Saturday, February 3, 2007

What did the vet do to me?

Yesterday, Steve and I woke up and prepared to spend another day at home, protecting the house while Mom and Dad went to earn money to buy treats. Instead, after they got ready for their day at work, they didn’t put us in the kennel. In fact, they put our leashes on and we got to get in the car. We thought that we must be going to work too so we could make money as well and buy more treats. However, we didn’t go to Mom and Dad’s work. Instead we went to the vet. We like the vet because we get treats there. But this time was different. This time, Mom and Dad left us there instead of staying with us the whole time. What happened after they left is kind of fuzzy. All I know is that I woke up at the vet and my tummy where my girl parts are looked like I had gone through Mommy’s sewing machine. I had stitches!! I don’t even know where they came from or what they are there for. The other day, Mommy used her sewing machine to sew up a hole in our bed because we ripped it up, but I don’t remember anyone putting a hole in me! It’s really weird. But even weirder than the stitches is this thing I have on my neck. It’s like a collar, but it puts a cone around my whole head. It’s quite annoying because I can’t scratch my ears or bite at my stitches. I wanted to check them out more, but the stupid cone won’t let me.

The other weird thing is that Steve is missing. I have searched the entire house AND backyard and I can’t find him anywhere. After my search, when I was lying on the floor pouting, Mommy told me that Steve went to stay at the Pet Hotel so that he wouldn’t be biting me while I was getting well after my operation. (I don’t know what an operation is, but I bet it has something to do with these stitches and the cone.) I’m not sure I like that Steve got to go to the Pet Hotel. I looked it up on the internet and it looks amazing. Mom said Steve is even going to day camp while he’s there. I am so jealous. I hope that I can get this cone off my head so I can eat these stitches and then either I can go to the Pet Hotel too or Steve can come home. It’s lonely without him. Wilbur is harder to catch without Steve to help me trap him!


You can see in this picture that part of my leg has been shaved!! How can I be a pretty husky with no fur on part of my leg? Stupid vet.


Sadie Mae said...

My Momma and Gramma said that Puppies come broken and they have to get fixed. That's what the vet did to you. When I got fixed, it rained and rained and Momma had to dry my tummy off every time I came in. The vet had told Momma not to get my stitches wet.

You'll be fine Kat. Trust me. And I'm a lab and when I went in for my heartworm test, they shaved my leg too!

-Sadie Mae Dog

The Army of Four said...

Hi Kat! Stormy and I had the tummy stitches thing, too. It's like Sadie Mae said - we got fixed. We don't remember being broken, either ... but we were fixed anyway. Zim and Dave had a different kind of fixing. Wait a week or so and you'll never give it another thought!
PS: I'm sorry you miss Steve! :(

Macie-Malechai said...

That happened to us too, both at the same time, Malechai had to wear the cone though, I didn't have to. You fur will grow back real soon & you'll be just as pretty as ever! I'm glad we didn't get seperated though, it woulda been very scary without Malechai there (don't tell him I said so though).

Deanna said...

Poor baby, but it is better for you in the end.

Khady Lynn said...

I have some of those shaved spots too. Only I don't have any sewing on mine. My spots got shaved because of my hot spots. But they're all better now.

I sure hope your shaved spot heals up real quick and your brother gets to come home soon!