Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Steve the Snow Nosed Husky

Yesterday we woke up to find SNOW! It was so awesome. Mom and Dad let us play in the snow in the morning and then again at night because it didn't melt. We have some really funny videos, but we have to get those uploaded. In the meantime, I thought I would tell you a story about Steve and then unveil my latest song. Steve hasn't really ever liked the snow when we've seen it. He doesn't want to roll around and make doggie snow angels with me or even walk in the snow much. So I used to make fun of him for that. I mean, what kind of husky doesn't like snow? A stupid one! Then yesterday, Steve walked in the snow and played a game where he kept his head down and plowed through the snow with his nose. Mom caught this picture of him when we were getting ready to go back inside. So that picture inspired my latest song. I hope you like it.

Steve the Snow Nosed Husky
By Katherine Olivia

Stevie the snow nosed husky
Had a very snowy nose!
And if you ever saw it
You would even say it's cold!
All of the other huskies
Used to laugh and call him names
They never let poor Stevie
Join in any husky games!
Then one snowy winter morn
Steve looked out to say,
"Mom and Dad the ground's so white,
Let's go out and play tonight!"
Oh how the huskies loved him
As they woo-ed out with glee
Stevie the snow nosed husky
You'll be cute for all history!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Get Well Tia!

My feline gal pal, Tia, is sick and in the hospital.  Tomorrow is her birthday, so I hope she gets better very soon!  I thought maybe she needed some company in her hospital cage, so I put together a pin-up of my handsome self and pawtographed it just for her.  Tia, I can't wait for you to be back blogging soon!


Thursday, January 24, 2008


Here's the video that should have been up yesterday.

No Moms were hurt in the making of this video.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I don't think we've posted anything about our walks in our new neighborhood.  So I had Mom take some pictures of us and also a video.

Here we are doing some smelligation.  There are lots of dogs up here, so we therefore have a lot of stuff to sniff.  The other dogs like to leave a little something behind if you know what I mean.  Mom is glad that Steve isn't into marking his territory because he'd have to stop too many times.
Here's a picture of two very cute, fluffy butts if I do say so myself.  The cutest butt is on the right, but the fluffiest one is on the left.  We always walk with me on the right and Steve on the left.
Finally, here is a video.  I really hope you enjoy it because Mom almost died during the making of this video.  Right at the beginning, when she laughs, it's because Steve stopped abruptly right in front of her and she fell into the fence.  She is so retarded.  She almost died a lot more later in the walk, and no camera was involved.  I really think Mom should try walking on four legs because walking on two legs doesn't seem to agree with her.

Our video is having trouble, so we'll hopefully put it up later.

That's all for now!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Banana Pops!

Back on New Years Eve, Khyra posted about some thing yummy her mom was making for her.  I begged and pleaded with my mom to make them for me and she gave in on my first try.  We first had to go to PetsMart and buy the marrow bones.  Then she bought some bananas and had to wait for them to go mushy.  Finally we were ready to begin mixing.

Mom mashed up the bananas and mixed in the yogurt.  I wanted to eat it just like that, but she said no.
Then she stuffed the bones with the banana mixture.  Delicious!  I told her to pile it on and she did!
She had more stuff left over after she filled our four marrow bones, so she got out her silicone cupcake things and filled them to make banana pupcakes.
We thought we were going to eat right away, but she said everything had to go in the freezer.
Finally we got to eat out bones.  

Yummy, yum!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

I love this toy

Hey pups, Wilbur here.  I thought I'd share a video with you of me playing with a present from my Missouri grandma and grandpa.  They gave me this thing for Christmas and I love it.  It's got three dangly things on different wires and I just lay under need it and bat everything around.  It's great.  I recommend it for all the kitties out there.


Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend Update

We had a very boring weekend. Mom was sick and spent the entire weekend on the couch. Lucky for her that I kept her company. Here's what she saw after getting up to go to the bathroom one time.

One highlight of the weekend is that Dad took us to the dog park yesterday. We got really dirty and rolled around in some mud, so we ended up having to take baths when we got home. Dad said we smelled like pigs and he told Mom that maybe we needed a bath. Then Steve walked past Mom on the couch and Mom said, "Oh! Steve! Gross! Yes, give them baths!" So, even though we weren't happy about it, we had to take baths.

Another good thing that happened is that some of our friends from Texas sent us a housewarming present. They sent Wilbur a mouse and Steve and me collar tags. We can't decide who gets what. There is a pink one that says "Fetch It Yourself". Pink is my color, but I like to fetch, so the saying matches Steve to a T. The other one says "It's a Dogs World... Adjust". We both like that one. So we haven't decided. Thank you for the presents! The people who sent them to us are Adopt a Husky of Dallas foster parents and they have a pet store, Fur The Animals. 10% of all orders go to the pet rescue of the customer's choice (entered at checkout), so you might check them out next time you want to buy a present for yourself.
That's pretty much our weekend in a nutshell. Oh, I did do something really helpful. Mom had a big pile of kleenex on the coffee table Friday afternoon. She had come home early from work and Dad wasn't home yet. So while Mom was sleeping, I thought I should throw all the kleenex away for her. On my way to the trash can with the kleenex, I shredded them into little pieces, just so they would fit into the trash can. Unfortunately, Dad came home during the middle of my shredding, but before the trash can, so he thought I was just making a big mess. Can't a girl ever just be helping?


Update to Weekend Update: Our friends who sent us the presents just started a blog! Go check it out and say "hi"!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


We had snow on the ground this morning.  It was great!  Unfortunately  it was all gone this afternoon.  Boo!!  We both hope it snows again tonight because tomorrow Dad will be here and maybe he will take us somewhere to play in the snow!!

We had a play date at the dog park on Saturday with Royal, Royal's brother Brock, and the 4B's, Benson, Brody, Bailey and Baxter.  It was really fun.  We even managed to knock Mom over once while playing chase.  That was really cool too.  Mom didn't take pictures, so this is a boring post, I guess.

We will try to make our next post more exciting.  Mom isn't feeling too good today, so we are having trouble getting her to do our bidding with the camera!!


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Collars

Just before Christmas, Kat and I got some new collars because Mom started worrying that we were going to wiggle out of the ones we had.  After much deliberation, we got Wolf Pack collars.  They don't have any buckles to break and they tighten up on our necks if we pull.  Plus we got the ones with reflective strips, so we are even more visible (if our fur isn't in the way!).  We both like our collars.  I got red and Kat got purple.  Mom just realized yesterday that Kat's purple collar makes her look like a University of Washington husky fan since their colors are purple and their mascot is a husky.  She's perfect.

Here's Kat modeling her new collar.
Kat is horrible at modeling.  Here's me modeling my new collar.
(Khyra, this pic is for you, gorgeous.  Sitka, please don't get jealous, I love you too.  You too, Holly, but you're taken.  Same for you MayaMarie, taken by your masked hero.  I have too many girlfriends to keep track of.  My apologies if I forgot to mention you, lovely ladies.)


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2008!!  Did everypup have a good holiday?  Did you stay up until midnight?  We had to wake up our parents at midnight.  Mom and Dad were both sleeping on the couches and so we licked their faces to say, "It's midnight, lets go outside and potty and then go to sleep for real."  They are so lame.  Dad said he didn't even realize he fell asleep.

So our goal for 2008 is to complete the Siberian Husky Club of America's Working Pack Dog title.  So we will start with shopping for packs and then we get to practice walking on trails before going for our official trails.  That should be super fun, we think!!

Steve and Kat

PS. Wilbur's set a goal of making sure Steve didn't find a way to eat any of his cat food this year.