Saturday, July 28, 2007

Steve's Movie Review #2

My dad likes to watch movies and I like to watch them with him. You might remember a while back when I did a movie review of Little Miss Sunshine. Well, the other day we watched Best In Show. I was excited about this movie because, unlike Little Miss Sunshine which had no dogs in the movie, this movie had dogs on the DVD cover! So I just knew it had to be a great movie.

The basic story of the movie is that it’s a documentary following several people as they get ready for a big dog show. I have a few comments that I noticed during the course of the movie. The first one is that there is a dog who’s owners think he’s just GOT to have this bee stuffie. I’m sure he likes it good enough, but his people are just trying to cram it down his throat. I think that if people are going to insist that a dog have something at all times it should be an unlimited supply of treats. My second comment is that there is this couple in the movie with a terrier. Terriers are fine dogs and these people love their terrier so much that they wrote songs about it. I think this is a great idea. All dog breeds should have songs written about them. I have some suggested titles for the Siberian Husky CD. How about “I’ll Never Mush Without You” or “I Love You So Much, We’re Moving to Siberia”? I know those would be great songs. My last point on this movie is my biggest. None of the main dog stars are huskies, which is bad, but there is a husky in the movie. He’s the working dog winner but does not win Best In Show. What a crock! Everyone who ever watches dog shows knows that the husky should always win Best in Show. The only time a husky doesn’t win is when there isn’t one in the show and in that case, a Malamute would win. These movie people need to understand that we northern breeds are clearly always the Best in Show.

So my final movie rating is 3 out of 4 paws up. My dad thought the movie was very funny, but I found the glaring oversight of Siberian presence in the majority of the movie too much to overcome.


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Anonymous said...

Steve.. great review. Speaking of songs.. I think it is time Kat write her own lyrics to a song again like she did with "before they leave". ha rooo!