Monday, June 30, 2008

Feelin' hot, hot, HOT

Hi pups. Sorry for not blogging this weekend. I've been roasting in my fur coat. It was sunny and over 90 degrees both days this weekend. On Saturday, I was loving it. I just relaxed, sun bathed and worked on my tan. Then Sunday, I couldn't take it much more. I didn't want to go outside, but it was just as hot inside. We don't have air conditioning. I stood in front of the magic cold box, but only got a fresh breeze when Mom would get something out of it. Mom did give me a little bit of watermelon to cool off, but it wasn't enough. I started sleeping in the hallway. It's the darkest area of the house and also has cool, wood floors. Then when it was bedtime, Mom made me come in the bedroom. It was so hot. I had to get off the bed and sleep on the floor. That's how hot it was. You all know heat rises, so I tried to stay as low on the floor as possible. It was miserable.

Mom did take me to get an ice cream cone Sunday afternoon, so that helped. She and Dad also tried to find us new kiddie pools but could only find blow-up ones and those are not claw friendly. I hope she can find a plastic one soon!

So we'll get back to blogging regularly as soon as I recover from my heat stroke!

PS. Something must be wrong with Mom. She was going on about how the weather was great and she could finally wear shorts, blah, blah, blah! I'm going to have to have her head examined.

Friday, June 27, 2008

It wasn't me!

Hi pups.  Steve here. Last weekend, Mom looked out the window and saw Kat and me standing by a giant hole.

There was dirt everywhere!
Mom came running outside yelling "No!"  Then she had to go into digging CSI to figure out who was in trouble.  Since Kat and I were both seen at the scene of the crime, we were both suspects.  I present my evidence.

Me: Clean.  No dirty paws.  Cute face.  Brown eyes saying, "I'm innocent."
Kat: Dirty head.  Not looking at the camera to hide her shame.  Dirty paws.  Guilty.
She didn't even feel any remorse.  You can see that she's just laughing at Mom as Mom tries to take a picture of her dirty paws for evidence. 
I wasn't helping.  Not at all.  I was just at the hole telling Kat to stop.  That's right.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Meet you at DQ

The Dairy Queen near our house is awesome.  They give us free doggie cones at the drive thru.  I thought maybe my blogging friends would also like to get free doggie cones, so I decided to write some instructions for you all.

Ordering is very important.  There are a lot of good things on the menu, however, many of the items have the dreaded chocolate in them, so doggie beware!  I stick to just a plain ice cream cone myself.  So while Dad is deciding what to order, I send Sibe Mind Meld messages to the drive thru worker so they know what I want to order.
As Dad pulls up to the drive thru window, he rolls the back window down and Kat and I make sure our presence is known.  That's an important step because moms and dads don't want to look like pigs, so the DQ employees need to know that some ice cream is for us!
Usually at this point, the drive thru employee says, "Oh, you're the most beautiful dogs I've ever seen!" and all the other employees whole-heartedly agree.  Then they hand out two doggie cones.  Usually we just get the cones without a bowl, but the day Mom took the pictures, one of the cones was leaking so the drive thru person put them in lids for us.
Kat usually eats hers a little slower than me.  She even took the bowl instead of just taking the cone like me!
Mom couldn't get a good picture of me, but here's her attempt.  I just love ice cream cones.  I gobble them up at just the right speed.  Remember pups, not too fast because you don't want to get a brain freeze!
Well, that's it!  Go get your human and head out to DQ!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Guard Duty

Meow.  Mom has been allowing me to go into the backyard as long as I am supervised.  Basically that means that she doesn't really let me get off the patio.  Usually Mom leaves the sliding door open so that if the furry beasts start to chase me, I can run back into the house.  The other night, Mom caught the boy furry beast and me just chilling in front of the door.  She took some pictures of us, but couldn't get both of us to look at the camera at the same time.

I really like my adventures into the back yard.  It's nice to get out of the house sometimes.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


After the picnic, Mom and Dad took us hiking.  It was our first hike with our new backpacks.  We were excited to hike.  Of course, Mom had to delay the start of hiking to take a picture.

We carried water bottles, poop bags, and our long leashes in our backpacks.  Dad carried the treats.  We were going to go hike down the trail for a while, then get off the trail to go to a creek that was running parallel to the trail.  At the creek, Mom and Dad were going to put us on our long leashes so we could go swimming.  It sounded like fun to us, so of course, we were ready to go!

Within the first half a mile of our hike, Mom stepped on a snake.  She freaked out.  She was like, "Oh! I think I stepped on a snake!"  Dad was like, "What?"  He was a little worried because there are rattlesnakes where we were hiking.  Mom said, "I stepped on something and I saw in wiggle!"  (She was jumping around at this point like that would help her go back in time and eliminate the snake encounter.)  Dad went back and looked and saw the snake.  He said, "It's like the size of a pencil.  It's not going to hurt you."  Mom says, "Was it a rattlesnake?"  Dad said, "No, it was just black."  Mom said, "I don't know if I want to go any further."  Dad said, "Just keep your eyes open."  Dad is such a good voice of reason.  Unfortunately, after the snake encounter, Mom wouldn't get off the trail.  She said ridiculous things like, "What if the snake had climbed up my jeans?"  Dad responded, "That would have been interesting."  Then she said, "Yuck!  My shoes have touched a snake!"  Dad said, "I'm sure they will survive."  Needless to say, we didn't get to go swimming since Mom wouldn't get off the trail and walk us to the creek.  We heard the creek so it wasn't very far.  She's such a baby.

