Sunday, January 21, 2007

Poor Cowboys

My favorite sport is basketball. I love round balls that I can chase and the net that the humans throw the basketball into looks like it would be fun to chew on, so that's why I like basketball best. My favorite basketball team is the Oklahoma State University Cowboys. First I like them because that's where Mommy went to engineer school. (Even though I don't like it when she goes to work, at least she can buy me toys and treats, so because of that I support this engineering business.) Daddy went to engineer school at Texas A&M. Now, they have a dog as a mascot, so that's good, but it's a collie and I think that if you want to have a furry dog as your mascot, you should pick a husky, so since they didn't, I don't like that team. (I bet my friend Turbo would agree!) I also like OSU because the world famous restaurant, Eskimo Joes, is in that town and they do have a husky on their logo! So that is why OSU is the best.

Last night was a very sad night. OSU was playing Texas A&M in basketball. Mommy and I were totally excited. She was dressed up in OSU fur (called a sweatshirt) and I had on my OSU bandana. Daddy and Steve weren't wearing anything Texas A&M, so Mommy and I thought our team would have the spirit advantage. The first half of the game wasn't so great. A&M was winning. Then in the second half, OSU came back to within 3 points, so Mommy and I were cheering. But by the end of the game, it all fell apart again. Texas A&M beat OSU 67 to 49. Mommy and I were really sad. In fact, I'm still being a little pouty about it now. They play again in March where OSU will have the home court advantage, so I hope there is a different outcome to that game!


This is at a point in the game when we were happy.


The Army of Four said...

Woo! Cool picture, Kat!
Congrats on making the HULA Hoop!

Macie-Malechai said...

Boy, you sure are getting big Kat! We'll try not to hold ot against you that you like basketball, woowoo! We are football people, our Mom is a Vikings fan, very cool since they come from MN which we hear gets lots of snow. Other than that, we don't really like sports at all, they get in the way of our walk time! Glad to hear you guys got some snow too!
Face Licks, M&M

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

I didn't know about the T A&M/Collie connection. I thought they just had a farmer in a uniform as their mascot. I think I mentioned that my Human went to the U of Missouri. So we occasionally watch Big 12 games. Mizzou has a stupid cat as a mascot, though!

Khady Lynn said...

Our humans don't watch sports, and when they do it's usually the Cornheads football games. And then they only do it cuz they cheer for them to LOSE! People in Nebraska are obsessed with the Cornheads, so our humans hate them.

You are sure getting big! Pretty soon your human won't be able to pick you up!