Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Random Musings

Wow, that Steve sure is long-winded. I bet it has something to do with how Dad is now helping Steve write his blog entries instead of Mom helping him. (Steve needs a lot of help because he doesn't know how to spell words and stuff.) Mom is still helping me, but not much because I'm so smart that I don't need it.

I noticed many of you commented on Steve being a suck up. You guys are so right! I don't know if you've noticed, but Steve is in more pictures on the blog. It's because every time Mom gets the camera out, Steve strikes a pose like he's a model or something. He's such a ham, but he's really good at looking "majestic" as Mom says.

Yesterday one of Mom's friends came over. She was really nice, but Mom and Dad did not like us jumping on her. Apparently they don't understand the universal husky greeting. They want us to sit politely and let people pet us without us begging for attention. What fun is that? None, I say. Mom says we need to learn not to jump in case the people don't like dogs. Who doesn't like a husky? Or two? We're double the fun!


Monday, January 29, 2007

My master plan ruined!

To all my husky friends out there I must announce to you all that my sister, Kat, is an idiot. Let me tell you a little story about why I think this. First of all, she loves to go outside and play and such and I like it as well, but not nearly as much. So we learned how to make our parents open the back door for us and let us outside to play. Well I get tired of being out there after a little bit and try to come back in, so I have learned of a way to let the parents know when I want back inside. I scratch at the door continuously until I know I have gotten someone’s attention. Luckily it doesn’t take too long before they come and let me in after I start that. Well, my sister started scratching at the door as well now and I think due to her scratching that we have now annoyed our parents enough that they ask for us to "sit" before we can come back inside. I really hate this because it empowers them and makes me look weak (which I am not). The problem with this new thing is that when they tell us to "sit", I sit immediately (I don’t care what you’ve heard, I sit on the first command each and every time and I am sticking to my story), but my sister starts daydreaming and not paying any attention and never sits in a timely fashion and we have to sit out there and wait until she somehow gathers enough intelligence to manage to sit down so that we can be let back in. I sometimes wonder if she is doing it on purpose just so she can stay outside for a little longer. I am always sure to attack her and wrestle her to the ground for doing this later when we are back in the house.

Well I started getting tired of having to wait for her to obey in order to go back inside so I have been watching the door very closely lately to see if there is a way to open it myself. I have spent countless days studying this and I finally have it. The latch thingy on the door can be twisted in order for the door to open. I am such a genius. So when I would scratch at the door I would test the waters with the door latch thingy to see how easily it could be twisted. It turns out I can turn this thing with no problem. Well at this point I had to devise a good plan to break into the house from outside and be able to roam free throughout the house with no parents knowing I am inside. Just imagine the things I could get away with without supervision. I could chew on anything, rip things to shreds, eat anything I could get my mouth on, pee everywhere, etc…

Well the perfect opportunity came up and I was about to go into phase one of my genius plan when all of the sudden my idiot sister decided to open the door herself and go running into the room our parents were in and tell them with all the excitement in the world how she was able to open the door all by herself. She ruined my master plan. She didn’t even try to have fun in the house before running to them. I just don’t understand her. Well by the time I was able to get inside and try to pull off some of my plan our parents were there herding us outside again but this time they did something to the door that made it impossible to open from outside. She was all happy of course because she was outside again and I just sat there and stared at her in awe of what had just happened. All that work gone down the drain. I’m not sure she understands the opportunity she missed or if she even cares that she ruined my amazing plan. So this is why I think she is an idiot.

I have started trying to come up with new plans to get her in trouble and only her. My first plan was a success in that she got in trouble but it was a failure in that I got in trouble as well. I had come up with a plan to follow our mom into the forbidden room and find something shiny and break it but at the same time get out of the way and make sure Kat would get blamed for it. Well it would have worked but when I went to the object to break it, Kat came up behind me with a big, goofy, "I’m an idiot" smile on her face and trapped me near the scene of the crime and we were both stuck. Mom was not happy with either of us. I felt bad for Mom because this would never had happened had Kat not been such an idiot earlier and forced me into trying to get her in trouble. Well I will have to start coming up with a new plan to get her in trouble but this time I will have to consider the idiot factor so that I don’t get caught. Wish me luck. Until then, I will just wrestle her extra viciously!


