Wednesday, February 7, 2007


I guess all you huskies out there know that I have been away for some time now. Well nothing to worry about, I am just giving Kat a little space while she heals from her vet visit which resulted in some stitches for some reason. I guess Mom and Dad thought that I like to bite her a little too much and it would be better for Kat if I was sent away for like a week. I’m ok with this decision since I have gotten to meet a bunch of new dogs at doggy day camp. It’s been nice getting to know other dogs since I have never really been around other dogs. It’s been a lot of fun. I have been wrestling a dog that is probably ten times my size (well maybe not that much, but you get my point).

I think Mom and Dad are hoping that this separation thing will help us get used to being away from each other as well as give Kat time to heal up. I admit that we are a little attached to each other and don’t like being separated and I’ll admit that I lost my cool a little at the vet when they took her out of the kennel we were in and put her somewhere else. Ok, ok, ok….I completely lost it. I went nuts. Apparently I was so bad that the vet personally called Mom and told her that the vet people were going to have to make me go to sleep with something (not put to sleep which from what I have heard from the other dogs is a bad thing) or Mom and Dad would have to come pick me up. So they decided to leave work and come get me. They hadn’t been at work but for maybe 2 hours. I have so much control over people its not even funny. However my screaming didn’t give me what I wanted (to be with Kat) but it did get me out of that vet's office.

I think this little event made them think that we need to start being separated more so that we grow into individuals rather than a pair. (They get all kinds of crazy ideas when they read articles on the internet.) All I have to say is "good luck Mom and Dad". When I return home and they start separating us for just about everything I will turn up the volume of my screeching voice and really give it to them. This works every time. They can’t stand my screeching voice. I think they want to do this separation thing for like a year or something (according to their internet research) so I hope they are prepared to be completely sleep deprived for that entire time. Now I do have to say that they plan on taking us both to day camps now (separate camps) so that is a bonus to all this separation stuff even if we won’t be together. At least we will get to see each other at night and wrestle around then.

Now I do understand that we do need to not be completely dependent on each other and that they are doing this separation stuff for our own good but I’m a husky and I plan on making this process as hard as I possibly can for them and I guarantee they break down at some point. Shows them for thinking they can control two sibling huskies at the same time! Well enough writing, I need to get back to play time before someone at doggie day camp discovers me on the computer. Howl to ya later.



Althea said...

I don't know about this whole separation thing. We're huskies, we're are meant to live in packs. Separating you guys would be like having peanut butter without the jelly, ham without the cheese, meat without the potatoes. Boy I'm making myself hungry. Dad better get home soon and feed me before I eat this pillow (again).

Tell your parents not to believe everything they read on the internet.


Macie-Malechai said...

Seperation is bad, if your parents wanted "seperated" dogs then why did they get you both? Like Althea said, we are pack animals, the more the merrier! Yes, it annoys our people that we "bonded" to each other & not so much them, but we do love them too. They didn't want us to be lonely though, (as we are pack animals) so that's why they got 2. We just don't understand, maybe your humans know something ours don't, whatever it is, we don't want them to know, anybody tries to seperate us & it will be on!
Face Licks, M&M

Khady Lynn said...

Try to tell your parents it's just a husky thing....all that screaming I mean. It's totally normal when seperated from those we love, whether it's our doggie siblings, or our humans. Samuel always screams and throws a fit if he gets left at the vets. We call it the "death scream" even though he isn't really dying, it just sounds like he's being tortured to death.

So, tell your mom and dad that things that go for other breeds, aren't the same for huskies!! You belong together!