Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Hurray! Dad's Coming Home!

Mommy told us that Daddy is coming home today. I am so happy because Mommy is getting grumpy when she has to let us out to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Hopefully Daddy is so happy to see us that he won't care if he has to wake up and let us out and if he has to clean up any poopy presents we leave for him. So this morning, before we got in our kennel, Mommy rubbed us down with these wipe things to make us smell good for Daddy. She said she wanted to put bows around our necks but we would probably just chew them off, so she didn't. She's right. We would just chew them off. We can't help it, things are tasty.

Mommy has been calling me "her little piggy". She says it's because I hog all the food and attention and make grunting noises. I don't really understand that. I am a puppy or a dog and not a piggy. She doesn't call Kat a piggy. Weird.

Well, I better go practice my cute faces so I'll have it perfected for when Daddy gets here!!


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