Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Chew toy survey

I am taking a survey. My mom bought us each a nylabone because all of the husky books she has say that you should give your dogs nylabones and not rawhides. A while back she gave us these puppy nylabones but we didn't give those a second whiff. Now she has given us regular nylabones and we don't like those either. Basically we only like things we can eat and Mom says that buying us edible chew bones is going to send her to the poor house. (We don't know where that is, but if it has a big backyard, we might be okay with moving there.) We like the edible nylabones, but not the normal ones, but the edible ones are more than $5 each and Mom says that's too much for something we eat really fast. So for my survey, I want to know what kind of toys that everyhusky likes to chew on. Steve and I will only chew on things that we can eat, but maybe with your help, we can find something we like that we don't devour in less than 30 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

Steve and Kat... I love to chew!! Tennis Balls are my fav (especially the air kong ones). I love boodas (but the string end always gets eaten and you know what that leads to.. string poop). Mom found this new fleecey toy at Petsmart and I have not eaten it ...YET! It is called Fleecy Cleans Tug (

Thanks for posting on my site I stole from my mom! You both are beautiful sibes as well :) I love new friends!

Woo Woos, Sitka

Althea said...

Hey Kat,
There pretty much isn't a toy in the world that I haven't been able to destroy, as you can see from yesterdays post about Bad Cuz. The only thing I haven't been able to destroy are nylabones and the cow shin but I'm still working on them. Nylabones aren't my favorite but they will do. Make sure your mom gets one of the flavored ones like this chicken flavored one.

Khady Lynn said...

Kongs are good. So are bullysticks. We do get rawhides. Mom and dad buy us the chips and the rolls.


Deanna said...

We like the Nylabones, but they also have a bone that is green in the middle and big an knobbly at the end. We love that one!

Luckie Girl said...

I don't really like kong toys. Mom bought me this chewing thingy from Kong for puppies and I didn't like it. I like rawhides and greenies best. :) Mom gets those baby sized rawhides and petite greenies for me.

Do visit my blog if you are free! I think we are around the same age. :)

Rosco the wonder mutt said...

I don't like nylabones...If I can't eat it or it doesn't taste like something I would wanna eat, I'm not interested. My mom does buy rawhides, but takes away the pieces I pull off before I swallow them whole and vomit them up (yuk!). She also will buy be pig femurs or something like that...last a long time but make a mess! I hear bullysticks are good too!

Lots of love,

The Army of Four said...

We like Kongs and the hard nylabones (both regular flavor and "chocolate" -- wolf sized!). Our fav is those dino bones by the Nylabone people. Have you seen the pix on our blog? They're VERY sturdy, but "give" just enough to make them fun to chew on. Our REAL favorite toy is each other, of course. Ha roo!
Play bows,