Saturday, July 28, 2007

SKW IQ Answers

Well, I guess the SKW IQ test was harder than we thought! The winner, with 3 answers correct, is Peanut! Congrats Peanut!

Here are the answers:
1. I have a tent. Wilbur! Wilbur loves his tent from Ikea. He sleeps in it a lot.
2. I like being Furminated. Wilbur! Steve tolerates Furmination better than me, but Wilbur actually starts purring and rubbing against the Furminator! He has his own small one.
3. I will do anything for a treat. Steve! I think everyone got this right. Steve is very food motivated.
4. I want to be outside more than any of the other pets. Wilbur! It's really shocking, but the only time Wilbur doesn't try to sneak out of the house is when it's raining. All other times, he's waiting at the door for Steve or me to have to go out and sometimes he manages to get past Mom or Dad and then they have to chase him down. Steve and I would much rather be inside in the air conditioning.
5. I sleep on the bed the most. Me, Kat! I start every night curled up at the bottom of the bed between my parents. Usually I am lying on Dad's side more that Mom's. I don't spend all night up there, but I start every night like that. Steve rarely tries to get on the bed and Wilbur has to sleep outside of the bedroom so we don't have a chance to chase him while Mom and Dad are sleeping.

Thanks for playing!


Kapp pack said...

Congrats Peanut!

-Kelsey Ann

Anonymous said...

Good job Peanut! Well, I thought I knew the answers. I would have missed #2 and #4. Never would have guessed Wilber for both of those!!!

Peanut said...

Woo hoo for me. I can't wait to get it. I learned stuff about you I didn't know also.

Princess Eva and Brice said...

Hey guys,
We're back. Momma had to go hunt and gather more snacks.

We have an evil Furminator too. But Momma doesn't get it out very often. Don't be giving her any ideas!