Sunday, September 28, 2008

I didn't do it.

That is Mom's arm.  I'm sure you all think I did that to her, however, it was not me!  That's right, it was Steve!

Here's how it played out (according to Mom):
Setting: Mom's laying on the bed watching TV.  Steve is laying at the foot of the bed.  Steve is chewing on his dew claw.
Mom: Steve, do you want to go for a walk?
Steve: Woo, woo, woo!
Steve jumps up and goes to woo in Mom's face.  Steve steps on Mom's arm, scratching her arm.
Mom: Ouch!  Steve, be careful.  You cut my arm.
Steve looks at Mom.
Mom: Oh, Stevie, it's okay, I know it was an accident!

Now, this is how I think it went.
Setting: Mom is laying on the bed watching TV.  Steve is laying at the food of the bed.  Steve is chewing on his dew claw, sharpening it to a sharp point as he thinks about his anger that Mom didn't let him eat all 24 cupcakes.  (Side note, Steve stole 8 cupcakes off the counter a couple days ago.)
Mom: Steve do you want to go for a walk?
Steve: Woo, woo, woo! (Translation: Yes but first you will pay for not give me all the cupcakes.)
Steve jumps up and slashes Mom's arm with his newly sharpened dew claw.  The slash goes to the bone, spewing blood everywhere.
Mom: Ouch!  Steve, be careful!  You cut my arm.
Steve looks at Mom.
Mom: Steve, if I didn't love you tons more than I love Wilbur, I would be really mad at you right now, but because I live in a dream world where you are such a cute furry beast and I can't see you for what you really are, I will say it was an accident and rub your tummy now.

Do you see what an unfair world I live in?  If I had caused that scratch, Mom would have said "No Wilbur!" and shut me out of the bedroom.  But because that stupid boy furry beast did it, she's all lovey dovey to him.  It makes me so angry.  I should claw her other arm for good measure.


Saturday, September 27, 2008


We're a bit behind on blogging.  Two weekends ago, while our Texas grandma and grandpa were here, we went to Leavenworth.  We've never been to Leavenworth before, so we thought it would be fun.  Mom and Dad made us wear our harnesses and locked us into the back of the 4Runner.  At that point, we thought we might be going to Leavenworth the prison since we were practically pawcuffed!

Once we arrived, we realized we were in Leavenworth the Bavarian town!  The parents made us wear our backpacks around.  We were very good every time we had to wait outside a shop so the humans could shop.
However, Mom and Dad got very mad at us every time we started to walk because we were pulling like crazy.  Just when Mom would get Kat under control, the horse-drawn carriage would go by and Kat would go nutso over the horse.  Finally, Mom was so frustrated, she handed us over to Dad and Dad said he could just carry us around by our backpack handles.
(He didn't really do that.)

We tried to take a good family picture, but it was very sunny.  Also Mom decided to make a stupid face.  I mean look at me, I'm looking so cute at the camera and Mom is looking so dumb.  It really bothers me when she can't behave for photos.
Just because Mom was being stupid, Kat and I decided not to look for the other picture.
So that was Leavenworth.  It was pretty fun.  Mom and Dad said maybe we can go back another time this winter and snowshoe.  I think that sounds very fun, especially the part about the snow!!


PS. In response to Mom's anger about the leash pulling, we had a private training session today.  The training session just focused on walking on our leashes.  We both did pretty good, in my opinion, but Kat was a big suck-up and did better than me.

Monday, September 22, 2008


We have been awarded the "I love your Blog" award from Thor, Marco Polo, Mama, Mr.Sippi, and Carolina and also from The Thundering Herd. We are very honored because we love their blogs too.

Thank you so much for this award!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


We have visitors this week.  Our Texas grandma and grandpa are here.  They brought us some really good chewies, some big ole treats and some kitty Greenies for Wilbur.  Mom and Dad have been requesting that we be on our best behavior while we have guests.  Steve and I are on our best behavior all the time, so I'm not sure why they felt the need to specify anything.

