Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another Good Day

Yesterday Mommy's dad, grandma and grandpa stopped by for a short visit. Mom's dad thought Steve had gotten huge since he saw him just a few weeks ago. We didn't act very well behaved and actually tried to get on the couch with Mom's grandma to give her kisses. Luckily, to bribe us into good behavior, Mom gave us a Busy Bone and after that, we acted like perfect puppies.

Last night, Mom went to cake decorating class so Dad took us to the park since it's easier for him to make us tired there. We had a good time, as always. Here are some good pictures of us.

Here are some dogs we were playing with. Mom and Dad say that it's easy to find us at the park because they just have to look for the white tails!

They have some tunnels at the park that are fun to run through, but pretty slippery! Here's Steve: And here's me:

Well, that's it for today. Hope all of you puppies are having a good week!

Saturday, February 24, 2007


We went biking again and this time, Mom remembered to take our picture. Here we are in our new harnesses. As usual, Steve is posing for the picture and I am not. You can barely see Steve's harness since he has gotten so furry.
During our bike ride, Mom and Dad pretty much have to have the brakes on all the time to keep us from going too fast and hurting ourselves. Here is an action shot of me and then one where I actually humored Dad by posing for the picture.
So that was our bike ride. It is really fun for all of you sibes thinking about trying it!


Thursday, February 22, 2007

Report Cards

We get "Pawgress Reports" at day camp. Mom loves that we get grades because apparently when she was in school, she was quite obsessed at making all "A"s. Since I am such a smart puppy, I usually get all "A"s, but the other day, I got a B in Potty Time. Steve gets good grades too and gets comments on his Pawgress Report like "We love Steve" from his teachers. (I bet he's sucking up to the teacher.) Also, apparently Steve has a girlfriend! (Gross.) Her name is Deja and she is a puppy too. The teacher wrote that they are best friends on Steve's Pawgress Report. My friend's names are Honey, Gus, and Sparky. I don't know what kind of dogs they are, but they are fun. Steve's other friends besides Deja are Gretchen (a boxer), Lo-Jack (a great dane), Jesse (a German shepherd), Hazel (a lab), Logan (another lab), and Piccadilly (an airedale terrier).

Well, that's my day camp update for today. Here's a picture of me on the way home from camp the other day. Boy, camp sure makes me tired!


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chew toy survey

I am taking a survey. My mom bought us each a nylabone because all of the husky books she has say that you should give your dogs nylabones and not rawhides. A while back she gave us these puppy nylabones but we didn't give those a second whiff. Now she has given us regular nylabones and we don't like those either. Basically we only like things we can eat and Mom says that buying us edible chew bones is going to send her to the poor house. (We don't know where that is, but if it has a big backyard, we might be okay with moving there.) We like the edible nylabones, but not the normal ones, but the edible ones are more than $5 each and Mom says that's too much for something we eat really fast. So for my survey, I want to know what kind of toys that everyhusky likes to chew on. Steve and I will only chew on things that we can eat, but maybe with your help, we can find something we like that we don't devour in less than 30 minutes.

Vote now!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Biking Sibes

Yesterday we learned how to do something new. We ran with Mom and Dad while they rode their bikes! Aunt Kari and Uncle Joe gave Mom and Dad Walky Dogs for Christmas. Yesterday was the first time we tried them. We did really well according to Mom and Dad. Of course, it's a competition between Steve and me as to who can be the lead husky, but other than that, we didn't try to cause Mom or Dad to wreck their bikes! Mom forgot her camera when we were learning, so next time we go bike riding, we will have to remind her to bring the camera so you can see us. Bike riding was fun because we could run a lot faster than when we just go on walks.

Hope everypuppy had a good weekend,

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Got Husky?

Hi! Well, I'm having a good weekend so far. We went to our weekly training practice and the trainer said that we were doing good. (I think I'm doing better than Steve, but that's just my opinion.) Before training, Mom and Dad were hungry so they decided to drive through Chick-Fil-A. When they were at the window getting their food, the window lady said, "How many puppies do you have?" So Dad said, "Two." And guess what? She gave Dad two doggie biscuits for us! We must have been looking extra cute in the back seat. Chick-Fil-A is now our favorite restaurant. I hope we get to go there every week before training.

