Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm not a chicken!

Mom is making me really mad.  She apparently is under the false impression that I am a chicken and not a Siberian Husky.  I guess she wants to eat me or something because she keeps trying to pluck my fur on my butt.  Isn't that the first stage to cooking a chicken?  Listen, MOM, I can't help it if I'm shedding a lot on my butt and the fur comes out in tufts.  That is no excuse for you to touch me there and pluck my fur.  It's MY fur (and MY butt)!  STOP IT!

I hope Mom reads this post,

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stupid Steve

I'm really upset that Steve posted that picture of me where he said I looked retarded.  In retaliation, I'm posting this picture of him.

Also, Mom is trying to blame me for knocking a bunch of stuff off the table.  I think this picture shows that I obviously didn't do it and Wilbur did.
Zim, I may need you to come to my rescue.  You did a good job getting yourself out of trouble.

Monday, February 25, 2008

How To Go To the Dog Park, Part 6

This is the final installment of our series.  Here's how you go home from the dog park... asleep!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

How To Go To the Dog Park, Part 5

Part 5: Let's Play!

Here are some pictures of us at the dog park.  First up, an embarrassing picture of Kat.  Doesn't she look retarded?
Next is a picture of Kat's dirty face.  She was standing in a puddle and Dad thought she was going to lay down in the mud and roll around.  So Dad yelled, "Kat!  Don't do it!"  So she didn't roll around, she just dunked her face.
Finally, here is a picture of both of us.  Mom and Dad have been taking treats to the dog park and when they call our names, we come running and we get a treat.  We have to sit first though.
Amici asked in our last post "How BIG is that dog park?  It looks HUGE!"  Well, our dog park is about 10 acres.  It's got a giant area (that's what you saw in the video last time).  Then it has some fenced trails that go all the way to Lake Washington.  It's a really cool dog park.

Next time is our last post in this series... going home.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

How To Go To the Dog Park, Part 4

Finally we arrive at the part of our series where we arrive at the dog park! When we get close to the dog park, I get all excited about it. I know we are almost there as soon as we get off the highway and we still have a few miles to go!  Mom tried to video my excitement but the video didn't turn out.  Anyway, she did manage to get a video of us out of the car and walking very politely into the dog park gate.  We are really good not to pull on our leashes, as you can see.  That's an important thing.  Be sure to behave on your leashes otherwise your parents won't know you are excited.

Tomorrow I will post some pictures of us at the dog park that day.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How To Go To the Dog Park, Part 3

We now return to our multipart series...

Part 3: The Car Ride

An important part of going to the dog park is riding in the car.  Here's Kat and me in the car as Dad is preparing to back out of the garage.  I was sending him Siberian Mind Melds to pick the fastest route to the park.
Because time at the dog park is always very labor intensive, I like to take the car ride portion of the journey to catch some ZZZzzzz's so I can play to the fullest once I get there.
Kat, on the other paw, is a big backseat driver, so she has to watch Dad's every turn.

Well pups, we are almost to the dog park.  I hope you're all ready!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

We want to wish all of our furry friends a Happy Valentines Day!  We hope you all got extra treats and gave kisses to your humans!

Steve, Kat and Wilbur

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

How To Go To the Dog Park, Part 2

Finally we are going to get back to our multi-part series about going to the dog park.  Sorry we got so derailed by getting sick and then playing in the snow, but we are back on track now.

Anyway, after you have your parents convinced that you do indeed want to go to the dog park, it's time to get them to the car.  Humans have to go through an extensive process of putting on coats and shoes and gloves and hat and whatever else they need because they weren't blessed with lovely fur.  Once they put on their fur (I mean clothes), you need to lead them to the car.  Now, humans are very forgetful, so make sure they remember everything that's important.  As you can see in this video, our mom almost forgot a critical item!

Next we will discuss the car ride.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Today we went snowshoeing with Mom and Dad.  Being huskies, we didn't need any stinkin' snowshoes, but Mom and Dad sure did.