The one thing about guests is that they are cramping my style.  I usually lay on the big couch, on the left end.  However, Texas grandpa sits there now so I have to lay on the floor in front of the TV.
Steve, on the other paw, doesn't care and he goes to his normal spot between the coffee table and the couch.  Texas grandma is nice enough to put her feet up for him.
So that's the update on our guests.  Wilbur likes them too and apparently tries to sleep with them.  I hope he doesn't try to eat their faces!

PS.  I feel like I need to stick up for my poor dad.  He just got tons of bad press after that dinnertime video.  In his defense, he doesn't usually ask us if we are hungry.  I think he wanted to show off for the camera.  You know how humans are!  They are so hard to train.  I just wish I could make them understand like five sentences in Siberian, then I'm sure they would be a lot easier to deal with.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dinner Time!

Mom took a video of my favorite time of the day... DINNER TIME!!!


Monday, September 15, 2008


Whew!  This school stuff is hard work!  Mom and I have to do homework every day.  Mom also built me a practice jump so I could work on the "jump" command that I learned in class last week.  I am also supposed to practice following Mom's hand around.  That is hard work.  Her hand is just not that interesting, even if she is holding a Yummy Chummie.

Dad took a video of our homework session today.

I think I'm a good student.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Why oh why?

Wednesday night was horrible for me.  First Dad bribed me into staying outside with him while Mom and Kat were inside.  Then when I was allowed to go back inside, Kat and Mom were nowhere to be found!  I was sure that the boogie man had gotten them, but I couldn't get Dad to care at all.  I ran back and forth between the front window and the backyard, but I couldn't pick up the trail.  Then I sat down in the back yard and howled, just in case the Siberian Network knew where Mom and Kat had been taken.  It was a horrible two hours.  I thought I might die.  No amount of crying and pouting on my part inspired Dad to go look for them.

Finally Mom and Kat returned and guess what I got?  My very own ice cream cone.  Not a doggie cone either, a full-size human ice cream.  Mom felt so bad for me that I had been left home alone.  Apparently Mom and Kat were not kidnapped after all!

Here we are, dynamic duo, back together again.
Now, I understand that Mom and Kat were not kidnapped, but I hope they don't leave me like that again!

Friday, September 12, 2008

My first class

Wednesday was my first agility class.  It was pretty fun.  I was a little annoyed when I barely got any supper.  When we got to the horse arena where the class is, Mom let me out of the car and we walked down to the arena.  That's when Mom got told that I needed to stay in the car while Mom and the other students' moms helped set up the equipment.  So Mom took me back to the car and I screamed the Husky Death Scream while the moms set everything up.  I hope I embarrassed Mom sufficiently so she doesn't try any funny business like that again.

Here I am looking into the arena.
Mom doesn't have any pictures of the actual class because she was very busy holding my leash, the clicker and dispensing treats.  I ate almost an entire bag of those training treats.  So I guess that made up for no supper.

Mom said I was one of the best students, except for my behavior on a leash.  I jumped over the baby jump and I wasn't afraid of the baby teeter-totter like a lot of the other dogs.  Mom and I are working on our homework, so hopefully I will be even better next week!

Steve had a much different evening and he will tell you about that in our next post!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Kat and I took Mom and Dad to the PAWSwalk on Saturday.  It's a walk to raise money for the PAWS animal shelter and they raised over $200,000!  That really makes our Blogathon look weak!  

Before we went to the park, Mom and Dad stopped to get themselves some breakfast.  We had to sit in the car while they ate and you can see how that went in this video.

We got to the park early and had to do some boring standing around.  Here's Dad and Kat followed by Mom and me.Here's the start of the race.

And here's the end, except Mom messed it up and held the camera incorrectly.  (What good is having thumbs if you don't know how to use them.)  
We walked for over three miles and when we were done, we were pooped!  Kat was in her cranky pants mood and growled at everydog, so Dad was annoyed.  She doesn't look too cranky in this picture though.
We also saw Royal after the walk.  Luckily Kat had recovered from her crankiness and didn't embarrass me.  Royal is very cool.

