Saturday, January 13, 2007

My castle is nicer now.

I see that Steve wrote about the new floor but did not give me any credit for making it happen. He still does not understand that this house is my castle and I am just being a benevolent king by allowing Mom, Dave, Steve, and Kat to live here. And trust me, I have to remember to be nice when it comes to Steve and Kat. So right before Steve and Kat showed up, Mom and Dave tore up all of my carpet. They used the excuse that carpet wasn't good for husky fur. So for almost two months, my castle has looked pathetic with just concrete. It was so embarrassing for people to visit and see that I live in an ugly environment. Then, a week ago, when Mom and Dave returned from their trip, they started putting in some new flooring. I think they were trying to get back into my good graces after making me live in a stupid looking house for so long and then leaving me for almost a week and a half while they went and got married. Like getting married is as important as being my servants. Humans. Anyway, while they were laying the floor, I had to supervise the process. So here are a couple pictures of me telling them how to make my castle look nice.


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Khady Lynn said...


You do an excellent job of ordering your humans around! It is very important for doggies, and kitties to make the humans bow to their needs!