We drove up to the Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie National Forest to snowshoe.  There is a road there that makes a loop, but the highway department doesn't plow part of the road in the winter and it makes  good snowshoe or cross-country ski trail.  On our way, Dad stopped at the ranger station just to make sure there wasn't avalanche danger where we were going and we got the A-OK!  Here's a picture of us with Mom before we got started.
We were pretty excited to be out in all that snow.  Here's a video of us messing around while waiting for Dad to get all the stuff out of the car.

Then we started down the trail.  We wanted to pull, pull, PULL, but Mom and Dad's snowshoes really dug into the snow and we couldn't pull them down the trail.  Bummer.

The snow is really deep over the uncleared road.  Here we are with Dad in front of a sign and you can see only the top of the sign!
We hiked for two miles, then Mom and Dad stopped for lunch.  We stopped at a picnic area, but all the picnic stuff was covered in snow, so Mom and Dad just sat on the ground.  Steve and I put on our 60-foot leashes so we could really roam around.  However, we are so used to sticking with Mom and Dad, it wasn't until Mom started throwing snowballs that we realized we could actually venture out.

Since we stopped at the picnic area, there weren't a lot of trees close by, but I did manage to get my leash wrapped around a tree and Dad had to come rescue me.  Mom didn't get the daring rescue on video though.  You can see in this video that I was very grateful to Dad for being my hero!

Mom and Dad had fun snowshoeing and they said we can go again soon.  Right now we don't have a lot of places to go because of the avalanche danger, but as soon as that goes away, we might try some different trails.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Big Day Tomorrow

We had to spend part of the day in our crate today.  ON A SATURDAY!  I know, it sound like abuse.  However, we were okay with it.  Mom and Dad had to go get some things for our big day tomorrow.  We're going to play in the snow!  It's going to be awesome and we are so excited.  Watch for our recap!

Here's our picture in our crate today.  I didn't look at the camera. I was busy eating my kong.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Awards and Random Facts

Marley and Ziggy AND Star and Jack gave us an award.  It's the "E" for Excellent award and we are very thankful that they gave it to us!  We love being called excellent.  Thanks pups!  We would like to give this award to some pretty new bloggers, The Forget Sit & Stay Gang!

Second, Ari tagged us to name seven random things about ourselves.  The facts were supposed to be unknown.  That made it pretty difficult for us since we write about pretty much everything on our blog, but we thought hard and we think we came up with some good ones.
1. Steve still has pink puppy pads on his feet.
2. Kat's claws are black.  Steve's claws are white/clear.  Wilbur's claws are razor sharp.
3. Wilbur only weighed one pound when Mom rescued him from the pound.
4. Mom thought about naming Kat "Sophie".
5. Wilbur's body is so long, he can't curl into a donut, only like a "u".
6. There is a dog two town homes down from us that is named Brandy and we go nuts everytime we see her and Mom and Dad can't figure out why.
7. We follow Mom everywhere she goes in the house, but don't usually follow Dad unless he goes into the kitchen.

Those are the facts!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We're back....

Woo, hoo, hoo pups!  We are back!  Mom went to the vet yesterday on her way home.  She wanted to visit us, but the vet met with her and said that she could just take us home!  We were so happy.  Mom didn't tell Dad that she brought us home either, so we surprised him when he got home from work.

We sure think he was thrilled to see us, even though he seemed pretty distracted by our smelly breath.  We can't help it.  We have to eat this special food for a few days and it makes us stinky from both ends, if you catch our drift.  Mom says it has a lot of fiber, whatever that is.

We have been so hungry, but Mom won't dish out the treats or food!  Steve just stood staring at his bowl and nothing happened.  
Mom gives us some food, but it's just not enough, but she says we can have more food each day, but no treats for a few days.  NO TREATS?  That's doggie abuse if you ask us.

We have been very tired since we got home, so we are going to go back to napping.  Thank you for all your well wishes.  They really worked because we got to come home a day early!  You pups are the best!

Steve and Kat

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

We interrupt this program...

Meow, Wilbur here.  Steve and Kat are going to have to take a break from their dog park series because they are in jail at the vet.  And as much as some pups like to say, I had nothing to do with it.

