Monday, December 25, 2006

I tricked Santa!

Today is Christmas and yet again, I tricked Santa into thinking I was good this year. Yes, that's right, he brought me presents. In fact, I got more presents than the furry beasts. I got a thing with feathers at the end of a stick that I started attacking before Mom even got it out of the package and also a laser pointer that the beasts keep trying to chase too. They are not very good at chasing the laser pointer. Mom and Dave have to slow it down so they can keep up. They aren't as fast and agile as I am with my tiger-like instincts. That laser doesn't know what hit it when I attack!
Happy Holidays,

Me with Mom and one of my presents.

This present doesn't know what hit it!

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Khady Lynn said...

Wow Wilbur, you are so lucky to get such cool presents! Better make sure those two little fur balls don't get a hold of them and chew them up! That's what we dogs do....CHEW!

Merry Christmas!