Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ulee: Husky or Lab?

Mom has been making videos of Ulee playing so that her new family can see her being playful and cute. You won't believe what I saw. Mom and Ulee were outside together and I was keeping an eye on them through the storm door. Mom was throwing balls and guess what Ulee was doing? Chasing the balls and bringing them back! She really needs some lessons in how to be a husky. Huskies don't fetch! Ulee must have gone a little wacky or something.


PS. In full disclosure, Mom threw some balls for Ulee today and she just chased them, but didn't bring them back. So I think she's learning about proper husky behavior.


Kapp pack said...

It's ok Ulee....I play fetch sometimes just to amuse the humans!

Kisses, Sky boy

Khady Lynn said...

Maybe she's a Labradave!!!

I like how she brings all the toys back to that one spot!


Amici said...

Ulee, fetch is fun (as long as it is in your own terms!

I play fetch the best in our backyard but I like to bring back the stick instead of a ball. My humans try to have me play fetch at the dog park....can you imagine....miss out on other dogs to play fetch? I don't think so. :P

Keep up the good work Ulee. It's good to give and take sometimes.

The Daily Echo said...

Naw....she's just faking them out. She's actually using Advanced Siberian Strategies. I'm proud of her!

Mike and Mati said...

Hmmmm. I know fetching (even though I dont' fetch) and that's not fetching, that's organizing! She was just upset you were making a mess. You want to see some more organization? you should see the Ao4, they have 4x the amount of organization! Eventually, she would just give up and say "fine, leave the ball out in the yard, it's not going to bother me, you'll see" and then she would put it away when you weren't looking. Well, that's just a GSD's perspective of it. Good luck too - Love Rocky

Anonymous said...

I love the quick to get it, SLOW to return it. Great Job Ulee on returning the ball to the toy section of the yard. Mom wishes I did that!

The Army of Four said...

OMG! It's like Holly said - she's a Labradave!!!! He's even worse, though - he gleefully brings stuff back. ALL the WAY back, right to mom. It's so un-Siberian!
She needs to come back to the ways of the Siberian. She's still young; it's not too late. Maybe I could help her here at the Stormy Zoluschka Kryschtal School of Siberian Studies. Dave was already 4 when he got here - he was already a goner in the Retrieving Department. Help her, Kat, help her see that real Sibes don't fetch!!! Let me know if I can help at all.
Tail wags,

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

That's so nice, Ulee, you keep all your toys together in a group, he-he-woo. I like to exercise my mommy. She throws my football, I go get it, & leave it somewhere way between the 2 of us. Sometimes she leaves it or goes & get it & tries again to see if I'll bring it back. We make sure that mommy gets her exercise when she is wif us. Now wif Juneau, he wuvs socks. He'll grab dad's socks & take off. This way both mommy & daddy get their exercise chasing him. True husky nature, huh, running!
P.S. Daddy had to throw a lot of socks away lately wif little teethy marks from Juneau. Mommy says it serves him right for having them lay around so "J" can get them.

The Beasts- Royal, Brock & Alki said...

excuse me Kat, I think I recall watching a video of a certain black & white husky playing fetch with her favorite toy! In fact, I too fetch quite gleefully on occasion. Just as long as I get to dissect the ball afterward. ;)


Sooky said...

Wow Ulee is so pretty, I just love her bewootiful blue eyes,

Bama said...

Y'all are all so well behaved, I think your humans are sneaking something into your food, you might want to talk to Amber and the Kapp Pack about having the Labs do a test. Or you could hire the AO4 Detective Service.
Chili loves to play ball, but he leaves it where he wants, and expects the humans to fetch it so they can throw it again for him, the rest of us just look at 'em, "if you want it, you go get it".
Bama & the RHP