Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Reading is NOT fun... for me

Mom has been re-reading all of the Harry Potter books in preparation for the Book 7 release in July. She's obsessed and loves them so much. I started thinking, "Does Mom love books more than me?" It really got me worrying. I decided that the only solution was to put a stop to her reading. So I jumped on the couch and sat on the book.
Then I gave her a long talking to about how reading is bad and playing with huskies is good. I told her that it's only okay to read if you are (1) reading doggie blogs or (2) reading while I am sleeping.
I hope I got the message across. I was very stern.


PS. I went to the vet today and while this is very embarrassing, I will admit that I have localized demodectic mange. Mom told me that I would have to take a bath every day, but she was just trying to play a joke on me. Really I just have to take some medicine. Since it's on my eyelid, the vet said taking baths with medicated shampoo wouldn't really help me.


H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

Sorry about the stupid mange thing. But good going on the no bath thing! And good book sitting!

The Army of Four said...

Hey Steve! I'm so glad you're OK! The meds will knock that out in no time - but be sure not to cooperate too much when your mom tries to put the stuff on your eye! It's the way of the Siberian!
Oh - and some books are OK! My mom is reading one now about Tellington Touches - it's like massges for pups! The pay-off from this one could be really good!
Tail wags,

Sooky said...

Hi Steve,
So sorry about the mange thing, Hope it gets better soon. It's a good thing my mom doesnt read cuz I would just eat the book anyway.

One Little Birdie said...

Wow! Our mommy was right - demodex. That what Guinness had. Thank goodness its localised - take good care and all your medicine, okay? Guinness ended up half bald! but she was young then, so her immune system wasn't helpin as much.
Now, our mommy is a children's librarian, so she told us to say that reading is GOOD. Your mommy can read out loud to you. Our mom has doggies visit her library so kids can do that and Shiloh is gonna go for his first visit next month! They are gonna have a party there the day the new HP book comes out. check out and learn about Roll Over & Read.

Khady Lynn said...

Our vet thought we might have that too when we first started our itching. She still doesn't know what it is!

Hope you are feeling better very soon!!


Amici said...

Sorry that mange has popped up on you. Thankfully there is some medicine to help it go away. Will it work pretty fast? (A few weeks? or month?)

The book pic was priceless. If I have my laptop in my lap and Amici wants to play he'll drop a ball on it, which isn't so great for my computer. He hasn't tried sitting on me though (and thankfully). :)

Marley said...

Nothing to be embarassed about, Steve. All sorts of things can happen to us pups, no matter how much our humans try to take the best care of us.

My Mom is not allowed to read, talk on the phone, watch tv, or do anything that does not directly involve communicating with me, unless I feel like big sleepies. You are very smart to sit on that book. I ate my Mom's copy of her favorite Tom Robbins book, just because she shouldn't be paying attention to stupid words on pages. Books aren't even cute!! I am!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Steve.. you look cute in your mom's lap! I love to lay in my mom's lap. I also hope your eyes get better fast!!!

Peanut said...

Hey I had that mange. Nothing to worry about. Just take your medicine and you will be better in no time. Oh and my mom reads all the time to she reads at least 15 books a month. It seriously cuts into our play time I think.

Rosco the wonder mutt said...

Take your medicine Steve and get better soon! When my mom reads books I hop up on the couch and lick the book...hehe. Mom doesn't like that!

Lots of love,

The Daily Echo said...

Hi Steve -
Bummer about the mange but it coulda been worse you know. You'll be fine in no time. Make Mom feel real sorry for you. Act like you're in pain and look real sad. Did the vet mention anything about extra treats?
P.S. My Mom mentioned something about trying to read this summer. Silly woman! We'll have to see about that.