We did see a deer.  It was really exciting as you can see in this video.  I'm not sure why the deer ran away.

We also saw a baby deer, but it was dead.  It was right along the trail and kind of smelly.  Mom and Dad said something must have gotten it.  I thought maybe some prey driven huskies, but Mom said probably a coyote.    For some reason, Mom and Dad wouldn't let us go investigate the deer.

In total, we hiked about four miles.  It was fun.  I decided the backpacks aren't that bad.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Husky Picnic

Hi pups! Kat here with some pictures from the Husky Picnic. The picnic is held every year as a fundraiser for the husky rescues in Washington. Last year when we were living in Texas, Mom saw the announcement for the picnic and was very jealous that we couldn't go, so now that we live in Washington, as soon as Mom heard about the picnic, she signed up! There were lots of huskies there.

On the way from the campground to the picnic, we went by these really tall things. They don't look like trees, but they turn in the wind. We stuck our heads out the window of the car to take these pictures. I guess that's what farmers grow in Eastern Washington. We did see a sign that said "Wind Farm".There were a few pups at the picnic that were rescued from a very bad puppy mill. This husky in the blue bandanna was only 11 pounds when she was rescued at 6 months of age! We were very happy to see that she's happy and healthy now in her foster home.Here are a couple pictures of different pups at the picnic.
Of course, I'm sure you all want to see pictures of the two most beautiful pups at the picnic, so here we are.
Finally, here is a video. The pup doing tricks in the video is Rocket. He was also rescued from the puppy mill and had been really beat up from a dog fight. He's now living in his forever home and he looked very happy.

Next up, hiking husky style!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Camping Videos

Before we blog about the Husky Picnic, I thought I'd share a couple videos of us camping.

This first video was take right after we went into the tent for the first night. Mom says I'm cranky, but I really wasn't. I just was a bit confused.

This next video is from Saturday morning before the picnic. Mom and Dad were walking us around the campground and we spotted some wild turkeys across the road.

Hope you enjoyed our videos!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


We just got back from our camping weekend.  We're going to post about it in three different posts: camping, picnic, and hiking.  Today is camping.

Did you know when you go camping that you have to sleep in a big crate with your humans?  Our crate is blue and grey.  Here is a picture of it.
We, of course, can't be expected to sleep on the ground like dogs.  I mean, we're not dogs, we're Siberians!  So I slept on the cot with Mom and Kat slept on the sleeping bag Mom laid out for her.  Here we are.  Notice I'm working hard at keeping Mom's legs warm.
When camping, Dad cooks hamburgers.  Of course, I tried my hardest to get a hamburger, but I only got Canidae.  I did get some carrots from Mom though.
In case you ever go camping, here are some tips.  It's important to keep watch over your campsite.  Here's Kat demonstrating sentry duty.  No animal or person would get past her!
It's also important to have fun.  Here I am relaxing in the horseshoe pit.
And here's Kat having a fun roll in the grass.
Finally, at night, you should do your best to look super cute.  Kat's doing a good job in this photo.
I hope you enjoyed my camping tips!  Next we'll tell you about the Husky Picnic!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Working Dogs

Hi! Steve again. Mom told us we are going camping this weekend. I have no idea what camping is, but I am always up for new adventures, so I was excited. Then she came up with these things called backpacks. I've seen Mom and Dad wear backpacks when we went snowshoeing and they carried our treats and poop inside them, so I have no problem with a backpack-- until she tried to put it on me! Look at me. It was torture.Even Kat hated it.Apparently we are going to go hiking over the camping trip too and for some reason, Mom and Dad want us to carry our own poop. It should really be a joy for them to pick up our poop, bag it, and carry it for miles in their backpacks, but apparently they don't get that.

Then Dad tried to bribe us into liking our backpacks by giving us some treats. I'll admit that worked pretty well.
Then Kat and I ran around for a while outside in our backpacks and when we came back inside, Mom took them off. She said something about how that was enough for today and we'd have to wear them again tomorrow. We shall see about that!


PS. We are going to a husky picnic on Saturday so that's why we are going camping. WOO!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Furry 5K

Hi pups! Long time no blog. We ran out of batteries in our keyboard and then it took us forever to get Mom to go to the store for more. So we couldn't paw out any new blogs for like a week! We've finally caught up on reading most everypups blogs, so now we thought we'd give you an update on what we've been doing.

On Sunday, we raced in the Furry 5K. We didn't really race, but we completed the whole thing. It was really fun. Here's a picture of us with Dad before the race started.
We look pretty tired. That's because we had to park like half a mile away, so we had already had a lot of excitement. Plus there were tons of dogs there, so we had to be on high alert. One volunteer told Mom that there were over 1000 dogs expected (plus their humans, but who cares about them). We had a lot of fun. When we finished the whole 5K, there were tons of people cheering for us at the finish line. It was tons of fun. Here are some pictures of us after the race: here and here. They were taken by a volunteer of the event.

Well, that's our news for today. We have a big weekend coming up in a few days, so we'll tell you about that next, along with some abuse we have endured.

PS. Wilbur did not get to go to the Furry 5K. I guess he's not furry enough.