Saturday, June 9, 2007

Sick-o Steve-o

On Thursday, Steve got sick at day camp and had to be taken out of the play room and put in a kennel for the rest of the day. His poops were really yucky. When we got home, Steve didn't get supper, but he still had two more yucky poops. So Mom got out her vet book and decided that Steve needed some Pepto. It was so smelly, but pink, so I wanted some, but Mom said no. Dad took me outside while Mom gave it to Steve. Now, whenever Steve and I get separated, we have to wrestle each other the next time we see each other. So after Steve took his medicine and Dad let me in, of course we wrestled. During the wrestling, Steve got Pepto on my ear!!! Ewww, gross! He must have still had some in his mouth. So now my pretty white ear fur is pink! Mom can't get it off either, of course, I won't sit still for her to scrub my ear.

I'm rolling my eyes at Steve in that picture because I can't believe he put his medicine on my ear. In case you can't see the pepto, here's a close up. You can't see it very well in this picture either, but I tried.Oh, and if you care about Steve, in my time of ear-pinkness, he's doing much better. He didn't have any more yucky bouts after he got the medicine.



Khady Lynn said...

What?? No hamburger and rice for an upset tummy?? Next time tell Steve to try the horka horka. Maybe then he can get something more tasty for his tummy and icky pink stuff. And YOU might get some too, if your humans are really nice.

Glad Steve is feeling better though!!


Amici said...

Pepto...eww. You're not missing much. You should be thankful you got it on your ear instead of your mouth. :)

Glad Steve is feeling better!

Deanna said...

Poor KAt, but pink is your color!

One Little Birdie said...

Pink & black go very nicely, you know - very stylin. Mom can also try canned pumpkin or mashed sweet potatoes for yucky poops. It tastes yummy and helps a lot. Our mommy doesn't like to give us pepto unless she really, really has too.

The Daily Echo said...

I thought gurls liked pink! It's nice that Steve likes to share. Maybe he was homesick. We hope he's his old bouncy self today!

Macie-Malechai said...

Just try to link of it as an earring Kat, really from a distance you can't see it at all! Be glad you didn't get any though, we've had it, it's GROSS!
Glad Steve's feeling better.
Face Licks, M&M

Anonymous said...

Oh Steve... I hate that you got sick. It is not fun to have an upset tummy :( Humm... getting the pepto in Kat's ear! That is talent there! I am glad you are better now!

Marley said...

Ewww...loose poops are the worst! Holly's advice about the horka horka is a good one, but I never do that either. I just let stuff sit until I have the same problem. I hope I never have to take that pepto stuff...yick!