Saturday, August 18, 2007

Middle Name Tag!

Kelsey Ann tagged us to tell our middle names and then say a word that starts with each letter of our middle name and how it describes us.

Kat's middle name is Olivia.
O-On the bed is my favorite place to sleep
I-I'll give you a kiss if you come closer!

Steve's middle name is Oliver.
V-Very outspoken
R-Ready to eat at all times!

Wilbur's middle name is Kittyhawk.
K-Key bug killer in the house
I-Interested in sneaking outside at all times.
T-Travelling cat - I've been to Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. (Well, I live in Texas.)
Y-Yelp - what my mom does when I bit her ankles.
H-High-jumper. I can jump on top of anything.
W-Watch out, or I'll attack you!
K-Kitchen prowler - despite my mom's best efforts!

Ulee doesn't have a middle name yet, since Mom and Dad wanted her fur-ever home to be able to pick our her names. So we will just do her first name.
U-Under the coffee table is her favorite place to sleep
E-Extremely cuddly
E-Excited to play


Anonymous said...

Woo Woo WOo these are great!! I think my favorites are Kat with "I'll give you a kiss if you come closer", Steve's "inquisitive", Wilber's "Kitchen prowler" and Ulee's "extremely cuddley".

What a fun fun fun game!

One Little Birdie said...

those were grrrreat. this sure has been a fun game

Khady Lynn said...

Those are all great! And they sure fit each of you!


The Daily Echo said...

I love games! My Dad thought of a new one which I'll be unveiling this coming week. Great answers. Mom loves Wilbur's middle name!

Bama said...

Grrrreat names, y'all! We finally got our new 'puter all hooked up and can go visit all our new friends. Sorry it took us so long but when it comes to 'tronics the humans are in total control. It's SO unfair. I made mom watch a lot of your videos, she said your humans must be magicians to get you both to behave so well. Of course in our house there are 4 of us, mom says trying to get all of us to do anything is like trying to herd cats (no offence, Wilbur). Come back and see us sometime, we really missed all our new friends!
Playbows & Manykisses,
Bama & The River Hill Pack

The Army of Four said...

Wow! Those are great middle names! We got tagged, too, and will put our names up on Monday! What fun!
Play bows,

Mike and Mati said...

How fun and informative! We enjoyed reading yours! Ooooh, Watch out! Wilbur might attack your ankles! -Bye for now, Love Rock

The Beasts- Royal, Brock & Alki said...

Woowoo! Im jealous you all have such great middle names! Mom says I dont have one! Sheesh. How lame.