Saturday, March 27, 2010

We've got mail!

Back during the Olympics, our neighbor, Winston, sent us this really cool Vancouver post card. Mom has not been good at getting our pictures off the camera, but she did today, so you can check out the post card.


Here's a close-up of the front. That is the north shore of Vancouver in the picture.

And here's the cool message Winston wrote to us.
It's kind of hard to read in the picture but it says:
"Hi Guys,
Greetings from Vancouver. The North Shore area has the best off leash park that I go to lots. It is right on the ocean so there is lots of beach play.

Thanks Winston! We love getting mail!

Steve and Kat

Monday, March 15, 2010

Organizing the Garage

Dad decided that he would organize the garage this past weekend. We didn't want Dad to have to do all the work, so we all pitched in (except Wilbur, who knows what he was doing).

I helped by smashing down the dirty dog towels.

Steve helped by supervising and Mom helped by checking her email.
The garage is now organized and I'm not sure how Dad would have done it without us!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Me too!

Steve told you about how he's taking Mom to school for training (here and here). Apparently Steve needs some help with the Mom training because now I am taking Mom to school.

Before school starts, I have to find a nice chair where Mom can put her stuff. (Note to the Ao4's mom: the Boo Tote is great for school supplies!)

During school, we work hard on leash walking and greeting strangers. I have to eat a lot of hot dogs during leash walking time. It's hard work, but I still take time to look cute.
In fact, we've been working so hard that I have graduated! Mom is holding the certificate like she earned it or something, but really, it was all me.
I even had to walk nicely on a leash while ignoring the horses. If that's not diploma-worthy, I don't know what is!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Clean Socks

A while back, (ages and ages) Zim of the Army of Four asked me a question:
Hey... how do you keep your socks so white? Do you ever take them off and let your mom wash them? Is your fur grey underneath them?

Thanks for the question Zim! It took my mom a long time to get a picture of me keeping my socks white. Then it took me a long time to decide if I was going to share it. Today I have finally decided that I will.

In the mornings, after Dad takes a shower, I use the leftover water in the shower to keep my paws clean.
I make sure to soap them up and wash them out.

For your other questions, no, I don't ever take my socks off. My socks are what make me cute and if I didn't have them, my mom might not put up with the stuff I do to her. And as for what is under my socks, I will never tell.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fun, fun, fun 'til my dad says my paws are too dirty!

Dad took me to the dog park recently. I had a lot of fun, doing my favorite things. Running, chasing, play bowing, mud puddling. You know, all the good stuff. Dad's not good at taking a lot of pictures, but he did take this one. I think all of you pups can read between the lines and imagine the fun I was having.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Final Woolympics Results

The results for the last Woolympics event, leash walking, have been tabulated and the winner is Kat! Not too much of a surprise there, but what did surprise us was that Wilbur took home the silver. Pretty good for a feline.
In the secondary event, Kat won for the loudest non-walker. If you think she was bad in that video, you'll have to listen for her in a video Mom made this weekend. We'll get that posted soon.

So the final results from the Woolympics are as follows. It's pretty amazing how we all won the same number of medals!

We also mentioned that our crate has undergone an Extreme Crate Makeover. It's a pretty remarkable change. Let's take a look at the crate before the makeover.
It was pretty bad. Some pups (no idea which ones) had chewed the bottom of the cover to shreds back in their younger days.

And here's the crate now.
Huge difference! The cover now covers all four sides and goes all the way to the floor. It can be tied up on any side. There are dowel rods (removable for washing) at the bottom of each side panel so they stay weighted down and hanging properly and the top has a pocket where Dad slid in some foam core to make the top solid so Wilbur can sleep up there. Mom made the cover, so it's customized just for us. It works out pretty well, nice and cozy.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I misunderstood, honest!

What was that, Mom? You wanted me to go IN my crate? Oh, I thought you said to get ON my crate. Honest. That's what I thought you said.

PS. If you don't want me to get on my crate, please do not put Wilbur's dishes on it, even if it's just for a second.

Stay tuned for pictures of the new and improved crate!