Monday, November 20, 2006

Allow me to introduce myself

Hi, I'm Wilbur. I'm the "and their cat" part of this blog. I can't say I'm really happy about that for several reasons.

  1. Don't we all know that cats are really in charge? So really it should be titled "The Adventures of Wilbur and His Two Huskies".

  2. I'm much smarter than the dogs will ever be and therefore deserve top billing.

  3. I'm older.

  4. Finally, and most importantly, if you ask me, I'm the only one here right now. The huskies haven't joined the family yet. Sure, they already have names and toys at the house, but they don't live there yet. They are not yet big enough to join the family. (I hope it stays that way.) So doesn't that entitle me to have the right to be the star of this blog?

Well, whatever. Let me tell you about me. First, I'm a cat and really the cutest cat to ever exist. My talents include: sleeping, attacking Mom's feet and ankles, biting Mom's face in the night, fetching, and getting whatever I want. My birthday is April 1, 2005. That is the day my mom rescued me from the pound. I was actually born a few weeks before then, but I don't know when it was. I think I might have descended from African jungle cats because I stalk every where I walk and I'm kind of spotted underneath my stripes. And I'm brilliant. I'm not sure if I mentioned that yet or not.

I am excited because Thanksgiving is only a few days away. This will be my second Thanksgiving, and let me just say, last year was a hit. Mom cooked a bunch of food and Dave came over and helped eat it. I helped too. Turkey and gravy is really tasty! It also made me really sleepy. I fell asleep on one of the dining room chairs while Mom and Dave were eating. I stayed asleep all day! I blame the turkey. So I am definitely ready for some more turkey and gravy this Thanksgiving!


(No, I'm not named after Charlotte's Web. I'm named after Wilbur Wright, as in The Wright Brothers because my mom likes airplanes.)

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