Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Walks and a Prize

Since it's been so hot here, my mom and dad have started taking us on a walk in the morning and another walk in the evening. We used to walk almost 4 miles all at one time, but now we are doing 2 of those in the morning and the rest at night. Steve and I love the morning walk because it's so nice and cool outside and we usually see some bunnies and birds. The afternoon walk is really HOT, but Mom and Dad insist that we still need some exercise in the evenings or we will not let them get any sleep. (Whatever.) At least our HOT walks are shorter now. How far does everypuppy else walk everyday?

Also, here's another blogathon prize. It's a cool coaster for you to keep your water dish on so that it doesn't leave rings on your mom's furniture. We have two of these to give away. It's the same logo as one of the T-shirts I have already modeled for you and the coaster is made of tile, so you'll have to treat it gently so it doesn't break. Good luck!Steve


Ferndoggle said...

To answer your question, Steve...Not Long Enough!!! We usually get a 20 - 30 walk every day. Mom says I need to take it easy and not walk as far as I used to b/c I'm older. But she's WRONG!


Kapp pack said...

We get to play out in the yard but don't get walks very much. Dad travels on business and mom says it's too hard to take 3 dogs and a stroller by herself......hmmmph...she'll have to get more coordinated.

-Kelsey Ann

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

We have a large run on the side of our house that is completely fenced in with a 4-foot fence. It has a lot of space for Juneau & me to run back & forth. I wuv sunbathing on the wall. We get let out a couple of times of day to run & stretch our legs in the back yard. I wuv chasing Juneau out there! He-woo, it is so much fun. Mommy tells me not to pee on her pee-onies. Isn't that what the plant is for??

Khady Lynn said...

Dad gives us our walks in the morning when he comes home from work. We all hate the heat so there is no way we would want to go in the afternoons or evenings! Especially me. I even get cranky in the mornings if it is too humid and warm. I start to pull really hard towards home!

Cool prize!! I am so looking forward to blogathon!!


The Daily Echo said...

We don't get alot of walkies anymore since there's 4 of us now. Mom & Dad can't take us all at once either. What whimps! We do get to go sometimes though and boy do some doggies (who shall remain nameless) FUSS and HOWL when they can't go on the first run. We have a nice little yard to play out in and of course there's always the living room!

The Husky in the Window said...

It's been too hot for us, even early in the morning. We get to go in the back yard a little while, but we're glad to get back inside. The card ride was much more fun.
Oh yes, Me and Missy have our own gourmet cook. We never leave the kitchen.
You have been posing in a lot of the pictures for the blogathon. How did you deal with all those stuffies?

Princess Eva and Brice said...

You are so lucky to get two walks a day. We've haven't been on a walk in a long time and can't go to the park until Tasha's "issue" is resolved.

Momma has cleared her calendar for the blogathon. I've seen the grocery list and it has broccoli, squash and other veggies so maybe we'll get a treat each time you post.

Belly rubs,

Amici said...

When we walk it usually is 3 miles but not every day like you all do. :) However, Amici goes to the dog park at least 5x a week for about an hour or more. It's all fenced in, safe, and depending on who's there it can be a wonderful way for Amici to burn off his steam. When we go to the 3 acre dog park we both get exercise because I have to TRY and keep up with him (mostly have him in eye sight) as he goes through the woods, up the hill, etc. Phew! It is fun though.