We got in trouble

Something really bad happened this morning. Before Mom left for work, she had to go into the other bedroom, where we are not allowed. She wasn't paying attention, so Steve and I, being Mommy's little ducklings, loyally followed her into the room. So while Mom was getting stuff out of the desk, we went into the other corner of the room and started sniffing around. We thought we would do some smelligation to see what was so special about that room that it's off limits. ("Smelligation" means "smelling investigation" at the Steve and Kat Pet Detective Agency.) During our initial smelligation, we pushed on the table by the bed and all of the sudden, the table started wobbling and then the lamp came crashing down to the floor. And when I say crashing down, I mean literally, crashing down. What was once a one-piece lamp became a multiple piece lamp. Well, that really got Mom's attention. She turned around so fast, we thought she might get dizzy. Then a sound came out of her mouth that we had never heard before. She said, "WHAT DID YOU DO? BAD PUPPIES! GET OUT OF THIS ROOM!" So Steve and I ran out of the room and into the hallway. We stayed out in the hall for like an hour. (One hour in dog time is like one second of human time.) Then we thought that Mom was probably feeling better so we ran back into the off-limits room. Well, she wasn't feeling better, but she didn't make the horrible noises anymore. She just walked us out of the room again and made us go outside for a while. We peeked through the window and saw her putting the multiple piece lamp into a bag. It looked so cool as a multiple piece lamp, so we don't know why she was stuffing it into a bag. Apparently she doesn't like our redecorating.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Cool Million

Every day, Mom and Dad get on their computers to enter a contest to win a dream home. We really hope they win because it comes with a doggie dream home too and it looks awesome! Now Mom and Dad say that the dream home costs too much money so if they win, they would have to sell it, but they said they would keep the doggie dream home for us, so we are happy about that. Anyway, Mom and Dad were talking yesterday about how they would spend the money they got after selling the dream home. That made Steve and me think about what we would do if we sold our doggie dream home. (Mom and Dad said that if they sold the dream home, they would have over a million dollars after taxes, whatever those are.) Steve said if he had a million dollars he would spend it all on treats, especially that kind with gooey meaty stuff in the middle. If I had a million dollars, I would buy some treats and some squeaky toys. I would also buy a fancy security system for my toys and treats so that Steve would not be able to steal them. Lastly, I would buy a snow machine so that we always had snow in our yard. So we really hope that we win the dream home so that we can spend the million dollars for Mom and Dad!


Here is a picture of Steve dreaming of buying one million dollars worth of treats.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Lazy Puppy

Mom and Dad think I'm a lazy puppy, especially when I drink out of my water dish. I don't know where they get this idea. Just because I can't be bothered to stand up while drinking out of my water dish doesn't mean that I'm lazy. It just means that I'm saving my energy to wrestle and chase Steve. Energy spent playing is much better than energy spent standing up while drinking. I'm sure any husky would agree with this.

Last night, Mom and Dad came home smelling like other dogs. It was just a hint of other dog smell, so Steve and I could tell that they hadn't actually touched another dog, but just had been in the presence of other dogs. After doing some major sniff investigation, we determined that they had been around other dogs and not just one location, but two! From what we have been able to sniff out, they went to a doggie day camp to find out about taking us there sometimes. (We think that sounds good.) Their other stop appears to have been a dog park. We detected that there was a lot of open space for us to run around in with other dogs. We even got a whiff of husky so we think there might have been other huskies at this dog park. This also sounds great, so we hope we get to visit the dog park soon. Why would Mom and Dad go there with out us?


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How I Got My Name - By Steve

What’s up my Huskies?!!! Steve here, I bet many of you are wondering how I got such an amazing name. I mean "Steve" is just the coolest name ever and it totally fits me since I am just the coolest husky ever. That’s right; there is no denying my coolness. I am so cool that if I have to go pee and the parents don’t notice me waiting at the door for those few seconds, I’ll just go right there on the rug and not even care. I am such a rebel.

I have many rebellious acts under my belt due to my coolness in fact. If the parents try to pet me when I don’t want it or they try to push me away from overpowering my sister Kat (the weaker one), I just turn my head and bite whatever hand I can…but only enough to really get them steamed but not break too much skin. A great example is in this photo. That’s right I affected their wedding pictures with the bite marks I left on dad’s hands. I have so much power over these two its not even funny.
I also like to do things like whine and complain all night to get out of the jail cell they call the "kennel" in order to keep them up all night and break down their spirits in order to get my way better. It works almost every time. I get my mom to wake up the most and now I think she is trying to persuade my dad to start getting up at night with us more often. This is both good and bad news. It means that we have broken down mom's spirit enough to give in but it also means that dad could be taking over which means we lose some control. We’ll just have to work harder on him. He’ll break.

