Friday, August 31, 2007

Almost Time!

Tomorrow is the big day! Ulee will meet her new family. I asked her if she was nervous...

Steve: Ulee, you know your family is coming tomorrow. Are you nervous?
Ulee: Ummm...kinda, I guess. But from what your mom tells me, they are nice.
Steve: You have a lot of pressure to be cute.
Ulee: I thought I was always cute.
Steve: Oh, not as cute as me, but you're cute. Your problem is that you'll have to compete with me for being the cutest.
Ulee: I didn't realize we were competing since you're not up for adoption.
Steve: Well, yeah, but I'll still be here meeting your new family, and being extremely cute.
Ulee: Maybe you should tone down your cuteness so that I can be the cutest.
Steve: I'm sorry, but when you have a face like mine, there is no toning it down.
Ulee: Well now you're making me nervous. I better go practice cute faces.

Here's a picture I took of Ulee practicing being cute. I think she's getting the hang of it. What do you pups think?


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Blogathon Information

Apparently some Blogathon sponsors may not have received instructions on how to fufill their pledges due to spam blockers, etc. If that applies to you, here are some instructions.

You can mail your pledge to:
Adopt A Husky of Dallas, Inc.
3000 Custer Road
Suite 270-156
Plano, Texas 75075

Or pay via Paypal. The email address to send payment to is:

Steve, Kat, and Wilbur

Ulee says double thanks because the Blogathon money helped rescue her!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Of course I want to go!!

My mom took this video on Sunday. When I saw Dave's video yesterday, it reminded me that I should post this one. My parents like to ask us questions too, but unlike Dave, we don't give such dignified answers. Of course, wouldn't you go crazy if you were being asked the same question multiple times?


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Whew! What a tiring weekend!

We had a really exhausting weekend. We went to the dog park yesterday AND today. When we went yesterday, there was only one other dog there. It was awfully hot and we didn't stay very long. Here we are resting after only a couple minutes of play. It was Ulee's first time at the dog park and she had fun.
Once we got home, Dad filled up our pool so we could cool off. Dad started playing a game with me where he would squirt water around and I would chase it. It was really fun.

We went to the dog park again today too. Ulee's new family likes to go to the dogpark, so Mom wanted to make sure Ulee was going to do okay with them. She did great. Today there were a lot of dogs there and Ulee was friendly to dogs, people, and little people. She didn't even try to jump on any of the people. The dog park had the pools out again, so we went swimming again.

Lots of people thought Ulee was very pretty. Some people didn't know that huskies came in other colors besides black and grey, so Ulee attracted a lot of attention! She even made a friend while she was being a pool princess.Ulee's new family is coming to get her next weekend. She will meet them on Saturday and then if everything goes okay, they will take her home on Sunday. We are really happy for Ulee. We saw Dogster page for the husky that Ulee's family had before and it looks like she was a spoiled pup! We're glad that Ulee will be spoiled too. I think Steve might miss her a little. They are becoming pretty good friends. Mom caught them hanging out together yesterday morning (before she got the bed made). I don't know if I will miss Ulee very much, but I am being nicer to her. Well, hopefully you all had a fun weekend too. We've got lots of rest to catch up on this week!


Friday, August 24, 2007

Ulee versus the Bissel

Ulee is my hero. Kat and I went to day camp today and Ulee stayed home with Mom and Dad. She told me this story about her day, so I'm going to relay it in her own words.

"Hey Steve, you'll never guess what happened to me today. I was outside, taking care of some business and when your mom let me back inside, there was an intruder in the house! It was standing over by that one bed next to the DVD cabinet. As soon as I saw it, I puffed up my fur on my back. That really must have scared it because it didn't move a muscle! Just for good measure, I decided to bark at it and tell it to get out of the house. You know me, I don't really ever bark, but I can't allow intruders in the house when you and Kat are away! The funny thing is, your mom and dad didn't seem to be alarmed by the intruder. In fact, your mom got out the camera and started filming me. She was even kind of taunting me and recruited your dad to help. Here, I confiscated the video for evidence.

Even though she stopped videoing, I didn't let my guard down and kept barking and telling the intruder to go away for at least another five minutes. Your mom must have decided that the intruder was hungry, because she put some treats on the floor all around it. Well, I told the intruder not to eat the treats. Then, very carefully, I crept up on it and ate the treats. I had it so afraid that it didn't even try to stop me! After that, I decided it wasn't a threat to my safety and gave it a good sniffing. I think I must have gotten rid of it because I went outside again later and when I came back inside it was gone." Wow, Ulee is some dog. She guarded our house very well against the Bissel that was trying to steal all of our fur. I am really glad that she didn't let it eat any of the treats either. Aren't you pups proud of Ulee too?


