Monday, December 4, 2006

Weekend Wrap-Up

This was our first entire weekend at our new house. Steve and I discovered that weekends are great because Mommy is home all day and so we can be out of the kennel most of the day too! We took full advantage of being out of our kennel so that we could sleep in places we don't normally get to sleep. Mommy couldn't believe how much we were sleeping! She watched two movies with her friends on Saturday night and we slept through both of them. (The movies weren't about dogs, so we really didn't care about watching them.)

Yesterday, Mommy hooked those rope things on us and walked us down the street a little ways to visit the lady who lives two houses from us. She wanted to see our cute, furry faces. I liked it at her house because she has a lot of plants in front of her house, so I took full advantage of chewing on fresh plants. Steve is such a pain in the butt though because when he was not paying attention, the lady started petting me and then Steve started barking at her because she wasn't paying attention to him. He thinks he needs to be the center of attention all the time.

I really can't believe it, but I forgot to write about the best thing that happened on Thursday. SNOW!! There is a video of Steve and me playing in the snow, but I forgot to write about how wonderful it was. Mommy was shivering, but we did not want to go inside. We kept looking around for a sled for us to pull, but we don't have one yet. Plus there wasn't a lot of snow, so we will have to wait for more snow before sledding. Mommy said that Aunt Kari said there is lots of snow in Missouri and that she wanted to go sledding, but Uncle Joe wouldn't go. I wish I had been in Missouri because I would have gone sledding with her!! Anyway, here is a picture of us in the snow.


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