Saturday, July 28, 2007

From Sitka

Another request question! Awesome! Keep 'em coming! This one is from Sitka. "Steve and Kat - have you ever been fortunate enough to have a sample of Wilbur's kitty food??? Oh, I have snuck a piece ONCE or TWICE! It is yummy, but I did get in trouble!"

Why, yes, Sitka, we have tried Wilbur's food. We've tasted some of his dry
Felidae. It was quite tasty. Now it's totally safeguarded from us. First, it's behind the baby gate. Then, it's off in a corner and Wilbur has to go through his tunnel to get to it. When we were smaller, we could fit through the tunnel, but not anymore. Wilbur might as well keep his food in Alcatraz. It couldn't be any safer there than here. I mean look at this.

First obstacle - gate:
Second obstacle - tunnel:Holy grail - food:
We've also tried some of his treats. Usually, Mom feeds Wilbur treats in an area that we can't reach, but sometimes, he knocks them on the floor, so we're ready to help with clean up! (We've not been able to get any of those Temptations that you sent him, Tia. He gobbles those up fast!)

We also haven't tried his wet Friskies that he gets in the mornings. Wilbur plans his whole day around that canned food, so he would probably give us major injuries if we tried to eat some of that!

Steve even ate a bite of litter once, but Mom freaked out and told him that he was being disgusting and so it embarrassed him so much that he hasn't tried it again.



Anonymous said...

Wow that is some course to keep you from Wilber's food!!! My mom really likes that baby gate with the little door at the bottom. Humm... please tell me what kind it is so I can buy one with mom's credit card. I am tired of Tia getting me up at 5 a.m. for dad to open the bedroom door to let her out. If we had that, mom and dad could leave the small door open for Tia.

Now, this tunnel? Wilber actually goes through it? You MUST get video! Tia doesn't believe that he goes through it. She think's he jumps over it.


Princess Eva and Brice said...

Yum! Crunchy "treats". Yes, the humans thought it was replusive and it was the reason for the "Gate" in the laundry room doorway.


Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Sitka, the baby gate is called the Easy Step Extra Tall Baby Gate with Small Pet Door. (Yes, I know that's a really long name!) Mom got it on eBay. We'll do our best to get a video of Wilbur, but he doesn't exactly do things on command. You know how cats are.

Tasha, I feel your pain with the gate. They are such annoyances!

The Beasts- Royal, Brock & Alki said...

WOO my mom has the very same gate to keep me out of our kitties' food and litter (their food is soooo good). She cant keep the "cat door" open though because despite all this misleading hair I have, Im actually quite petit and can fit through it.

Khady Lynn said...

The cat box was always the first place Sam went when mom was cleaning it out. There were a few times he came out of Kirby's room with littler on the top of his nose. It was a dead give away!