Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Random Musings

Wow, that Steve sure is long-winded. I bet it has something to do with how Dad is now helping Steve write his blog entries instead of Mom helping him. (Steve needs a lot of help because he doesn't know how to spell words and stuff.) Mom is still helping me, but not much because I'm so smart that I don't need it.

I noticed many of you commented on Steve being a suck up. You guys are so right! I don't know if you've noticed, but Steve is in more pictures on the blog. It's because every time Mom gets the camera out, Steve strikes a pose like he's a model or something. He's such a ham, but he's really good at looking "majestic" as Mom says.

Yesterday one of Mom's friends came over. She was really nice, but Mom and Dad did not like us jumping on her. Apparently they don't understand the universal husky greeting. They want us to sit politely and let people pet us without us begging for attention. What fun is that? None, I say. Mom says we need to learn not to jump in case the people don't like dogs. Who doesn't like a husky? Or two? We're double the fun!



Khady Lynn said...

Your poor humans must learn the "doggie" requirements for humans.

1. The dogs live there, the visitors don't. Don't like dogs, don't come in the house.

2. Don't like wet sloppy kisses?
Don't come in the house.

3. Don't like fur all over your clothing? A) don't sit on the furniture, B) don't come in the house.

Those are the rules at our house. But, since there are 5 of us, it's a little hard not to be surrounded once a new human visitor walks through the door. We are, after all, the designated greeters/sniffers to be sure these humans are acceptable.


Deanna said...

Plus, if they don't like dogs, why have them in the house?

The Army of Four said...

Ha roo! I like to poke visitors in the butt and yell "HA ROO!" at them. Not everyone likes it. What gives?
Play bows,