Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just put one paw in front of the other

We have been working hard on a new trick. We are learning how to crawl. Apparently human puppies learn to crawl before they learn to walk, but Steve and I did it backwards and decided not to crawl until now, when we are three years old. Mom took a page out of Wild Dingo's blog and used a tripod to video our demonstration.

So what did you think? I think I'm way better at it than Steve, but I'm smaller and more agile than him.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ice Cream Hangover

As you saw in my Wordless Wednesday post, I was given the big job of licking the ice cream container clean. It's really a hard job, but somepup had to do it, so I stepped up to the plate. After licking out ice cream containers, sometimes a pup feels a little hungover.

Kat says the best medicine for an ice cream hangover is a nice, long walk, so we suited up for one. I think maybe Kat thought that I wouldn't make it so she really twisted us up so I had to keep pace with her.

I guess that's what's nice about having a sister. Sure, they boss you around a lot, but they are always there to help you get through a walk.

Also, don't forget! One week until the start of our Summer Road Trip contest.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Can't talk now, busy.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ice Cream Run

Yesterday we went on a family outing to a place called Husky Ice Cream.
They make all their ice cream in the store and with a name like "Husky" you know it's going to be the best. What we didn't know until we got there was that the neighborhood was having a street fair, so the place (the ice cream shop and the streets) were packed! That doesn't bother Kat or me though because we like being admired by all the people. What it does mean is that Mom didn't get very good pictures because there were so many people around.

When we first got there, Dad left us with Mom and went inside to decide what flavor he wanted. He picked Oreo. While he was inside, Kat and I were very good and sat next to Mom. She could hardly believe how good we were but mentioned that the summer heat has it's advantages, whatever that means. After Dad picked his flavor, he came back outside and gave his order to Mom and then stayed outside with us while Mom went to get the ice cream. At this point, I was getting kind of worried, because Mom didn't ask me for my order.

I shouldn't have doubted Mom though because she came back out of the store with two bowls of vanilla ice cream for Kat and me, Dad's Oreo ice cream cone, and a chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cone for her. We never knew she could balance so much ice cream! Right away, Kat and I got to work eating our ice cream so it wouldn't melt.
I think Kat started to worry that I was going to try to take hers because she picked it up and moved.
About this time, Mom's ice cream cone was dripping on her hands, so she stopped taking pictures.

We really loved our ice cream. It's the first ice cream we've had that wasn't soft serve and it was delicious and took us a lot longer to eat, which Mom and Dad both appreciated. So I say, if you're in the area, go get yourself some!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mount St. Helens

Yesterday we went to Mount St. Helens. Perhaps I should really say that Steve and I just rode in the car, got out at the parking lot, walked around the parking lot and got back in the car while Mom and Dad went to see Mount St. Helens. Pets aren't allowed in most areas there, so it was kind of boring for us. Dad did take a picture of us in the parking lot.
That's not Mount St. Helens in the background, it's just some other spot. Here's a picture of Mount St. Helens.
As you can see, Mom and Dad didn't get to see the top of it, but I guess they got the idea of the whole thing. At any rate, it's better than what they saw when we went there a couple weeks ago during our camping trip when they saw this.
Even if we didn't get to actually see Mount St. Helens because of the no-pets rule, a day of riding in the car is much better than a day at home listening to fireworks, at least if you ask Steve.

We hope you are all having a Happy Independence Day if you're in the USA and if you're not, we hope you're having a happy July 4th!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

We're having a contest!

Beginning the first of August, we will be heading out on a road trip. The destination is a secret, as are the stops along the way. Each day, we will post a picture of us at a secret location and our readers can guess where we are! The next day, we will reveal the previous day’s location, as well as post a new secret location.


Daily Prizes (for guessing the secret location each day) - $10 Happy Hearts gift certificate

Grand Prize (for guessing the final destination) - $20 Happy Hearts gift certificate

Here are the ground rules.

  1. No previous knowledge of the Washington Woos is required to play. We have not mentioned any hints on our blog as to where we could be going, so tell all your friends. Even if they haven’t read our blog before, they still might have the right answer.
  2. No pictures will be photoshopped, except if the name of our location has to be blurred, for example, if we are standing in front of a sign. This means that we will physically be in every location.
  3. We will be travelling only by automobile. That is a good hint because we can only travel the distance that a car can travel in a single day. Of course, our parents could be speed demons or slow pokes, you just never know.
  4. We will be departing from Seattle, Washington, USA.
  5. We may or may not travel the same distance each day.

Here are the contest rules.

  1. If your human is a friend of our mom on Facebook, you are not eligible to win the grand prize, but you are still eligible for the daily game. This is because our mom has mentioned the final destination on Facebook but not the secret locations along the way.
  2. The first commenter to correctly guess the daily secret location will win the prize.
    1. If no commenter correctly guesses the daily secret location, we will award the daily prize to one of the commenters, based upon a random drawing.
    2. Please only make ONE guess on each post for the daily prize.
    3. We will reveal the winner on the next day’s post, so guesses will only be eligible to win if they are left within 24 hours of the posting of the photo clue.
  3. The first commenter to correctly guess the final destination will win the prize.
    1. If no commenter correctly guesses the final destination, anyone who left a comment on any of the Summer Road Trip posts will be entered to win the grand prize and we will award it based upon a random drawing.
    2. You can guess as many times as you want for the final destination, as you might get some clues as to where we could be headed as you learn more about our secret locations along the way.
    3. We will reveal the final destination (and the winner) in our last post of the series, which will be on August 11, 2010.
    4. You may leave your final destination guesses as a comment on any of our Summer Road Trip posts, just make sure you say that it’s a final destination guess.
  4. All prizes will be distributed via email, so if you are a winner, you will have to provide us with your email so we can email you the prize.

That’s it! Let us know if you have any questions. It’s not too complicated, but we want to make sure we are clear with the rules. Please spread the word because the more players we have, the more fun it will be!

The fun will start on August 1, 2010!!!