Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Brothers are annoying

I’m outnumbered in this new house. When I was back at my previous house with my canine mom, I had four sisters and only two brothers. Now that I’m at the new house with my human mom and dad, I still have one of my canine brothers, but now I also have a feline brother. And all they do is pick on me! Wilbur just runs around and gets me to chase him and then just when I’m getting close enough that we can wrestle, he goes and runs into the bedroom where I am not allowed. Then there is Steve. He is such a pig. He tries to eat all of my food. (No wonder he got stuck under the table last night!) And when I lay down on our bed to chew on a toy, he will drop the toy he is chewing on to try to steal my chew toy. If I give it to him and go find another one, he does it again! He just has to do everything that I do. If I come when Mommy calls me, so does Steve. If I chase Wilbur, he has to chase Wilbur. If I play with a ball, he has to play with a ball. He’s such a copy cat… I mean dog.

Trying to survive around too many boys,

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