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ulee: Husky or Lab?

Mom has been making videos of Ulee playing so that her new family can see her being playful and cute. You won't believe what I saw. Mom and Ulee were outside together and I was keeping an eye on them through the storm door. Mom was throwing balls and guess what Ulee was doing? Chasing the balls and bringing them back! She really needs some lessons in how to be a husky. Huskies don't fetch! Ulee must have gone a little wacky or something.


PS. In full disclosure, Mom threw some balls for Ulee today and she just chased them, but didn't bring them back. So I think she's learning about proper husky behavior.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Updates on Ulee

Hey pups! Did you have a good weekend? We did! Mom had to go to Missouri for a funeral (sad) but Dad stayed home with us. We've had some really good news happen this weekend despite the sad circumstances of Mom's trip.

Good news #1:
I am getting along better with Ulee. I still don't really like her in my house, but she has started to participate in outside wrestle sessions with Steve and me. When she first came to our house, she was too afraid to play with us, but now when we wrestle, she runs around us and then joins in. So that's fun. She gets along the best with Steve, but I'm relaxing a little bit.

Good news #2:
Ulee has a pending adoption! Assuming everything goes according to the current plans, Ulee will become a California Girl in about two weeks. She will be going to live with a family who's former husky died in May. They saw Ulee on Dogster and contacted the rescue since they hadn't had any luck with the rescues in their area. The application was approved and they are traveling to Texas over Labor Day to pick Ulee up and take her to her new fur-ever home near Los Angeles. The rescue says that this is a great home for Ulee and she'll be an only dog with no cats. Also we're told she'll likely get to visit lots of cool places because her fur-ever home likes to take their husky on vacation with them. So we are really excited for Ulee. Mom is going to pass her Dogster page to her new family so hopefully we'll all be able to keep up with Ulee's adventures in her fur-ever home.

I'm going to end with a funny picture of us that Dad took this weekend. Yes, that's Steve standing on the grill. (And don't worry, he can't jump over the fence from there, it's several feet away.)


Saturday, August 18, 2007

Middle Name Tag!

Kelsey Ann tagged us to tell our middle names and then say a word that starts with each letter of our middle name and how it describes us.

Kat's middle name is Olivia.
O-On the bed is my favorite place to sleep
I-I'll give you a kiss if you come closer!

Steve's middle name is Oliver.
V-Very outspoken
R-Ready to eat at all times!

Wilbur's middle name is Kittyhawk.
K-Key bug killer in the house
I-Interested in sneaking outside at all times.
T-Travelling cat - I've been to Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. (Well, I live in Texas.)
Y-Yelp - what my mom does when I bit her ankles.
H-High-jumper. I can jump on top of anything.
W-Watch out, or I'll attack you!
K-Kitchen prowler - despite my mom's best efforts!

Ulee doesn't have a middle name yet, since Mom and Dad wanted her fur-ever home to be able to pick our her names. So we will just do her first name.
U-Under the coffee table is her favorite place to sleep
E-Extremely cuddly
E-Excited to play

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hungry, hungry Steve

Don't let my cute, happy face in this picture fool you. I was having a very bad night last night. I did not get my supper until after 9:00 PM!! I usually get supper at 6:00 PM, so for the math-challenged puppies out there, that means I had to sit in total hunger and starvation for THREE HOURS!!

Mom and Dad came home from work briefly yesterday to let us all out for a bathroom break, then they left again. We barely got any time to play, so we were all very annoyed when we had to go back in our kennels. Mom and Dad apparently had to go to a meeting about Maryland. We will probably be moving there in about a year or maybe a little more, and Mom and Dad's work had a bunch of speakers to talk about everything associated with the moving and the area and such. Guess what? They got food at their meeting. So they were sitting there, eating, and having fun and I was stuck in my crate, starving. I think I should have been invited to the meeting. I'm going to have to move too, after all. I wanted to ask questions about dog parks, if they have PetsMarts there, and if there is snow. I also wanted to make sure there are no doggie obiedience schools in Maryland. But did I get to go to the meeting to ask my intelligent dog-related questions? NO! Dad says that no kids got to go to the meeting, furry or otherwise, so I wasn't being discriminated against.

Well, I just wanted to rant about my starvation. I hope all of you puppies got fed on time last night!

