Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm going bald!

Hey doggies! I have a really embarrassing problem. I guess it is something all men have to deal with when they get to be a certain age, but I just thought I would be older than 8 months when I had to start dealing with it!

I am going bald. Around my right eye, my fur has starting falling out. Even some of my eyelashes. Here, let me show you.

Here's my left eye, still with all it's normal fur.
Now here's my right eye. See how it is missing fur? So weird!!
So if any doggies out there in blog land have some ideas for how to get my fur to grow back so I won't have premature balding, let me know!!



The Army of Four said...

Hi Steve! My mom just read your mom's post on Sibernet. We recommend having it checked by your vet - I'd give a call tomorrow. It's probably nothing serious, but the earlier you can treat whatever it is, the easier it will be to knock out the problem!
Maybe it's something simple like something bit you and it's itchy so you've been scratching and accidentally ripping your fur out? Or mites? Or something from when you went swimming?
Good luck!
Tail wags,
PS: My mom said there's no such thing as worrying too much about us! :)

One Little Birdie said...

Steve, it's Guinness here. I was actually about half bald once. When I first came to my house as a puppy, I had a hidden virus. It causedmy immune system to not kick in right away and then something called demodex mites to take over on my skin. Some people call it puppy mange. It's mights that all doggies have, but their immune system keeps in check. Anyway, these yucky buggers lay eggs in your furr folicles and cause your hair to fall out. My face was the first toget affected. They were hoping that my immune system would kick in, but it turned out I had to put realy yucky stuffon my fur to get rid of them. I am all better now and have extra fur to shed away - tho never as much as the huskies! If your baldness gets any worse, please go get checked out! We wouldn't want your bewootiful fur to go away!

Shmoo said...

I'm sure its nothing serious, most likely some sort of "ick" or mites, or mung going on there.

You'll need to go to the vet, and then whip your head around so the vet can't get a good look at it, then the vet will give your human some ointment to put in your eye and smear around the eye. You'll want to whip your head all over and get some of it in your human's mouth, perhaps eat the container of ointment when left in an easily accessible place.

In no time at all you'll be back to your handsome self.


The Brat Pack said...

Hi Steve!

I'm not a husky but you might have noticed I have big hairless rings around my eyes. Mom had never seen it before till me and Dr. Bill said I have it from allergies. I don't know what would cause you to have just one eye losing hair. HMMM. Let us know what you find out!

Bear & The Brat Pack

Amici said...

I have no idea about baldness. You guys have a good eye (no pun intended) cause I wouldn't have noticed that. :)

Amici would love it if you linked our blog to your blog. :)

Hopefully someone can help you out with the bald question. Sorry we aren't much help.

Peanut said...

My mom agrees with the AO4's mom. She would get it checked out.

Anonymous said...

Woo Steve... I agree with everyone else. Your mom should take you to the vet and get it checked out to make sure nothing is wrong.

P.S. You are still handsome ;)

Khady Lynn said...

Same thing happened to Samuel. It ended up being a zinc deficiency. He now takes zinc sulfate, and no longer has problems. Have your vet do a blood test to check your zinc levels.


Khady Lynn said...

S&K - I hope you are all ok. I saw on the news about the flooding around your area. Please let us know!!


Roxie, Sammy, Andy and Shermie said...

Wow, husky moms sure know a lot of stuff. Our mom doesn't know any husky stuff so she can't be helpful at all. If you have a dachsie question, she might be able to help though. You still look handsome to us and we hope the vet figures out the problem and gets you all furry all over again soon.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

The Daily Echo said...

Hey Steve - Yep, time for a visit to that pesky vet. If you act real cute they'll give you treats though. Mom thinks the zinc theory is definatley a possibility. She suggests you check the zinc content in the food you're getting so you can tell the vet in case he/she asks. Huskies need lots of zinc. Remember....act extra cute and look sad.