker and she hung it on the refrigerator.
This movie is really goofy.  Mom didn't open the treat container before videoing, so she was having a hard time opening it one handed.
Then another great thing happened on Friday.  American Airlines sent us a special delivery... DAD!!  We were really excited.  Mom took us to the airport with her to get Dad and as soon as he got in the car, Steve and I showered him with kisses.  We were so happy to see him.  In the middle of the night Friday night, I even went over on the bed and laid down on top of Dad and licked his face.  I missed him so much, so I am glad that he's here for Christmas.


Friday, December 21, 2007

More Presents!

We got another package the other day from MayaMarie and Missy.  It was so great.  I could smell the goodness as soon as I saw the box.
They sent us some three cheese biscuits that their mom made.

The treats were delicious!!

They were even nice enough to send Wilbur a present.
Wilbur loved his present too!

Thanks MayaMarie and Missy!!
Steve (and Kat and Wilbur)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Our new vet

I went to the vet today to be tested for giardia.  Mom took me to a vet that was recommended to her by one of her new coworkers.  Get this.  Her coworker's name is Steve and he has a husky.  My name is Steve and I am a husky.  That is really weird, right?  Anyway, Mom's coworker Steve takes his husky to a vet near our house, so Mom decided to try it out.  She looked at the website and the head vet went to vet school at the University of Missouri.  Since Mom grew up in Missouri, she figured that he was probably a good vet.  But today, when we got to the vet, guess where the vet I saw went to vet school.  Oklahoma State University!  That's where Mom went to college too, so at that point, she knew we were at a great place.  Mom really liked the vet that we talked to and he used to have an Alaskan Malamute, so he was even familiar with northern breeds.

Anyway, I was nice enough to leave the vet with some poop, so they are going to send it to the lab to be tested and we'll find out if I have giardia in a couple days.  The vet said it's very common in this area because there is typically a lot of standing water.


PS. We got a great present from a special friend in Louisiana, but we're having issues with video uploading tonight, so we will post about that as soon as the video is working.  But we want to say THANK WOO!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Did Wilbur do it?

In response to my post a couple days ago about being sick, my good friend Khyra asked, "P.S. - Are you sure the evil khritter isn't poisoning you somehow? We know how he attakhked your poor innocent hu-mom in her sleep -I'm just wooin'"  (I hope you can all speak Khyra-ese.)

Khyra was referring to Wilbur when she asked about the "evil khritter".  At first I thought, "Oh Khyra, always suspicious of cats.  Wilbur is on the good side."  However, today I am not so sure.  Let me tell you about the new developments.

When I was at the ER vet, they took the poop Mom brought in and sent it off to the lab to get tested.  Today, Mom got a call telling her that I have giardia.  What?  I have a disease?  Now I have to take medicine for my giardia for the next five days and Steve has to go to the vet tomorrow to get tested.

Mom says Steve and I were both vaccinated for giardia, so I think there can only be one explanation.  Wilbur must have broken into the vet's office the day we got our vaccinations and replaced the vaccine with a fake vaccine.  Then, he planted the giardia critters into our water and now I am infected and Steve might be too.  That's the only logical explanation!

I am now keeping a close watch on Wilbur's every move in case he tries to infect me again with something else!  And to make matters worse, Mom says we can't go to the dog park again until we are cured because she doesn't want to risk infecting some other person's dog.  Yet another way Wilbur is taking the fun out of our lives!


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mail for Us!

Hi pups.  I am feeling better today.  I woke up in a much perkier mood.  Mom is really relieved.

A great thing happened today!  When Mom came home from work, she had a box in her arms.  Steve and I couldn't decide what we were more excited about: Mom's return or the box and the wonderful aromas coming from it.  We first chose Mom because we needed to go outside and do some business, but as soon as that was over, we rushed back inside to see what was in that box!

The box was from our friends in Oregon: Bailey, Bear, Gillette, Kona, Maddie, Nasika, River, Tova, Zak, and Zoom!  We were really curious about the box.
When we opened it, we found a card and a tin that smelled really wonderful.  It was very cute with a snowman.
Inside the tin was fantastic cookies!!  Mom cheated on our chicken and rice diet and let us each have one cookie.  She says we can have lots more once we let our tummies get better.  Steve and I just can't wait!  Even Wilbur thought the cookies smelled good but I told him that he couldn't have any.
Thank you very much for the yummy goodness!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Poor Me

Mom took me to the vet at about 1:00 AM today.  I threw up six times from 8 PM to midnight, then a little after midnight, I went #2 and Mom saw blood and what she thought looked like blood clots.  So needless to say, she freaked out!  She loaded Steve and me up in the car and away we went to the ER vet.

Steve had to stay in the car while we were at the vet.  I went inside with Mom and they took my weight (41.4 pounds) and took my temperature (yuck) and felt me all over.  Mom talked to the very nice vet lady and told her how Steve and I had both had the runs since we moved, but this was the first blood she had seen and also the vomiting was new.

The vet gave Mom some medicine to give to both Steve and me so we don't get an infection.  Then, since I was dehydrated, they put fluids under my skin.  I had a big bulge when I left the vet on my right shoulder, but it's gone now.  I also got a shot of something to make my stomach calm down.