PS. Mom and Dad say that it's totally unfair because their company will pay the expenses related to moving human children, but not expenses if the children are furry and of the canine or feline persuasion. Turbo, I was wondering if you could take care of this injustice when you become president. Maybe you can get equal rights for all children - human, furry or otherwise. Actually, fur-children should be ranked higher, I think.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Red, Black, and White Smackdown

I saw this post on the Army of Four's blog. It made me think of an "incident" that happened with Ulee on Monday night. We had all been outside doing some last minute bathroom business before bed. (Everyone except Wilbur, of course!) Ulee and I were getting along fine outside. Then Dad let us in the house and had Ulee on her leash and was leading her to her crate for bed and I was waiting on a treat from Mom. Well, I don't know what got into me, but I saw Ulee walking with Dad and I just snapped and lunged for her. Dad still had Ulee's leash, so he was trying to pull Ulee away from me, but then her collar came off, so he had to go for my leash. When he got us apart, Ulee immediately went in her kennel, but she was crying and not putting weight on her front leg. Mom was worried that I had bit Ulee and broken her leg. Then Mom looked at me. I was dripping blood all over the bedroom floor. At this point, Mom went to call Ulee's foster coordinator to see if it was okay to take Ulee to the ER vet. So I followed Mom into the other room, dripping blood everywhere I went. Dad checked Ulee over and couldn't find any blood on her, but she was still crying. Then Dad came out to check me over. He wiped all the blood off my face and I didn't keep bleeding, so he decided I was okay. By the time Mom got off the phone, Ulee was walking on her leg again, but Dad did find a small cut on her elbow, so he thought that's why she was holding her paw up and that she was crying because she was scared. So we didn't go to the ER vet.

Mom and Dad keep telling me that I have to be nice to Ulee. It's just so hard though. She's invaded MY house, she tries to sit on MY dad's lap, and she sometimes rests her head on MY mom's knee. Ulee is also afraid of me, so she tries to walk far away from me and when she has to walk past me, she walks really low to the ground. So I can just see that she's scared and I sometimes can't control my urge to attack her.

Steve says Ulee's not that bad and when I fight with her, Steve just stands back watching with a look on his face that says, "Girls are stupid."

By the way, yesterday, Mom looked at my face to see about my injury and she couldn't even see where the cut was. Apparently, I magically heal. Anyway, I hope all of my blogging friends will still like me now that you all know that I am a secret meanie-head (as Steve says). Mom says that if I don't start behaving, she's going to have a breakdown. I think she's kidding. I hope.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Woo Hoo! Dog Treats!

Mom and Dad don't think Ulee has a very healthy coat right now, so Mom was looking through the dog treat recipe book that we gave her for her birthday and found a couple recipes using blackstrap molasses that is supposed to improve coats. So Mom decided to make some treats for us. First she had to go to a couple stores to find blackstrap molasses. I know that no trouble is too much trouble when it comes to me, so I'm sure she didn't mind.

Then she made the two recipes with the molasses. One had some canned pumpkin in it as well and the other recipe had mint for good breath. Mom also had some bananas that were getting kind of smooshy so she made a third recipe just for me. (Anypup who knows me knows that I go ape for bananas!)

Here's a picture of the treats. Mom used a bunch of different cookie cutters. I mentioned that it could be considered cannibalism for us to eat the dog shaped treats, but I can't say I turned it down when she gave me one.
Here's a video of us trying the treats. (Note: We are not allowed on the ottoman for treats, but since Ulee seems to be afraid of us, she constantly tries to get places where she is really close to Mom or Dad so they can protect her. We also have to wear our leashes around all time time so that when Kat gets in fights with Ulee, Mom and Dad can grab a leash to break them up. No fun.)

Well, I better go see if I can get some more treats out of Mom. Those banana ones are yummy!

PS. As you can see, Ulee is back from being "fixed". I can't see what they fixed about her. She acts the same as before.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ulee's on Dogster! And we got new beds!

Ulee is gone today getting "fixed". (I'm not sure what's wrong with her.) She has to spend the night at the vet and will be back tomorrow. In her absence, we made a Dogster page for her. Check it out.

Yesterday Steve mentioned how we got some new beds. We got them last week on the day that we escaped from our kennel and chewed up the rug. I think that Mom gave them to us as a present for our awesome redecorating. Anyway, they are enormous beds (48-inch diameter!) and Mom ordered them online. She and Dad went back and forth trying to decide whether to get us each a bed or make us share. In the end, we each got one, which is good because now Ulee can use one and Steve and I can share the other one. (Ulee and I don't yet like each other enough to share a bed.)

