Saturday, July 28, 2007

How I Got Here Tag - Wilbur Edition

Sasha tagged us to blog about how we came to live with our families. I’m going to do my story first and then the furry beasts will do theirs later.

It all started on March 31, 2005. My name was Scampy then. I was living in a cold metal cage with my brother at the Fort Worth Animal Control Building. This lady came and took my brother out of the cage. I started to panic. Where was he going? Then, while the first lady was still holding my brother, another lady came in and took me out of the cage. She was holding me and talking to the first lady about how cute I was. Then the first lady took my brother out of the room, and the second lady put me back in my cage. I was petrified. I was now alone in my cold, shiny, metal cell. I spent the night alone, and the next afternoon, the second lady returned. By this point, I had been moved to a smaller cell, but I wasn’t going to let that lady get away again. I jumped up on my cage door and started meowing for her. She turned, looked at me, and told the animal control worker that I was the one. At that point, the animal control worker took me out of the cage and boxed me up. When I emerged out of the box, several minutes later, I was in a room with white tiles. The lady was there and calling me Wilbur. There were these purple furry things on the floor and I did not want to step on them. I found out later that they were called “rugs” and are actually quite nice to step on, but at that point, I had only known hard surfaces. I learned to call the lady, “Mom”. She claimed that she didn’t take me the first time she saw me because she didn’t want to leave me to go to work the next day and preferred to get me on a weekend. I know that I had worked my magic on her and she couldn’t refuse me and that is why she returned.

And that is how I came to be the first (and thus best) pet in this house.


P.S. Good job, Tia, you win the cat toys! Mom and Dad were dressed up as Dr. Meredith Grey and Dr. Derek Shepherd from Grey's Anatomy. It's a good thing you won because you're almost the only cat who reads our blog!


Anonymous said...

Meow Wilber! I am so glad you found your mom and vice versa! I am happy about the cat toys. I have been very playful here lately. Oh, Im ust say that I LOVE your food and water dish. See, I, like my mom, love Paris and I see the Le Tour Effiel on your bowl, ah oui, je t'aime Paris!

Khady Lynn said...

Aawwww, you were sooon tiny! You are very lucky to have gotten such a great mommy!