Saturday, July 28, 2007

SKW IQ Answers #2

The winner of SKW IQ Test #2 is Kelsey Ann! She was the first to answer and she got all five questions right! Super job! Here are the answers.

1. I am the best at jumping in the car. Kat! She is way faster at jumping in the car than I am. Wilbur doesn’t get to jump in the car since he has to ride in his carrier and usually doesn't go anywhere anyway.
2. I have ridden in an airplane. Wilbur! Since Wilbur’s name is Wilbur Kittyhawk Barker, of course he has been in an airplane. He’s been copilot for my mom when she has flown a small plane from Texas to Missouri to visit our Missouri grandparents. Kat and I haven’t gotten our airplane rides yet, but Mom says she'll take us when it gets cooler.
3. I am the noisiest pet. Me, Steve! I bark at Kat whenever she has a toy I want. Then I make this low growling noise when Mom tries to hug me. When I want outside during the night, I bark. Kat just licks silently.
4. I like tummy rubs the most. Kat! Whenever she’s lying on the floor and Mom or Dad reaches down to pet her, she immediately rolls over so they can give her a good tummy scratching!
5. I like to have my ears massaged. Me again, Steve! Dad is really good at massaging both ears at the same time and that puts me in heaven.

Thanks for playing! Kelsey Ann, please email us your address so we can send you your prize!



Anonymous said...

Wow Kelsey Ann! You are doing awesome! We saw you won the super cute red and white stuffie!!! Congrats on both wins :)

The Brat Pack said...

Great job Kelsey Ann!!! Whoo hoooo!!

Khady Lynn said...

Congrats Kelsey Ann!!!

I am terrible at guessing games.


Kapp pack said...

Thanks...I sent you an email with my address....I will be nice and share with the 2 boys...