Monday, January 29, 2007

My master plan ruined!

To all my husky friends out there I must announce to you all that my sister, Kat, is an idiot. Let me tell you a little story about why I think this. First of all, she loves to go outside and play and such and I like it as well, but not nearly as much. So we learned how to make our parents open the back door for us and let us outside to play. Well I get tired of being out there after a little bit and try to come back in, so I have learned of a way to let the parents know when I want back inside. I scratch at the door continuously until I know I have gotten someone’s attention. Luckily it doesn’t take too long before they come and let me in after I start that. Well, my sister started scratching at the door as well now and I think due to her scratching that we have now annoyed our parents enough that they ask for us to "sit" before we can come back inside. I really hate this because it empowers them and makes me look weak (which I am not). The problem with this new thing is that when they tell us to "sit", I sit immediately (I don’t care what you’ve heard, I sit on the first command each and every time and I am sticking to my story), but my sister starts daydreaming and not paying any attention and never sits in a timely fashion and we have to sit out there and wait until she somehow gathers enough intelligence to manage to sit down so that we can be let back in. I sometimes wonder if she is doing it on purpose just so she can stay outside for a little longer. I am always sure to attack her and wrestle her to the ground for doing this later when we are back in the house.

Well I started getting tired of having to wait for her to obey in order to go back inside so I have been watching the door very closely lately to see if there is a way to open it myself. I have spent countless days studying this and I finally have it. The latch thingy on the door can be twisted in order for the door to open. I am such a genius. So when I would scratch at the door I would test the waters with the door latch thingy to see how easily it could be twisted. It turns out I can turn this thing with no problem. Well at this point I had to devise a good plan to break into the house from outside and be able to roam free throughout the house with no parents knowing I am inside. Just imagine the things I could get away with without supervision. I could chew on anything, rip things to shreds, eat anything I could get my mouth on, pee everywhere, etc…

Well the perfect opportunity came up and I was about to go into phase one of my genius plan when all of the sudden my idiot sister decided to open the door herself and go running into the room our parents were in and tell them with all the excitement in the world how she was able to open the door all by herself. She ruined my master plan. She didn’t even try to have fun in the house before running to them. I just don’t understand her. Well by the time I was able to get inside and try to pull off some of my plan our parents were there herding us outside again but this time they did something to the door that made it impossible to open from outside. She was all happy of course because she was outside again and I just sat there and stared at her in awe of what had just happened. All that work gone down the drain. I’m not sure she understands the opportunity she missed or if she even cares that she ruined my amazing plan. So this is why I think she is an idiot.

I have started trying to come up with new plans to get her in trouble and only her. My first plan was a success in that she got in trouble but it was a failure in that I got in trouble as well. I had come up with a plan to follow our mom into the forbidden room and find something shiny and break it but at the same time get out of the way and make sure Kat would get blamed for it. Well it would have worked but when I went to the object to break it, Kat came up behind me with a big, goofy, "I’m an idiot" smile on her face and trapped me near the scene of the crime and we were both stuck. Mom was not happy with either of us. I felt bad for Mom because this would never had happened had Kat not been such an idiot earlier and forced me into trying to get her in trouble. Well I will have to start coming up with a new plan to get her in trouble but this time I will have to consider the idiot factor so that I don’t get caught. Wish me luck. Until then, I will just wrestle her extra viciously!



Khady Lynn said...

Be careful Steve! Girls have a way of getting revenge!


Althea said...


You are a bit of a goody two shoes just like my doofus brother Lares. When Dad tells us to sit, he immediately sits down. I on the other hand like to ignore him and wander around. When Dad tells me again to sit, Lares will lift his butt off the floor and put it down again. He does this to show Dad what a good boy he is. I think he is a stoopid suck up.


The Army of Four said...

Steve, dude ... sisters are tricky things. Not unlike cats, in some ways. Be very careful. Trust me, I know.
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