We went to the dog park this afternoon. There were two other huskies there. One looked kind of like Steve and the other one was white and red. We played with them a little bit, but we found these other dogs that were more our size to play with. Then we started playing ball with Dad. That was the first time we were interested in playing ball at the dog park, but it was really fun.

Here's the shirt we got Dad for Valentine's Day.

See what it says? "Got Husky?" He sure does! He has two!


PS. Steve is doing much better. He's back to normal today!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Reference Book?

Steve is sick today. Dad was up all night with him. He had to go outside like every 30 minutes to do business. I was sleeping through the whole thing, but from what I hear, it was quite yucky. So at 1 AM this morning, Mom decided that she and Dad need to get a reference book so they can look up symptoms and find out if there is something they can do to make us feel better and when our symptoms are bad enough to go to the vet and stuff like that. So does anypuppy have a recommendation?


PS. Last I checked on Steve, he was doing better. He didn't get very much breakfast, but he was feeling more like wrestling. I hope he gets completely better because today is dog park day and I don't want to miss it!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyhusky!! For Valentine's Day, Mom and Dad gave us these squeaky bones that have hearts at the ends. Mine is pink with brown and Steve's is brown with pink. I will have to take a picture to show you.

Indy asked where we go to day camp. We go at the PetsMart. They opened a new PetsHotel, so it is really nice. This morning when Mom dropped me off, there were four other dogs checking in at the same time. They have two areas, one for big dogs and one for little dogs. Right now I go to the little dog area. Even with the little dogs, I roll over and show them my tummy. Just to be friendly. Another perk of going to camp at PetsMart is that we have to walk by the treats to get to the camp area. I always try to point out which ones I want.

On Monday after day camp, Mom took these pictures of us. You can see that we were really tired. Now that we either go to camp or the dog park every day (sometime both in one day!), we have been doing better at sleeping through the night. That makes Mom and Dad really happy. It's like the
A04's mom says, "A tired Siberian is a good Siberian"!

Kisses for Valentine's Day,


Monday, February 12, 2007

First day of school!

Today is my first day of school. (Steve's first day too if you don't count last week when he was at the hotel.) Lately we have been complaining A LOT when it is time for us to get into the kennel when Mom and Dad go to work. So, since we are spoiled rotten (TGWC - thank goodness we're cute!), we are now going to Doggie Day Camp. Here we are this morning before leaving the house. Mom and Dad were taking forever to get ready!

The plan is for us to go to day camp on Monday, Wednesday, and every other Friday. Then, on the days when we don't go to day camp, Mom and Dad are going to take us for a long walk in the morning before they go to work and then to the dog park after work. Boy, do we have them trained or what?

As further evidence of their training, Dad says that he used to never get up early, but now, he gets up at 5 AM every day! They don't even need those beeping things to wake them up. Some good old fashioned barking works even better. They always get up for that because they never know when we are barking because we are tired of the kennel or because we need to go potty. So to be safe, they always get up. Yesterday, it was Mom's turn to get up with us, so we got her up at 4:30 AM. We picked that early time because we went for a two mile walk the night before and we couldn't stay awake after that, so we had been sleeping pretty much since 7 PM.
Last night, Steve and I got in a major fight. Mom had given us each an N-bone to eat. Well, I love N-bones, but apparently Steve doesn't like them as much, so he left his almost-like-new bone on the floor. It looked like fair game to me, so I decided to go get it. Boy, did Steve get mad at that! He started barking and we were just a tangle of growling, furry, biting huskies. I think it scared Mom and Dad too. Dad broke up our fighting and Steve got his bone back, but then he just left it on the floor again. I don't know what his problem was. If he doesn't want his bones, why can't I eat them? Brothers are silly.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

We're famous again!

Guess what everyhusky? We are the featured blog for February on the husky blogging ring. I am so excited. We have really accomplished a lot in our first four months of life. And who said that looks don't get you anywhere?

We went to the dog park again yesterday. This time I wasn't shy at all. As soon as Mom opened the gate and took off my leash, I ran out and started barking to announce my arrival. Then I ran around to say hi to all of the dogs and people. (Sometimes I like the people more than the dogs.) There were a lot of greyhounds at the park yesterday. I tried to show them how fast I can run, but Mom and Dad didn't want me to go play with them. There was another dog, Maggie, who's human told Mom and Dad that the greyhounds aren't very friendly, so they didn't think I needed to try to play with them. I got to play with other dogs so it was okay. I posted a video of us at the dog park. Here is a picture of Steve and me on the way home from the park. We were really tired!To make all of my husky friends proud, here are some pictures of some fun I had yesterday. I'm not sure that Mom and Dad appreciate my efforts to dig us a basement, but Mom appreciated it enough to take a picture of me doing it. After all, they have been saying that maybe our next house can have a basement. I'm just trying to give them one in this house!