Well anyways, back to my name. My dad named me. In fact he named me many years before I was even born. Apparently I am named because my dad saw a racing dog named Steve at a dog track and knew he must have a dog named Steve. It’s just that simple. I am named after a professional racing dog. From what I understand, that dog didn’t win his race but still, how cool is it that I am named after a profession racing dog? I think I am pretty speedy as well and maybe one day I will have to challenge that dog to a race. I bet I could take him.

I have a middle name as well. Oliver. I believe I was given this name because dad wanted to call me Steve-O sometimes as a fun name to call me. So they came up with Oliver. It’s just a middle name and I don’t hear it much so I’m OK with this name. These names are just a formality for the parents anyway to make them feel like they have some control over us. I would tell you guys my real dog name but I know some humans are reading this and I don’t want my real name known to them. I do think my parents did good in naming me though and I really don’t mind it because of how cool it is. So that is the story of my name.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How I Got My Name - By Kat

I have been told that Kat is a silly name for a husky or any dog. I don’t really understand that because it’s spelled with a “k” and not a “c”. Kat is short for my full name which is Katherine Olivia. My dad thought it would be a good idea to name me Kat but he was going to have it be short for Katrina. Mom didn’t like that though because she had a roommate in college named Katrina and they are still friends and Mom didn’t know if her friend would appreciate having a dog named after her. So Mom came up with Katherine. Mom and Dad both like airplanes, and Wilbur is named after Wilbur Wright of the Wright Brothers, inventors of the airplane. They happened to have a sister named Katherine, so Mom thought it would be good for Wilbur, the cat, to also have a sister named Katherine and then they could still call me Kat for short. My middle name is Olivia because it goes good with Oliver and that’s Steve’s middle name. (I’ll let Steve tell you why he has the middle name Oliver.)

Something else that’s funny about my name is that after Mom and Dad had picked out Katherine for me, my Mom found out that her grandma’s grandma was named Katherine. So she thought that was neat because she also has a great-grandfather named Wilbur. I don’t think she has any relatives named Steve though, so he’s the odd-ball. (In more ways that one!)

So that’s how I got my name.


Monday, January 22, 2007

HULA Hoop!

We made it into the HULA Hoop! It's so exciting. We had to work really had to have the credentials needed since we are so young. But we did it! Hurray!! Here's our application.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Poor Cowboys

My favorite sport is basketball. I love round balls that I can chase and the net that the humans throw the basketball into looks like it would be fun to chew on, so that's why I like basketball best. My favorite basketball team is the Oklahoma State University Cowboys. First I like them because that's where Mommy went to engineer school. (Even though I don't like it when she goes to work, at least she can buy me toys and treats, so because of that I support this engineering business.) Daddy went to engineer school at Texas A&M. Now, they have a dog as a mascot, so that's good, but it's a collie and I think that if you want to have a furry dog as your mascot, you should pick a husky, so since they didn't, I don't like that team. (I bet my friend Turbo would agree!) I also like OSU because the world famous restaurant, Eskimo Joes, is in that town and they do have a husky on their logo! So that is why OSU is the best.

Last night was a very sad night. OSU was playing Texas A&M in basketball. Mommy and I were totally excited. She was dressed up in OSU fur (called a sweatshirt) and I had on my OSU bandana. Daddy and Steve weren't wearing anything Texas A&M, so Mommy and I thought our team would have the spirit advantage. The first half of the game wasn't so great. A&M was winning. Then in the second half, OSU came back to within 3 points, so Mommy and I were cheering. But by the end of the game, it all fell apart again. Texas A&M beat OSU 67 to 49. Mommy and I were really sad. In fact, I'm still being a little pouty about it now. They play again in March where OSU will have the home court advantage, so I hope there is a different outcome to that game!


This is at a point in the game when we were happy.

Friday, January 19, 2007

So this is what these sharp things are for!

