Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Laundry Girl

I read Dave’s post about how he helps his mom pick out fabric for her quilts. He is really helpful to his mom, so I thought I would write about how I am helpful to my mom. I am really good at helping with the laundry. When my mom takes the dirty clothes out of the basket to sort them into the different piles for washing, I supervise just in case a white sock accidentally gets put into the pile with the dark shirts.
Here's me rounding up a rogue sock.
Then I follow Mom to the laundry room just in case she gets lost and needs me to give her directions. I don’t help much with putting clothes into the washing machine because it is noisy and I don’t like it. But when it comes to putting clothes in the dryer, I am totally there to help. I like to stick my head in the dryer to make sure the clothes are arranged properly inside. And just in case something falls on the floor instead of going into the dryer, I always pick it up. Usually if I pick up clothes off the floor, I run around the house with them in my mouth and shake them to help them air dry.

After the laundry is all dry, I help Mom fold the clothes by sitting in the laundry basket. I just want her to be sure that there are no clothes in the basket and only husky. Sometimes I even sit in the laundry basket on top of the folded clothes. I figure that I help weight them down so they stay nice and folded.

So that’s how I help my mom. We huskies need to be helpful and not just cute. We can’t always get treats with just good looks. (Even though that works 98% of the time.)


PS. Many of you have asked when Steve will be returning. He is coming home on Friday. After what happened at the vet last Friday, Mom and Dad thought it would be good for us to have a little separation. (I’ll let Steve tell you what he did at the vet. I bet you are on the edge your paws!) I know Steve is having a good time while he’s away. He’s going to day camp every day and yesterday Dad called the day camp to check on him and he was playing with a great dane! Nothing like puppy versus giant dog! (Although Steve weighed 27.3 pounds at the vet Friday, so he’s getting pretty big himself. I only weighed 23.9 pounds.) I am also enjoying being an only puppy. I get to sit on Mom and Dad’s lap all the time and Steve doesn’t try to bite me and pull me off. So that is nice. The only problem is that I don’t have Steve to play tag with. I tried to play with Wilbur yesterday, but he just doesn’t get it. I barked at him and started running and he didn’t chase me. Steve always knows that means that he’s “it” and the game is on.

PPS. Guess what! Mom and Dad told me that I will get my rabies shot on Friday and so this weekend we are going to the dog park! It’s called
Fort Woof . Isn’t that cute? I will tell you all about it after we go.


The Army of Four said...

Wow, Kat. What a great helper you are! I don't like doing the laundry but Zim does. I like how you help press down the clean stuff; that's got to help retain creases and all.

Macie-Malechai said...

You sure are a big help Kat, hope your human knows how lucky she is! Glad to hear Steve will be home after 2 more long naps!
Face Licks, M&M

Khady Lynn said...

You are so helpful! I especially like that you help with the clothes in the basket. Another thing you are doing besides weighing them down is getting fur on them. That is TOTALLY important, cuz no outfit is complete without fur! (but only if it is shed, and not dead!)