Monday, December 25, 2006

Can you believe that treats come out of a ball?!?

Merry Christmas everyone! Steve here and I learned something new on Christmas. Ever since we came to live in this house, there have been these balls on the floor that rattled. Today I figured out that the rattling is really treats! And if I roll the ball just right, the treats will come out and I can eat them! It is so great. I got a squeaky bone for Christmas, but who wants to squeak a bone when they can roll a ball and eat treats!! That's what I've been doing all morning. Well, I better go. Dad is watching "Eight Below" so I need to go watch too and look cuter than the huskies in the movie.

Here's me with Dad and my present.

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Khady Lynn said...

Our humas saw that movie too, and my mom's eyes got all leaky and ran and ran and ran. She said she could never watch that movie again cuz some Sibes got hurt and went to the Bridge. It made her very sad, so she can't watch it again. I tried to explain to her they are just "actors" and that they were really ok. But she is very emotional over those kind of things. But, that just means she loves us lots and lots and doesn't want anything bad to happen to us. Be safe and give your humans lots of kisses!

Merry Christmas!