The vet people loved me and told Mom that I sat in their lap while they were working on me.  I still feel pretty icky today.  Mom just now let us have some water since I wasn't supposed to drink anything for 12 hours and Steve is on the same plan.  Now we are supposed to eat boiled rice and chicken for a few days and then gradually go back to our Canidae.  Steve is really excited about getting to eat chicken.  Mom isn't supposed to give us any food until late tonight because the vet wants her to rest our tummies.

The vet said Mom saw blood in my #2 because my system was irritated from all the yucky poops I had been producing.  So now Mom is supposed to keep an eye on me and hopefully everything will get better in no time.  Mom just wants me to start acting like my happy self again because right now, all I do is try to sit on her lap.  That's what sick girls want to do-- be with their mommies.
Well, enough typing, I need to go find my mom's lap.

PS. Sorry if this was a gross entry, but I wanted to tell everypup about my excitement.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I love Christmas!

Today the FedEx truck came to our house and gave us a BIG box.  It was from our Texas grandparents!  Mom wasn't sure if we should open it now or wait until Christmas, so she just put it on the floor next to the door.  I knew that my Texas grandma would want me to have anything that was in the box and I was also sure I smelled something delicious in there.

So I tried to be cool until Mom and Kat went into the laundry room to fold stuff.  Then I decided that it was my opportunity.  When Mom wasn't watching, I chewed open the Christmas box!  Guess what I saw in there?
To the untrained eye, you might not be able to tell what that is, but I know that it's a bag of Canidae Snap Biscuits!  I love those!!  Notice I concentrated my box chewing right at the spot the biscuits were located.  I didn't want to waste any time.

Unfortunately, at that point, Mom came out into the living room and said, "Steve!  What are you doing?"  Isn't it obvious, Mom?
So Mom ruined all the fun and took the treats out of the box.  I wasn't sure if she got them all, so I had to check.

Mom says I can have my giant bag of biscuits on Christmas.  I hope she means I can eat the whole bag just on Christmas and that I don't have to share with Kat!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Sad Day

We just wanted to post to say good bye to one of our husky blogging friends who passed away yesterday.  Thrawn, you were a very handsome husky and now you can live a happy, healthy life in doggie heaven.

Steve, Kat and Wilbur

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bedroom Steve

Since Dad is gone, I'm the man of the house.  (No matter what Wilbur says.)  I am really taking my new job seriously.  I don't want Dad's side of the bed to be unused, so I have been keeping it warm.

Here I am curling up against the pillows so they don't miss Dad.
Another time I decided to sleep on my back, just like Dad.
Finally I decided to sleep like a person, with my head on the pillow and my front leg over my mom's "cuddle pillow".
Mom says I'm doing a good job keeping her warm at night, so I hope Dad is proud of me.

PS. Dad got a job offer today, so he will be moving up here soon!!  We don't know for sure when, but probably after Christmas.  He'll be here for Christmas too, so we don't have much more time without him!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Our new robot

Kat's been being really gross and going potty in the house.  She says that if Mom can go potty in the house, she should be able to as well.  Mom disagrees.  So Mom needed some help cleaning up after Kat and bought a Spot Bot.  She says it works pretty well and she can start it and do other things.  I say that it's really noisy.  Kat hasn't gone potty in the house since the Spot Bot showed up.  I think she realized that if she stopped being bad, then we wouldn't have to listen to the Spot Bot.

Mom told Dad that she should put her engineering skills to use and design a new and improved Spot Bot.  She wants one that drives around behind Kat and if Kat starts to squat, it would detect that she was going to be bad and say "NO!"  Dad drew up a preliminary design.
Mom says this would make millions.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New Dog Park

Hey everypuppy!  We have some new videos of us at a dog park in Seattle.  It was a really cool dog park.

We got to swim in Lake Washington.  There was algae in the lake, so we got really green.  It doesn't show up very well on these videos.

Then I found a good spot for digging.

Guess who we saw at the dog park?  Royal and the rest of his pack!  It was kind of embarrassing though.  We were getting ready to leave and Steve and I were so green and dirty that Mom and Dad decided to wash us off.  So we were by the water hose near the gate.  So when Royal came in, I was in the shower!  Eeeeekkkkk!  A handsome boy saw me in my most vulnerable position.  (Other than pottying).  I was so mortified.  Royal was totally fluffy and handsome and there I was, wet and looking like a drowned cat.  I guess I was an almost drowned Kat!!  (Ha, ha!)  I hope I can see him again when I'm looking more beautiful.


Sunday, December 2, 2007

We've got Stuff!

Sorry we haven't updated you in a few days. Our stuff arrived on Friday and we have been really busy making sure Mom and Dad put everything in a good spot. We also had to run around in packing paper for a while too.

Here's what our house looked like Friday night. Total disaster!!It was so bad, I had to go hide under the table.Then the greatest thing happened yesterday. We got tons of snow! So while Mom and Dad were working, Steve and I enjoyed some time on the patio. Dad made me a snowball and I brought it inside. Mom didn't appreciate that very much.
Now things are pretty much unpacked so we have been able to relax more. It seems more like home now that all our fur-covered stuff is here.