Friday, February 9, 2007

The best day EVER!

Today was a big day. I can hardly stay awake at the computer to write about it! It was like the best day of my life so far. (17 weeks old tomorrow!)

Steve came home today. I was so excited. Mommy videoed me when I first saw him. She doesn't know how to help me load a video into my blog, but if you click on the link for our videos, you can see the movie there. Steve looked a lot furrier than he did when I last saw him. I don't think I have gotten any furrier, but Steve looks so much furrier. He's really starting to look like a grown up husky! Here we are, dynamic duo, back in action!
This afternoon, it was Furminator time. Mommy furminated Steve, Wilbur and me. This is kind of embarrassing to admit, but Wilbur had more fur in his pile that Steve and I had in our piles. I feel like we let down our husky heritage. Mom says that it's just because we are still puppies and haven't started shedding too much. It's still really embarrassing to be upstaged by a cat in the shedding department.

Next I had to go to the vet again. This time it was just a quick visit. The vet needed to make sure my stitches looked good. She said I was doing just great. I also got my last shot for a while. It was for rabies. Now, I don't know what rabies are, but I do know that I had to get that shot so I could get my pet license.

After the vet, Mom and I went back to the house and picked up Steve and Dad. You will never guess where we went! Fort Woof!! Since we finally got our pet licenses, we could go to the dog park. It was so great. At first, I was really scared because there were a lot of big dogs there, but after just a few minutes, I was chasing them around and playing ball with them. It was so great. Mom and Dad let us stay for almost an hour and a half, even though Mom was really cold. Mom couldn't get very good pictures of us at Fort Woof because we didn't stop running, but here's one.
Well, that's all I can stay awake to report. Thank you to all of the huskies who wrote back to help my mom. She and Dad feel much better about letting us be together all the time. They just worry a lot about doing the right things to help us grow up to be good dogs. We're their kids, you know!!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Mom needs some advice

Hi puppies! This will be my last post before Steve comes home. Hurray!

So my mom is all confused about this whole separation thing. After Steve threw a fit at the vet and the vet said she was going to sedate him if Mom and Dad didn't come get him, they did some research on the internet about how to help us with separation. They found
this article (and several like it). These articles seemed to contradict the things they read about huskies doing better when there was more than one in a home. Since they don't want us to grow up with serious developmental issues, they are trying to do the right thing. So what do all of the huskies think? Are huskies just special (of course!) and those rules of "littermate syndrome" just not apply to us? Do you think we will have developmental issues if we aren't given some separation? Help!

Thanks huskies!


I guess all you huskies out there know that I have been away for some time now. Well nothing to worry about, I am just giving Kat a little space while she heals from her vet visit which resulted in some stitches for some reason. I guess Mom and Dad thought that I like to bite her a little too much and it would be better for Kat if I was sent away for like a week. I’m ok with this decision since I have gotten to meet a bunch of new dogs at doggy day camp. It’s been nice getting to know other dogs since I have never really been around other dogs. It’s been a lot of fun. I have been wrestling a dog that is probably ten times my size (well maybe not that much, but you get my point).

I think Mom and Dad are hoping that this separation thing will help us get used to being away from each other as well as give Kat time to heal up. I admit that we are a little attached to each other and don’t like being separated and I’ll admit that I lost my cool a little at the vet when they took her out of the kennel we were in and put her somewhere else. Ok, ok, ok….I completely lost it. I went nuts. Apparently I was so bad that the vet personally called Mom and told her that the vet people were going to have to make me go to sleep with something (not put to sleep which from what I have heard from the other dogs is a bad thing) or Mom and Dad would have to come pick me up. So they decided to leave work and come get me. They hadn’t been at work but for maybe 2 hours. I have so much control over people its not even funny. However my screaming didn’t give me what I wanted (to be with Kat) but it did get me out of that vet's office.