Last night, I was being annoyed by those furry beasts and I decided to try something out. I deployed my claws and slapped the beasts across their faces. Can you believe that they stopped?!? I didn't know these claws were good for anything besides scratching Mom. But they are good for puppy defense. So after I gave them a good slap, I went and laid in my blanket box and dangled my paw over the side just daring them to come try something. They stayed away, which I found somewhat disappointing. I do kind of like messing with them. Playing chase is fun and then slapping them around is also fun. So I was kind of annoyed when they started ignoring me.

Here are some pictures of me in a showdown with Steve.


I guess he's for real

Last night I did my best to find out if Steve really is a husky and not some other wimpy dog in a furry wig. This picture is of me with a big chunk of Steve's fur in my mouth as I was pulling on it to see if it would come off. Well, folks, it didn't. I guess he really is a husky, just a really wimpy one since he's a 'fraidy dog about snow.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow in Texas!

Oh my goodness!! We woke up this morning and the ground was white! It snowed while we were sleeping! It is so exciting. I love the snow. I can barely stop to go to the bathroom while I'm outside. I just want to run and run and run. Sometimes I stop to lick some snow, but mostly I am running. Steve is such a baby though. He doesn't even want to get off the patio. (You can see in the new video how I want to play and he wants to hide from the snow.) I'm wondering if he is even a husky because what kind of a husky doesn't want to play in the snow? Maybe he's a chihuahua dressed up as a husky with a furry wig. I should probably start trying to tug on his fur to see if it comes off.

All of the schools around don't have to go to school. Mommy and Daddy were very pouty today because their work is still open. They said they wanted to stay home and play with us in the snow and throw snowballs. I want that too so I wish they went to school instead of work.


Monday, January 15, 2007

Dig, Dig, Dig

So apparently Mommy and Daddy don't like holes in their yard. I tried to explain that we were just making a miniature golf course for them to enjoy, but they still say digging is bad. Daddy even started moving our poop from where we go to the bathroom and putting it in our digging holes so we will leave them alone. That is working because poop is yucky and I don't want to get it on my pretty face or paws. Anyway, I was secretly listening to Mommy and Daddy talking the other day and they said that maybe the should get us a sand box and then we could dig in the sand box instead of the yard. Daddy even said he would bury toys in the sand so we can find them!! I think that sounds like tons of fun, but Mommy is worried that we won't understand that it's okay to dig in the sand but not in the rest of the yard. So if any of my husky blogging friends know anything about this subject, please post a comment so I can show my mommy if it's a good idea or not.


Saturday, January 13, 2007

My castle is nicer now.

I see that Steve wrote about the new floor but did not give me any credit for making it happen. He still does not understand that this house is my castle and I am just being a benevolent king by allowing Mom, Dave, Steve, and Kat to live here. And trust me, I have to remember to be nice when it comes to Steve and Kat. So right before Steve and Kat showed up, Mom and Dave tore up all of my carpet. They used the excuse that carpet wasn't good for husky fur. So for almost two months, my castle has looked pathetic with just concrete. It was so embarrassing for people to visit and see that I live in an ugly environment. Then, a week ago, when Mom and Dave returned from their trip, they started putting in some new flooring. I think they were trying to get back into my good graces after making me live in a stupid looking house for so long and then leaving me for almost a week and a half while they went and got married. Like getting married is as important as being my servants. Humans. Anyway, while they were laying the floor, I had to supervise the process. So here are a couple pictures of me telling them how to make my castle look nice.


We're Back!!!

Wow, it's been a long time, but now we are back from training. I learned so much!! Mom and Dad aren't as good at training me as my trainer, but I still usually "sit" and now I know what "no" and "off" means. Sometimes I even stop chasing Wilbur when they say "leave it". (Not all the time, but who minds their mom and dad all the time? Not a husky!!) We still have to practice our training a lot. That's not so fun because Mom or Dad takes Kat in another room to practice. But after practicing we all go outside and play, so I guess it's kind of worth it.

I'm not sure if you had notice in our pictures and video, but the house we live in had no floor. Just a concrete foundation. But now, when we came home from training, look what it looks like!! We think it looks really nice and right now, it's fun because there is no furniture in the living room, so we can just run around. Mommy was playing tag with us this morning and we were sliding all over the place. When the furniture comes back, it won't be as fun, but it's still warmer for us to sleep on than the old ugly concrete.

Well, we better go play some more. I just wanted to say "hi" after so long. Kat says "hi" too.


PS. At the vet yesterday, I weighed 20.2 pounds and Kat weighed 18.8 pounds. She's catching up with me!!