Saturday, July 28, 2007

Time Capsule Tag

We’ve also been tagged by the Army of Four to play time capsule tag.

We’re supposed to think of 5 things that we would put in a time capsule if we were making a time capsule.

1. Wilbur would put rubber bands in the capsule because he loves to chase those.

2. Steve would put treats in the capsule because he’s the most food motivated of all of us.

3. Kat would put a yellow “Life is good” ball in the capsule because she loves playing with hers so much that she knows future dogs would want to play with one too.

4. Wilbur would also put blueprints in the capsule for houses that have “plant ledges” like his house does now. Mom put lots of fake green plants up there and Wilbur like to hide in his jungle where he can peek out and look down on the rest of the house. Future cats would probably enjoy that too.

5. Steve and Kat would put banana tree seeds in the capsule because bananas are only the best special occasion treat EVER!


Anonymous said...

Wooooo! Great answers. First, mom is excited because she likes Life is good and didn't know they sold dog toys. Second, bananannananananas (yumm). Third... how the heck did Wilber get up there? Did he scale the wall?

The Husky in the Window said...

You'all put some good things in the capsule. And I especially like Wilbur's jungle. Very cool. Has nap time finished? I have a question? Maybe you can help my mom figure this out.
We look about the same age, maybe 8 or 9 months. Are you'all totally house/potty trained? You see, when she takes me out, I will go outside, but if I have to go when I'm inside, my potty pad better be in the place it has been since I got here, or I'm gonna go in that spot no matter what. I'm not being very cooperative in the learing to go outside ordeal. Any suggestions. I'm sorry if it's a "not so pretty" subject, but I thank you for your help.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie