Saturday, July 28, 2007

Another torture example

A while back I posted about when my mom dressed me up in a shirt to match her. I decided to post another picture of torture. This is last Halloween. They dressed me up as a pumpkin.I'll give these two cat-sized toys to the first person who guesses what my mom and dad are dressed up as. I'll give you a hint: it's based on TV. Here's what you could win.Wilbur


Anonymous said...

Wilber - are they dressed up as characters from grey's anatomy??? I don't know the names because I don't watch - but one of them is Patrick Dempsey - McDreamy :)

Anonymous said...

Wilber -
P.S. You have to stop letting these humans torture you with these clothes!!!

Khady Lynn said...

Oh my goodness, why on earth do humans do that to their furkids? It's just humiliating. They think it is soooo cute and funny, but they have no idea how we feel. Thank goodness my humans have never done that to us. Well, except when Sam had to wear the t-shirt because of his itchy belly problem.