Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ornament Raffle

We held our second raffle of the Blogathon, this time for an ornament. Once again, in lieu of a live webcam, we just videoed the drawing. Congratulations to the winner! You’ll have to watch the video to find out who won. I bet the suspense is killing you! Again, our dad videoed and his video is kinda blurry.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Meeshka!!! Poor Steve had a look of concern wondering why there was paper in the bowl and not food!


Shmoo said...

Oh Yippeee!!! I won something!

Thank you Steve and Kat for picking my name out of the bowl and not eating the piece of paper so we'd have to wait until tomorrow to find out who won!

I'll have the human woman hang it from the rear view of my RAV.


Kapp pack said...

Congrat Meeshka!

-Kelsey Ann

Khady Lynn said...

How cool!! She has been blogging her sweet little heart out, giving out prizes and now she will get one of her own! I know she will be very excited!!


Sasha said...

Congrats Meeshka! If you eat the ornament, it'll really freak out the humans!

The Brat Pack said...

Yay Meeshka!!!

SpillToJill said...

the video is effing cute;)

Monitor jill