Sunday, November 26, 2006

So many changes!

Wow, in the last 24 hours, my life has completely changed. First these people came and took me away from my mom and siblings. Then they made me ride in the car in a cage while I made noise all the way home. At least my brother came with me. He didn't seem to be nearly as worried about what was happening as I was. Once we got to the people's home, they took me out in their yard for some play time. Then they brought me in the house and put me back in the kennel. After that, a cat came running out. Boy, was he surprised to see me! He walked round and round the kennel smelling us. I learned that he is my new big brother, Wilbur. He seems alright. I chased him around a little bit and he seemed to like it.

Today was a fun day. We played in the yard a lot. Steve and I just like to roll around in the grass. We even rolled around in the grass with our new dad. I like my new family. Even my brother, Wilbur, who just lays around and watches me. I have to go now because I have new places to explore and Steve just stole my treat so I have to go get it back!


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JustMeCopper said...

Hey, my name is Copper and I like cats and Huskies. I read Meeshka's blog everyday. He is going to take over the world someday. I have a blog too. I also have cat 'cousins' of sorts that come to my house occassionally. Come check out my blog. See ya.