I think this little event made them think that we need to start being separated more so that we grow into individuals rather than a pair. (They get all kinds of crazy ideas when they read articles on the internet.) All I have to say is "good luck Mom and Dad". When I return home and they start separating us for just about everything I will turn up the volume of my screeching voice and really give it to them. This works every time. They can’t stand my screeching voice. I think they want to do this separation thing for like a year or something (according to their internet research) so I hope they are prepared to be completely sleep deprived for that entire time. Now I do have to say that they plan on taking us both to day camps now (separate camps) so that is a bonus to all this separation stuff even if we won’t be together. At least we will get to see each other at night and wrestle around then.

Now I do understand that we do need to not be completely dependent on each other and that they are doing this separation stuff for our own good but I’m a husky and I plan on making this process as hard as I possibly can for them and I guarantee they break down at some point. Shows them for thinking they can control two sibling huskies at the same time! Well enough writing, I need to get back to play time before someone at doggie day camp discovers me on the computer. Howl to ya later.


Laundry Girl

I read Dave’s post about how he helps his mom pick out fabric for her quilts. He is really helpful to his mom, so I thought I would write about how I am helpful to my mom. I am really good at helping with the laundry. When my mom takes the dirty clothes out of the basket to sort them into the different piles for washing, I supervise just in case a white sock accidentally gets put into the pile with the dark shirts.
Here's me rounding up a rogue sock.
Then I follow Mom to the laundry room just in case she gets lost and needs me to give her directions. I don’t help much with putting clothes into the washing machine because it is noisy and I don’t like it. But when it comes to putting clothes in the dryer, I am totally there to help. I like to stick my head in the dryer to make sure the clothes are arranged properly inside. And just in case something falls on the floor instead of going into the dryer, I always pick it up. Usually if I pick up clothes off the floor, I run around the house with them in my mouth and shake them to help them air dry.

After the laundry is all dry, I help Mom fold the clothes by sitting in the laundry basket. I just want her to be sure that there are no clothes in the basket and only husky. Sometimes I even sit in the laundry basket on top of the folded clothes. I figure that I help weight them down so they stay nice and folded.

So that’s how I help my mom. We huskies need to be helpful and not just cute. We can’t always get treats with just good looks. (Even though that works 98% of the time.)


PS. Many of you have asked when Steve will be returning. He is coming home on Friday. After what happened at the vet last Friday, Mom and Dad thought it would be good for us to have a little separation. (I’ll let Steve tell you what he did at the vet. I bet you are on the edge your paws!) I know Steve is having a good time while he’s away. He’s going to day camp every day and yesterday Dad called the day camp to check on him and he was playing with a great dane! Nothing like puppy versus giant dog! (Although Steve weighed 27.3 pounds at the vet Friday, so he’s getting pretty big himself. I only weighed 23.9 pounds.) I am also enjoying being an only puppy. I get to sit on Mom and Dad’s lap all the time and Steve doesn’t try to bite me and pull me off. So that is nice. The only problem is that I don’t have Steve to play tag with. I tried to play with Wilbur yesterday, but he just doesn’t get it. I barked at him and started running and he didn’t chase me. Steve always knows that means that he’s “it” and the game is on.

PPS. Guess what! Mom and Dad told me that I will get my rabies shot on Friday and so this weekend we are going to the dog park! It’s called
Fort Woof . Isn’t that cute? I will tell you all about it after we go.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Feeling Better

Thank you to all of my doggie friends who wrote such nice things to me. I am feeling much better this morning. I have been playing with Mommy and chasing Wilbur, so I am almost back to my old self - except for the lack of fur on my leg and tummy! It's really itchy where my fur is missing. I hope it grow back soon!

Since I wasn't feeling good this weekend, I don't have anything exciting to write about. Instead, I'm posting some pictures of me this weekend, looking pathetic.
Here I am wearing the awful cone. At least I only had to wear it at night when Mom and Dad couldn't watch me! Even giving Daddy kisses didn't get me out of the cone!

I was kind of hurting, so I kept trying to curl up in as small of a ball as possible. Here I am sitting on Mommy's lap and curling up.

Daddy felt bad for me because I was hurting, so he cuddled with me on the floor so I could sleep better.

