Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our New House

We bought ourselves a house.  It's going to be the world's coolest Siberian Club House (thanks to our SMS pals for that name).  Here's what it looks like now:

We're going to have Mom repaint it.  She suggested red with black trim.  Dad is also going to take the swing and slide down so we don't get hurt.  Whatever.  We're going to hang cool signs on it like "Sibes Rule and Cats Drool" and "No Cats Allowed".  Wilbur is really jealous.

Some of our friends have been helping us think of new furnishings.  We have the following suggestions: a phone so Steve can order pizza, a couch for me to sleep on, a TV with cable so we can watch Animal Planet, and Holly said that she would need a mattress to sleep on when she comes over.

Oh, and our parents (and Wilbur) are getting to move into the house in front of our new house, but I'm sure you don't care a thing about it.  We'll probably have a housewarming paw-ty as soon as we get everything fixed up, so you all are invited!


Saturday, March 15, 2008


Mom found a recipe for biscotti for dogs so she made it this morning.  She tweaked the recipe just a bit so that we could give it our own name, so we decided to call it Wooscotti.  What do you pups think?  Is that a good name?

We love it when Mom makes us things.  We are always ready to be team players and taste test.  She gave us some peanut butter (just a tad) while she was mixing up the Wooscotti.  Then when she was cutting it into slices, it made a lot of crumbs, so she let us eat those too.

Here we are waiting for Mom to put the Carob icing on the Wooscotti.
Hurry up, Mom!  Here's Kat looking longingly at the Wooscotti after it was finished, but still too hot to eat.
Later on, Kat and I got in a big fight because I tried to steal a piece of Wooscotti off the cooling rack.  Mom got really upset at us for fighting.  I hope that doesn't keep her from making it again!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Woo, Thunder is Handsome

On Monday night, Steve had Mom light a candle and then, by candlelight, Steve asked me if I would be Thunder's girlfriend.  Of course I said YES!  I mean, look at him.  He's so cute.  He has pretty blue eyes like me and his mom has the same name as me, so it's almost as if we are meant for each other.  Thunder is almost two, I think, so we are also the perfect age for each other.  I just wish we had been together back in May when we visited some of our human relatives in Kansas City because Thunder lives close to there and we could have met.  I bet we would have had a ton of fun playing chase and wrestling.

Thanks for asking me (through Steve) to be your girlfriend, Thunder!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Cool Dog Sled Envelope

We've been really forgetful about posting about this cool thing that Franki V sent us.

One day we got an envelope in the mail.  It looked like this, but had our address on it and the return address was in Vancouver.
We used our Siberian intelligence to deduce that it must be from Franki because we don't know anypup else in Vancouver.  We thought it was a super cool envelope.  It traveled by dogsled to get to our house!

Franki sent it to us as part of the Gold Rush Trail Dog Sled Mail Run.  Dog teams work together to carry the mail from Quesnel, British Columbia all the way to Barkerville, BC.  The envelope was also postmarked from stops along the way.  Mom thought it was especially cool that it went to Barkerville and anyone who knows her will understand why.

So thanks again, Franki!  We are keeping the envelope in a very special place!

Steve and Kat

PS. Franki emailed us some cool pictures of our mail enroute.  Check out a few of them:

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

News Flash! Evil Husky Revealed!

Hi, Wilbur here. During the day, when Mom and Dad are working and the furry beasts are in the crate, I like to relax, let down my fur, and surf the internet. Sometimes I hack into Mom's email to make sure she's not saying bad stuff about me.

Imagine my surprise, when yesterday I discovered this email:

Hello ,

Thank you for your order.

Order Receipt:

Date: Mon Mar 03 11:24:12 -0500 2008
Order Status: Accepted

Dyson DC15 Ball w/Animal Plus Kit 15

Factory Direct Int. Inc.

What? A Dyson? I have read enough dog and cat blogs to know that I DO NOT want a Dyson living here. Even furry beasts hate Dysons. So imagine how even more surprised I was to find another email sent this weekend from one furry beast, Khyra. (Names not changed to protect the guilty.) In Khyra's email, she specifically directed my mom to the website where she ordered the Dyson.

How can Khyra claim to be so nice and love the furry beasts when she schemed to bring a Dyson into our home? She's supposed to be the boy furry beast's girlfriend! Although, our first clue should have been the fact that she has other boyfriends besides him.

Beware furry beasts! Khyra is nothing but trouble!