Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dad's Previous Pets

Since Steve wrote about the dogs that previously owned Mom, I am going to write about the cats who previously owned Dad.

The details are kind of fuzzy. Dad doesn't have the memory that Mom has and I really am convinced that if he didn't have it written on his drivers license, he'd forget his own name. Here's what I do know. My Texas grandma likes cats (as all people should) so Dad grew up with cats around. He had a cat named MJ who I believe is sitting on his lap in this picture.Pictures of my dad are very rare and valuable, so you should consider yourself lucky to have seen this picture. My dad will barely stand to be in a photo.

From what I hear, and can tell from this picture, MJ was quite the large cat. Dad says he was a great cat who would just curl up and sleep on a person. I don't quite understand why a cat would want to do that when they could bite or scratch, but apparently some cats like that sort of thing.

Dad had a few other cats growing up, but MJ was his favorite. Dad doesn't like being interviewed, so that's all of the information I could gather from him without clawing him up too badly.



Anonymous said...

Woo Wilber... Oh MJ looks nice and fluffy! Hey don't worry.. you may grow to like laying in a human's lap. When I was your age I had no want to be in my mom's lap, but now, I LOVE to curl up in it or beside it.

Khady Lynn said...

What a sweet picture! I bet your dad misses MJ a lot. My human woman doesn't like to have her picture take either.