By Sunday night, I was feeling better so I took some time out to watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. Mom and Dad were watching the Super Bowl, but they were nice enough to switch back and forth so I could get some Puppy Bowl time too. (No huskies though, so I was a little disappointed.)


Saturday, February 3, 2007

What did the vet do to me?

Yesterday, Steve and I woke up and prepared to spend another day at home, protecting the house while Mom and Dad went to earn money to buy treats. Instead, after they got ready for their day at work, they didn’t put us in the kennel. In fact, they put our leashes on and we got to get in the car. We thought that we must be going to work too so we could make money as well and buy more treats. However, we didn’t go to Mom and Dad’s work. Instead we went to the vet. We like the vet because we get treats there. But this time was different. This time, Mom and Dad left us there instead of staying with us the whole time. What happened after they left is kind of fuzzy. All I know is that I woke up at the vet and my tummy where my girl parts are looked like I had gone through Mommy’s sewing machine. I had stitches!! I don’t even know where they came from or what they are there for. The other day, Mommy used her sewing machine to sew up a hole in our bed because we ripped it up, but I don’t remember anyone putting a hole in me! It’s really weird. But even weirder than the stitches is this thing I have on my neck. It’s like a collar, but it puts a cone around my whole head. It’s quite annoying because I can’t scratch my ears or bite at my stitches. I wanted to check them out more, but the stupid cone won’t let me.

The other weird thing is that Steve is missing. I have searched the entire house AND backyard and I can’t find him anywhere. After my search, when I was lying on the floor pouting, Mommy told me that Steve went to stay at the Pet Hotel so that he wouldn’t be biting me while I was getting well after my operation. (I don’t know what an operation is, but I bet it has something to do with these stitches and the cone.) I’m not sure I like that Steve got to go to the Pet Hotel. I looked it up on the internet and it looks amazing. Mom said Steve is even going to day camp while he’s there. I am so jealous. I hope that I can get this cone off my head so I can eat these stitches and then either I can go to the Pet Hotel too or Steve can come home. It’s lonely without him. Wilbur is harder to catch without Steve to help me trap him!


You can see in this picture that part of my leg has been shaved!! How can I be a pretty husky with no fur on part of my leg? Stupid vet.

Friday, February 2, 2007

The reason God made grandparents

Last night, the doorbell rang and, of course, Steve and I ran to the door to give our visitors a jumpy, wet greeting. Guess who was there? Our grandma and grandpa from Missouri!! We had never seen them before, but they must have known about us because they brought us Christmas presents! We didn’t see them for Christmas, but they saved presents for us anyway. You will never believe what they gave us. Real bones. That’s right. Not fake bones from Petsmart. (Don’t get me wrong, we do love those.) These are real bones from cows. Our grandpa lives on a farm and he has some cows on his farm so he searched the pasture at his farm for two giant cow leg bones for Steve and for me. They are huge! We’ve never seen a cow in real life, just in pictures on the Army of Four’s blog, but they must be as big as dinosaurs. (Which we have also not seen in real life, but from what we understand, dinosaurs are huge too.) It’s going to take us a long time to eat these bones. I better go so I can get started!


Thursday, February 1, 2007

Evil Genius at Work

I have been reading on other blogs about the CIA (Cat Intelligence Agency). Unfortunately, I am not a member of this fine organization due to my affiliation with the FBI (Feline Brothers Initiative). The good news is that both organizations are working towards a common goal which is the domination of huskies. We in the FBI have targeted huskies because we know that if we domination huskies we will, in turn, dominate humans. This is our hierarchy of living creatures.

To prove my evil genius and why I have been chosen to be in the FBI, let me just tell you about one of my plots. Sometimes when Mom and Dave go to the movies or to work, and they leave the furry beasts in the cage, they are gone just a little too long and the furry beasts start to have trouble holding their bodily wastes. I am always on the lookout for when this is happening. That is when I spring into action. I secretly climb to the top of the cage and at just the right moment, I jump off of the cage and give them my best roar.
This always scares the crap (literally) out of them. Then they have to wait until Mom and Dave get home to see what they have done. It’s brilliant because it embarrasses them and then I get to watch Mom or Dave scrub down the cage. So really I’m humiliating both husky and human.

Eventually I know that I will no longer be scary to the beasts. So I’m working on phase 2 where I sneakily put their paws in warm water while they are sleeping. I just have to figure out how to transport the water without getting a single drop on me.