Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My first big outing!

Yesterday I went to the vet with Kat and Mommy. Before we left to go to the vet, Wilbur was laughing at us and telling us that the vet was the most awful place in the whole wide world. He said that last time he went, he came home and couldn't walk for a few days because they poked him with sharp sticks and that Mommy just stood there and watched them do it. So it sounded really scary. On the way to the vet, Mommy made Kat and me ride in a box because she said the kennel is too heavy for her to lift into the car. We didn't like the box because it didn't have any windows, so on the way, we chewed a hole in the side of the box and made our own window! We're really smart, no matter what Wilbur says.

Once we got to the vet, Mommy carried us through Petsmart to the vet desk because we don't like to walk on the leashes. Kat and I made sure we were looking extra cute and everyone in the whole store was stopping Mommy and telling her how cute we were. I think she really liked it, but Kat was annoyed because people were calling her a boy. She even had a pink collar and leash, so they must have been not-so-smart people. They were smart enough to recognize that we were so adorable, but not to figure out that the puppy with the pink collar is a girl. Humans are weird sometimes.

At the vet, we got looked over by the nurse and then the doctor. The doctor said that we are very nice looking puppies and she liked us so much that she gave us two biscuits each! We even got poked with the sharp sticks, but it didn't hurt and we were so busy eating biscuits that we didn't even notice. Wilbur is a big baby if he thought it hurt.

So going to the vet isn't so scary. I tried to tell that to Wilbur, but he said to just wait and eventually we would go and they would do bad things to us. I think he's full of kitty poo.


PS. Kat and I both weighed the same. 7.5 pounds!

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