Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How I Got My Name - By Steve

What’s up my Huskies?!!! Steve here, I bet many of you are wondering how I got such an amazing name. I mean "Steve" is just the coolest name ever and it totally fits me since I am just the coolest husky ever. That’s right; there is no denying my coolness. I am so cool that if I have to go pee and the parents don’t notice me waiting at the door for those few seconds, I’ll just go right there on the rug and not even care. I am such a rebel.

I have many rebellious acts under my belt due to my coolness in fact. If the parents try to pet me when I don’t want it or they try to push me away from overpowering my sister Kat (the weaker one), I just turn my head and bite whatever hand I can…but only enough to really get them steamed but not break too much skin. A great example is in this photo. That’s right I affected their wedding pictures with the bite marks I left on dad’s hands. I have so much power over these two its not even funny.
I also like to do things like whine and complain all night to get out of the jail cell they call the "kennel" in order to keep them up all night and break down their spirits in order to get my way better. It works almost every time. I get my mom to wake up the most and now I think she is trying to persuade my dad to start getting up at night with us more often. This is both good and bad news. It means that we have broken down mom's spirit enough to give in but it also means that dad could be taking over which means we lose some control. We’ll just have to work harder on him. He’ll break.

Well anyways, back to my name. My dad named me. In fact he named me many years before I was even born. Apparently I am named because my dad saw a racing dog named Steve at a dog track and knew he must have a dog named Steve. It’s just that simple. I am named after a professional racing dog. From what I understand, that dog didn’t win his race but still, how cool is it that I am named after a profession racing dog? I think I am pretty speedy as well and maybe one day I will have to challenge that dog to a race. I bet I could take him.

I have a middle name as well. Oliver. I believe I was given this name because dad wanted to call me Steve-O sometimes as a fun name to call me. So they came up with Oliver. It’s just a middle name and I don’t hear it much so I’m OK with this name. These names are just a formality for the parents anyway to make them feel like they have some control over us. I would tell you guys my real dog name but I know some humans are reading this and I don’t want my real name known to them. I do think my parents did good in naming me though and I really don’t mind it because of how cool it is. So that is the story of my name.



H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

I like the name Steve. It's nice that you did something that will become an heirloom (i.e. the photo with your teeth imprints on the human.)

The Army of Four said...

"Steve" fits you. You are a "Steve". Sometimes you just know.

Macie-Malechai said...

We think you guys have GREAT names! Really, how many other Huskies do you know named Steve & Kat?!
Face Licks, M&M

Khady Lynn said...

Human names are the coolest! I have always thought Dave had a really cool name, and now Steve. How much cooler can it get that those two names? They are very strong, yet laid back names.