Monday, June 25, 2007

Rain, rain, go away

It's raining here. Stupid rain. Kat and I were locked in our kennel all day and then when Mom and Dad got home, we were 8 minutes (0.63 miles) into our walk with Mom when it started raining on us. And not just rain, but loud thunder too. Since Dad was out running an errand, Mom told him to come pick us up, so we didn't get to walk anymore. Now we are bored. It's still raining, so Mom doesn't want to let us go outside and get all wet. (Plus I don't really like to get my furriness wet unless it's for swimming.) There is nothing to do. Boring, boring.

What do you pups do when it's raining and you can't talk walks? Maybe you have parents who don't melt in the rain like my mom. Maybe your parents put your needs ahead of their own. (ARE YOU READING THIS, MOM?)



One Little Birdie said...

M & D will let us romp in the swamp that is our back yard. Then when we come in, they make us stand in the garage while they wipe us down and clean our paws. How degrading: Paw, other paw, back paw, other back paw...sigh.

The Brat Pack said...

We're in the same boat as you guys. Mom came home and we started to have fun playing in the backyard, then next thing we knew it was thundering and raining. :( We NEVER remember it raining so much here.

It's so boring, we never get out anymore.

The Brat Pack

Khady Lynn said...

We don't get to go for our walks when it rains either. We use that as extra napping time. Sam goes and sleeps in the bathtub usually, and the rest of us just go to our usualy spots. I wish you could send some of that rain up here. It's pretty dry!


Peanut said...

My mom will walk in the rain but not if there is thunder. But you know what neither one of us likes to walk in the rain so we don't do it. Just do lots of crazy stuff in your house that is what I do when it's raining.

Rosco the wonder mutt said...

My mom and dad love to take me for walks in the rain. It is such a bummer when you come inside because it is "STAY!"...and then the wiping and drying begins.

Lots of love,

Lisa said...

Please send rain to Alabama. We need it and no doggies to walk here!

The Husky in the Window said...

We haven't been out walking b/c it is so hot, so I understand your not wallking problem. I bring mom the goose, and she tosses it for me to catch and I run zommies in kitchen and our dog room.

Amici said...

Sometimes when it rains we play hide and seek in the house. Amici loves to play that game! He likes to find people or find treats.

But as much fun as he had playing hide/seek I am sure he'd agree with you two that playing outdoors is WAY more fun. :)

Thank-you for the referral to become a member of DWB. We are just waiting for the activation link and we'll be able to jump on. Thanks so much!

H.A. Turbofire, Sibertarian said...

We have this big porch with a roof on it. When it rains we'll sometimes go hang out on the porch!

Anonymous said...

Oh Steve and Kat - send rain to GA! We need it. Also, send some to the fires out in CA! I think they need some too.

Pretty much when it rains here, I sleep! Or, we play zoomies in the house!