Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Mom needs some advice

Hi puppies! This will be my last post before Steve comes home. Hurray!

So my mom is all confused about this whole separation thing. After Steve threw a fit at the vet and the vet said she was going to sedate him if Mom and Dad didn't come get him, they did some research on the internet about how to help us with separation. They found
this article (and several like it). These articles seemed to contradict the things they read about huskies doing better when there was more than one in a home. Since they don't want us to grow up with serious developmental issues, they are trying to do the right thing. So what do all of the huskies think? Are huskies just special (of course!) and those rules of "littermate syndrome" just not apply to us? Do you think we will have developmental issues if we aren't given some separation? Help!

Thanks huskies!


The Army of Four said...

Hey Kat. I skimmed the article and didn't put much stock in it. I mean ... Siberians are BRED to work together! Think of our ancestors (and some today, from what I've heard) who work together pulling sleds. You HAVE to be part of a team. Can that team include siblings? YES! Our great sisters Lucky (83-96) and Jesse (83-92) did great together, with other dogs, with Mom and Dad, and with great-brother Booter (Aussie/Lab mix 87-01). Kind of puts a damper on many of the claims in that article.
We sent you a dogster email - shoot us a line if you'd like to chat more about this!
Tail wags,

Althea said...

My Dad says that he is no "doglistener" but he seems to think this guy is a little off. Dad said (in disgust), "this guy probably thinks that you should separate human twins as well".
Dad also said that a good dog park or doggie daycamp where you can hang with other pups will help with your "socialization" (I don't know what this word means but he is an engineer like your parents so he must be smart).

Khady Lynn said...

Ok, that article is totally OFF when it comes to our breeds. Huskies and Mals are the same, basically, and belong together. They NEED to be with others. Talk to the experts (a lot of the bloggers) and you will see that most of them are multi-husky or multi-northern breed homes.

Another excellent source of information is a group called Sibernet-L. There are literally hundreds of members (over 1000 actually) who are Siberian experts. It is a great group for finding out anything and everything about the breed. (There is also Malamute-L which my human belongs to also). If you want further info, my human,the Ao4 and Turbo's humans can also tell you how to subscribe.


Dragonfly said...

Hi Kat. I'll have to add that I think this article does not apply to the more 'pack oriented' dog breeds, such as the husky. As Storm pointed out, huskies are bred to work together. This article might be great for a Lab or a Border Collie, or any of those breed that need to function as a single unit, but us Huskies prefer company and actually do better when in twos (or threes or fours or fives...). I agree with Althea's Dad... the dog camp (and you and Steve should really go to the same one so you learn how to interact with other dogs together... if you are at separate camps, how will you know how to do that?) will help a LOT with socialization!

Macie-Malechai said...

Your Mom should stick to reading books & articles about Huskies, not dogs in general as we are not like other dogs, there's lots & lots of them out there & they can tell her all she wants to know. Our lady was told at dog school that we needed to be seperated too, that we had "bonded" too much to each other, just depends on what you want, we also love nothing more than cuddling up on the couch with her at night. Your Mom is going to raise you the best she can, hopefully it will be together & not seperated!
Face Licks, M&M