On Sunday morning, Steve and Kat stole some banana nut bread off the counter.  (No, I did not push it to the edge for them to get it.)  Then Sunday night, Kat didn't want to eat her supper.  Steve gobbled his up, but later threw it all up on the floor.  It was disgusting, let me tell you.  Kat was also acting very pathetic and curling into balls on Mom's lap whenever she could.

Then all night Sunday night/Monday morning, Steve and Kat wanted to go outside, but when they got outside, they would try to do some business but nothing really came out, if you know what I mean.  Steve did have a couple accidents in the bathroom.  He's one smart pup, I will admit, for not going on the carpet.
Finally the last straw was in the morning when Mom was getting ready for work.  Steve jumped off the bed and with no warning, had a gross accident in the bathroom that was kind of bloody.

Mom thought he might have giarrdia, so she loaded both furry beasts into the car to drop them off at the vet on her way to work.  Later in the morning the vet called to tell Mom that they both had fevers and to ask Mom some more questions about how the furry beasts were acting at home.  Mom answered the vet's questions and the vet said she wanted to run a blood test for pancreatitis.  Mom said sure.  An hour or two later, the vet called back to say they both had pancreatitis.  The treatment for that is 48 hours of no food or water.  To prevent the furry beasts from drying up, they have to stay at the vet on IV feeding and fluids.

Mom and Dad went to visit them last night.  The furry beasts got all hyper when they initially saw Mom and Dad, but then got tired pretty quickly.  Mom took them some toys from home.  Dad wanted to take me for them, but I put my paw down.  The vet told Mom and Dad that Steve and Kat should be able to go home Wednesday evening.

I'll claw out an update when I have one.
Mom, why do I have to stay here?
Oh, Mom, stop hugging.  It's embarrassing.
I can still be Superman while I'm sick.
Thank you for bringing me toys.  They are MINE!
Okay, Dad.  Let's have a talk.  You're going to take me home with you, got it?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

How to Go to the Dog Park, Part 1

We went to the dog park yesterday.  We are aware that several of our friends never get to go to dog parks, so we thought we'd do a multiple part series on how to get your parents to take you to the dog park.  Here's how it goes at our house.

Mom goes outside and sees that it's a sunny day.  She comes inside and says to Dad, "It's really nice outside.  I think we should take Steve and Kat to the D.P."  Mom thinks that we don't know that "D.P." stands for "dog park".  We do know that, but we go along with the ruse and only get excited at the full words "dog park".

So after Dad agrees with Mom that going to the "D.P." is a good idea, Mom then asks us if we want to go.  We had her video this process so you pups could get it just right.  First you have to tilt your head when your parent first asks you if you want to go.  Then upon the second question, go nuts!  Show them that you want to go really badly!  Even though you're obviously going nuts and want to go, humans feel that they need to ask you several times if you want to go.  It's like they don't understand how we communicate.  Don't get discouraged, humans aren't as smart as canines, and they will eventually get the message.

Next we will cover how to actually get your parents out of the house.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Snow pictures

We finally got computer access.  Between Mom's email checking and Wilbur's research, we never got our turn!  (Wilbur was researching to find the blueprints for Tia's kitty hospital so he could go in and catnap her!  However, she got released and is home now, so he doesn't have to travel to Georgia to rescue her.)

Anyway, as Kat told you in our last post, we got some snow earlier this week.  Here's a picture of me looking quite handsome, as always.

Kat likes it when Dad makes snowballs for her and throws them for her to catch.  I swear, she doesn't act like a husky.  Here's a video of her playing that game with Dad.

Here's a funny picture of Kat trying to chow down on a snowball.
Then Mom took some video of us walking around.  Okay, so we're trying to pull Dad down the sidewalk.  That's what huskies do.  We also like to wrestle on the leashes.  Mom and Dad really don't like it.

Finally, since Kat is the Army of Four safety consultant, she wanted me to throw in this picture of us looking both ways before crossing the street.  We have to make sure we keep ourselves and Dad safe.
I hope we get some more snow soon!

PS. Sorry the videos are kinda dark.  They were taken before 6 AM and it was dark.