Well, that's pretty much our weekend excitement.  Did you pups do anything exciting?

PS. Kat says she will post about school tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wilbur's New Duds

Mom bought me a new collar.  Apparently she thought the snap thing on my old one was worn out since I kept losing it everywhere.  Here's my handsome self in the new collar.  Note that I also excel at not cooperating for photos.

After Mom tried several times to get me to look at the camera, I bit her and showed her what I really thought of her photo taking.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Solo Girl

On Sunday, Mom took me to Petco.  That's right, just ME!  Steve had to stay home with Dad.  Mom and I had very important business to take care of at Petco.  We had to go buy a clicker, a treat bag, and some soft, chewy treats.  I bet you're wondering why we needed those specific items.  Well, it's because I'm starting school this week!  Mom and I are going to an agility beginners class starting tomorrow.  I'm very excited.  It's something just us girls are going to do, no Steve, no Dad, no Wilbur!  Mom says I'm going to learn how to do some really cool stuff like jump over things, run through tunnels, walk over teeter-totters, and other stuff.  I'm not sure what I will learn first!

Anyway, back to Petco.  We went down the chewie aisle.  I tried to get Mom to buy me a new Nylabone, but she said I just got a new one in June and didn't already need another one.
Then we went to the treat aisle.  I thought the Meaty Bones on the bottom shelf looked pretty good, but Mom bought something called "Training Treats".  They are tiny, so I guess they are training to be real treats or something.
After the treats, we picked up a clicker and a treat bag and we went to the front to pay.  While waiting in line, I checked out some hamsters, but Mom said "OFF!" and I had to jump off their cage.  Then it was time to check-out.  As you can see, I waited very politely before I told Mom to swipe her plastic card.
I think it was a pretty successful shopping trip.  I will let you know how class goes tomorrow!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Stuff from Summi

On Saturday we had a big surprise.  We got a present from Summi!

Summi wrote a really nice note on the box.  Apparently he heard about my encounter with a squirrel and the squirrel somehow losing it's head.  (Prove that I did it, Dad.)
Check it out!  He sent us two really cool stuffies, but the stuffies don't have stuffing.  They are really fun.
I immediately took my squirrel and set off to decapitate it, I mean lovingly cuddle it.  (Dad's listening, so I have to be sly.)
Squeak, squeak, squeak goes the squirrel head.
Dad took this video of us.
Since the new toys arrived, I've been taking mine to bed every night.  Kat tries to copy me, so she brings her fox to bed and then falls asleep, so I take it and horde both toys.  Seriously, don't you think I'm the smartest?

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm a muffin

In honor of Meeshka's Week 'o 100 Blogs, we are posting our sexiest pictures. Dogs (and cats) across the world are participating.

Here's Wilbur's entry:
Here are my two entries.
As you can see in this next picture, I've been at this a long time.
I went through every single picture Mom has and couldn't find a single picture of Kat sleeping upside down.  She just doesn't really do it much.  So I'm posting this picture from back when we were puppies.  You can see I was trying to teach her what to do.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our productive weekend

Whew!  I'm sure tired from the weekend.  Kat and I worked hard all weekend long.  We installed a nice flagstone patio in front of Dad's shed.  In addition to installing the patio, we also planted bushes.  Here we are inspecting our work.

Be sure to notice Dad just standing there doing nothing while we worked really hard.  Here's another picture from a different angle.
Do you want to know what Mom and Dad were doing while we were slaving away?  They were watching Oklahoma State University's first football game of the season against Washington State University.  The game was in Seattle at the Seahawks' stadium. 
It's a good thing that Mom and Dad have us because otherwise they would have had to stay home and work instead of sitting and watching football while eating french fries and hamburgers.

Monday, September 1, 2008

How did you get that idea?

Mom says she's sick and tired of me digging holes all over the yard and she doesn't know how many times she will have to put poop in my holes for me to stop.  I don't know what she's talking about.  Where does she get the idea that it's ME digging the holes?  What about those pesky squirrels?  What about Wilbur?  I don't know why I get blamed for everything.

Woo is me,