Wednesday, December 20, 2006

What do huskies do with sick mommies?

Mommy is home sick AGAIN!! Steve and I think this is good news because she can barely talk. So when she says what usually comes out as "NO!!", now it sounds like "no" so we just pretend that we can't hear her when she says, "no", "down", "here puppies", etc. It's a good excuse to be bad and trust me, we don't need any excuses. So most of the day yesterday when Mommy was sick, she just stayed in bed and we had to stay in our kennel just like if she was at work. But today, since it's raining, whenever the rain stops, Mommy gets up to let us outside to potty because she knows we won't go out there if it is actually raining. Then once we go potty, we rush back inside (because it's wet out there and that really messes up our fur) and play. Today we were playing some Tug 'O War, which I must say is really fun except that I am at a disadvantage because Steve outweighs me by 3 pounds!! (When we went to the vet last time, I weighed 11.3 pounds and Steve was 14.1 pounds.) Anyway, we better get back to work playing and keeping Mommy from getting bored while she is sick.


PS. For all of you who like our videos, we posted some new ones!


The Army of Four said...

Ooooh! We love your vids! I like your Christmas Santa's one - especially where Steve leaps off the hearth and grabs Kat! Ha rooo! Did you guys eats those things after the photo shoot?
Play bows,

Khady Lynn said...

Those were great! You two must totally wear each other out, cuz it's wearing me out just watching you chase each other around!

I also like you under the bed. My brother Samuel use to play under mom's bed when he was little too. Be careful you don't get stuck, cuz you're growing so fast, pretty soon you won't fit!!