Thursday, June 28, 2007


Today was a fun day. First off, there was a break in the rain, so Dad took us on a bike ride. Then, after our bike ride, we got to go shopping! Now, since I am a girl, you know I love shopping. And we even went to my favorite store - PetsMart! We had two things on our shopping list: new Kongs and new Cuzes. We just had Puppy Kongs, and Mom decided that we had outgrown them and needed grown up Kongs. Also last night, Steve broke the squeaker on one of the Cuzes, so we got new ones of those and in a bigger size since our mouths have gotten bigger since we got our first ones.

Here's a picture of us shopping.
Then, Mom let us have our Kongs in the car. We were very excited to get them.
We chewed on the Kongs at home too just to make sure they tasted good at home as well as in the car.
Also, once we got home, we got to break out the Cuzes. Here is a picture of them. Our PetsMart was all out of Good Cuzes, so we had to get Bad ones.

I decided to hog them since Steve was busy with his Kong.

Here we are playing with the Cuzes.

In case you're wondering, Steve is not nearly as crabby today as he has been the rest of the week. I think he's happy that he got new toys.



One Little Birdie said...

Nice pics! those Cuz things look fun. What's the difference between a good cuz and a bad cuz? We like our kong stuffed with yummies and frozen - kongsickles!

Khady Lynn said...

I'm glad you liked your new toys! I need to try a Kong. I sent my Cuz to Turbo because I didn't like it.


Amici said...

Kongs are the best. Amici is awaiting a frozen yogurt treat in a couple of hours. He just started to play with his cuz. I had never heard of a bad cuz. I didn't realize there was a difference. Neat.

Steve and Kat definitely look very happy.

Anonymous said...

Woo Kat! Wow, you got to go to Petsmart huh? I have a trip planned for this weekend, although mom said we may go today!!! Hey, I have a kong too. It is the black one, but I only care for it if it has peanut butter inside of it. Hey, I liked the video. That was a good save from running into your bowl at the doorway. I wonder why Steve did not want to play?
Hugs to you both,

The Husky in the Window said...

Shopping? You get to go out to the store? No way! I have to watch her leave from the window and hope she brings me something back. Great new toys. The Cuzs look fun. Mom will have to get me one.

The Daily Echo said...

Hmmmm......we're going to have to tell Mom about those Cuz thingys. She's been pretty careful about toys lately because Meeka (insert rolling eyes here) likes to hog them all and gets pretty grumpy about it. Mom calls him The Troll sometimes. HARROOOORROO! I got to go to Petsmart once but Mom got annoyed cause I was more interested in the real squeaky dog rather than the toy ones.

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

I'm hoping for a Cuz shopping extravaganza in my near future!

Jake of Florida said...

Hi Guys, We're two wire fox terriers from Florida, but we have three Husky cousins who live in St. Louis, Missouri so we know how cool your breed is.

And we are kong addicts - stuffed with peanut butter, they are our bedtime treat. Before bedtime, we sit patiently in the kitchen while Mom or Dad prepare our treats. When they seem to be done, we scurry into our crates -- the only place we get the kongs -- to wait for delivery. When we're finished, we go upstairs to bed with the folks. Sometimes we'll take the kong with us so we can lick that last bit of peanut butter out at our leisure.

Jake and Just Harry

Jake of Florida said...

Thanks for visiting, guys. Just want you to know that we posted a photo of four Missouri cousins who might interest you!!

(Glad your Mom wasn't from a puppy mill!)


Peanut said...

Oh new toys are great. One day I want to make it to a petsmart. They look like fun.