Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

Did any of you pups brave the crowds for some Black Friday shopping? We did! It was really fun. Mom forgot her camera, but Dad took this picture of us at the self checkout at Lowe’s. It’s not very good because he took it with his phone.

I can’t tell you everything we got at Lowe’s because some of it is Christmas presents, but we did get Mom a little Maglite. It was over 50% off and she’s going to carry it in her pocket when we go on walks in the dark so it’s easier to find anything we might leave behind, if you know what I mean. Anyway, Mom and Dad were so proud of how well behaved we were at Lowe’s and lots of people commented on our beauty and behavior, so I guess we were good Siberian Ambassadors.

After Lowe’s, we went to Petco. I can’t tell you what we got there either because I don’t want Wilbur to find out, but we picked out something really great for his Christmas present. We were a little crazier at Petco because it smelled so good. Dad tried to get Steve to look at the hamsters, but Mom told Dad “no!” and so he stopped. He’s pretty well trained. Dad wants to get me a hamster in a ball for Christmas, like on that movie Bolt, but Mom said no way.

Last we went to the craft store, but Steve and I had to stay in the car there. Mom didn’t end up buying anything while she was there because she couldn’t make up her mind. I’m sure I could have helped if I had been allowed inside!

I can’t wait to hear how all of you spent your black friday. What about today? Did you do any Cyber Monday shopping?


PS. We probably won’t post for a bit because Mom’s iMac is back in the shop and it’s got all the pictures that she took for Dad’s birthday on it.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re a little late in the day with these wishes, but we mean them none-the-less. Happy Thanksgiving!! We’re having a great day and we hope you all are too.

We have a lot of things to be thankful for. First, we’re thankful for Dad. It’s his birthday. He’s 203 in dog years. We’ll tell more about celebrating his birthday on another day, but we are very thankful for him and how he cuts the turkey and sometimes drops pieces of it.


We are also thankful for Mom. She loves us a lot and buys us special things like our own individual cans of Thanksgiving Day Dinner.


We are thankful we have yummy food, like previously mentioned Thanksgiving Day Dinner, with pieces of turkey sprinkled in.



Finally, we are thankful for our home, where we can spend holiday afternoons just relaxing with our family.




We hope you have lots of things to be thankful for too.

Steve, Kat, and Wilbur

Monday, November 9, 2009

Our missing treats

On Halloween, Dad took some pictures of us with all of the treats we collected while trick or treating. We got some really good stuff.
Check out these really pretty donut treats that we got to chow down on.
The problem is, we haven't gotten to eat any of the treats other than the donuts. I've looked everywhere for the treats and I can't find them. I also can't find Peter, my stuffed frog. Wilbur is acting weird. I wonder if something is up.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

I stand in support too!

A few days ago, Stormy of the Army of Four posted about how she supported Martha and Bailey in their protest of pictures. I think this is a very worthy cause and I support them too! Just to show my support, I am going to share some pictures that Mom tried to take of the two of us in our OSU football jerseys.
I think those make the point quite nicely.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My pirate booty

A while back, I joined Maverick the Pirate's Sneaky Kitty Squadron, SKS for short. I'm Boatswain Wilbur of the Good Ship Seattle. For Halloween, Cap'n Maverick asked all SKS members to collect some pirate booty and post about it. My humans didn't take me trick or treating like the did with the furry beasts, so I just decided I would steal all the treats that the furry beasts collected.

While the humans and furry beasts were out on a walk, I went down to the living room to drag the furry beasts' treat bags upstairs. That's when I hit a snag. The boy furry beast's toy frog, Peter, jumped out of the toy box and threatened to stop me from taking the treats. I had to think fast, so I took some shoestrings and tied Peter up. That wasn't good enough though because he started ribbiting at the top of his lungs and I thought some one might hear, so I took a paper towel and gagged him. Then I picked him up and took him upstairs to my lair.
Then I went back downstairs and gathered up the treat bags. I made Peter watch while I sat in my tent, surrounded by my booty.
I haven't released Peter yet. He's sort of fun to pounce on. Also you never know when a hostage might come in handy.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Steve talks back

On Sunday, Mom decided we needed to take a bath. Usually when we have to take baths, Mom does all the torturing, but this time, she enlisted Dad's help, which allowed her to capture the torture on video.

Our Missouri grandparents sent Mom some money for her birthday back in August and she used it to buy a blower to torture us! Can you believe it? She would rather buy a torture device than new clothes or shoes. Something is wrong with her. She used the excuse about how the blower gets my fur out better than a brush. Whatever.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Own your very own piece of history!

How many times have you thought, "I love Steve and I wish I could own something he has worn"? If you answered "every day", and I'm sure you did, then I have a great deal for you! One of our favorite charities, Save Our Siberians, is having an online auction right now and we donated an item that I have worn! That's right, an Easy Walk Harness. I wore it one time and it was terrible. Despite how bad it was, I still recommend that you all rush out and bid on the harness. You shouldn't wear it though because you don't want to ruin it, as it's a historical artifact . Just put it on your shelf, where every one can admire it. If one of our blog friends wins the harness, I'll even include a personalized, pawtographed picture of me, suitable for framing and hanging in your crate.

The auction runs from now until November 8th. There are all sorts of great things, so head on over and do a little Christmas shopping!

PS. If you do bid on and win the harness, please let me know so I can include the picture.