Anyway, here's Steve and me investigating the boxes. There was a box for each of us.Then we unpacked the beds, with Mom's help. (The video is pretty bad because Mom was trying to hold the camera and unpack the beds all at the same time.)

Here's a picture of me testing the bed. I gave it the Kat Stamp of Approval!I hope all of you have nice beds!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Foster Abuse Continues

Poor, poor Ulee. All she wanted was a nice home to stay in until she found her fur-ever home. Instead she came to stay with us where she just continues to be abused. Kat already told you how she got Furminated on her first day here. Well, that's nothing compared to what happened yesterday. Yesterday she got Furminated again and then she got a bath! Gasp!! Oh sure, she's having some sick tummy issues and she pooped in her crate and got poop on her paws and legs, but I'm not sure which is worse - poopy paws or a bath.

Mom and Dad say Ulee feels so nice and soft after her bath. Ulee doesn't have lots of fluffy fur like we do. Dad says now that she's eating some good ole
Canidae at our house, her fur will be nice and fluffy in no time.

Anyway, I just wanted to report in and document Ulee's poor treatment at our house. I'm just glad I didn't have to take a bath too!

Here's a picture of Ulee drying off on one of our new dog beds. (I'll have to post about the new beds later.)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is Mom's birthday. We did lots of searching on the internet for the perfect present for her and once we found it, we sent Dad to the store to buy the presents.

Here's what we got her.On the left is Wilbur's present. It's the Amazing Dog Trick Kit. The store had an Amazing Cat Trick Kit, but Wilbur told Dad that he doesn't want Mom getting ideas that she can teach Wilbur tricks. So he wanted her to get her trick teaching fix on the "furry beasts". (That's a quote from Wilbur.)

On the right is what Kat and I got Mom. It's the Healthy Doggie Biscuit Box. It has three cookie cutters and a recipe book full of dog treat recipes. I know how Mom's favorite thing in the whole world is making me treats, so I thought she would adore this present. I can't wait for her to start enjoying it! I'm sure Ulee will like treats as well.

So happy birthday Mom! I'll try to not shed for today only so you don't have to vacuum.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Introducing Ulee

I'd like to introduce you all to Ulee. She's a Siberian Husky from Adopt a Husky of Dallas. She's going to be sleeping over at our house until she finds a fur-ever home. We were supposed to get a husky named Milo to sleepover, but it was decided that Ulee might be a better fit for us. She's pretty cute and we are teaching her how to play and have fun. We still have to make sure Ulee and Wilbur get along okay and so far we don't know that. We've kind of not let them have any contact.

We got to greet her in the front yard. She was nice enough to roll over and let us smell her and then I rolled over and let her smell me.
Then we showed her the backyard. Steve showed her where we keep the outside water.

Then we showed her how we like to run around outside.

After we spent some time getting to know each other outside, we showed her the inside of the house. What's great about Ulee is she likes to be outside and so do I. Steve, on the other hand, doesn't, so Ulee and I have formed a "Girls Only, NO BOYS ALLOWED, Club". It's for girls who like to play outside. Boys who don't like to be outside have to stay inside. I like it because now I don't have to play outside by myself when Silly Steve won't come outside.

Mom has already Furminated Ulee. I tried to inform Mom that Furminating is not how we treat guests at the Steve and Kat Hotel for Rescued Huskies. Mom said that Ulee just likes attention and she doesn't care if her attention is Furminating. Mom then added that I could learn something from Ulee in that respect. I informed Mom that she can dream on if she thinks that I will sit and be good for Furmination. I will say that Ulee had a lot of fur to Furminate though.

Anyway, I have to get back to my duties of showing Ulee the ropes. We've got to get her in fine husky shape so she can find a fur-ever home soon!!


Thursday, August 2, 2007

Your Vote Needed!

We want to set up a Dogs With Blogs TV Channel. We have two possible designs for our logo, so we want you to vote on your favorite. We've put a voting area on the right side of the blog. Here are the options.

#1: Husky House
This is just a funny logo and it features Wilbur.#2: Real World: Huskies
This logo is spoofing MTV's show The Real World. Steve and I are doing our best to look like rock stars. Wilbur is not on this one because he won't pose for a picture like a rock star. We might change it to say The Fur-Real World: Huskies.We don't have much experience with logo designing, so if you have some ideas, please let us know.

Steve and Kat